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International conference on environmental disaster and national development (CEMACON 2011)

  • Type: Meeting or Conference
  • Date: 26-28 Sep 2011
  • Location: Nigeria (Enugu)
  • Venue: Main Hall, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus


National Development ratings of nations can be assessed from their level of environmental resource utilization and management. In these attempts of harnessing and utilization of these natural endowment, environmental disasters could evolve by ways of pollution and other forms of degradation. The national development activities are usually in form of urbanization, oil exploration, mechanized agriculture, industrialization, transportation, solid mineral extraction among other.

The environment suffers from the grave negative impact of these activities by ways of air, land and water pollution, industrial accidents and fire disasters, building collapse incidents, flood, gully erosion, urban congestion and epidemic out breaks. These disasters are devastating to national development in two orders of magnitude annually.

CEMAC, being an international research, teaching, training and consultancy centre would through this conference convene local and international colloquium, enhance the exchange of ideas and advance tactical solutions to these environmental problems.

The objective is geared towards making inroad into contemporary approaches for the mitigation of environmental disasters and ensuring sustainable national development. These would be replicated for other development nations.

Conference sub-themes:
- Desertification and Drought Risk Reduction.
- National Policy on Disaster Risk Management.
- Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction in Development Sectors.
- Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction in Developing Nations.
- Preparedness and Emergency Management.
- Soil Erosion and Land Degradation.
- Flood and Fire Disasters.
- Urban Environmental Degradation and Protection.
- Agriculture and Sustainable Environmental Management.
- Oil Exploration and the Environment.
- Solid Minerals Extraction and the Environment.
- Deforestation and Ecological Consequences.
- MDGs and Global Strategies for Environmental Protection and National Development.
- Local, Regional and International Collaborations and Disaster Risk Management.
- Disaster Risk Management, Environment Law and Building Collapse.

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Event fee

N5,000-10,000 / USD 250

How to register

For further enquiries, please contact: Dr. Kingsley Chijioke Ogboi, Acting Director, Centre for Environmental Management and Control (CEMAC), University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Nigeria, Kingsley.ogboi@unn.edu.ng, +234-803-403-2643

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  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Environment, Gender, Governance, Urban Risk & Planning
  • Hazards:Drought, Flood, Wild Fire
  • Countries/Regions:Nigeria

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/20481

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