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International day for disaster reduction - Comoros

  • Type: Meeting or Conference
  • Date: 12-13 Oct 2010
  • Location: Comoros
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At the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, Comoros has produced an itinerary of activities in the aim of increasing awareness. The Red Crescent, in collaboration with the French Red Cross, will host a training workshop at hotel Les Arcades with the participation of national and community radio, regarding the DIPECHO II project. DIPECHO II seeks to provide a community approach to reducing disaster risk in Comoros; accordingly, the scheduled activities include the presentation of the Red Crescent Red Cross campaign, DIPECHO project, the disaster risks in Comoros, as well as Capacity and Vulnerability Assessment (CVS) activities. Moreover, participants will be given the chance to visit the national weather station. The first day, entitled “weather day”, will consist of an open house day, the theme being that of the causes and consequences of cyclones and tsunamis. Participants are invited to partake in mini conferences addressing the theme of the day.

On International Day for Disaster Reduction, the structure of the program is divided into four parts. The day will commence with a seminar that will introduce the 2010-2011 campaign, and elucidate Moroni’s involvement in the campaign. Subsequently, there will be a presentation regarding the risks in Moroni, followed by the proposal of an action-plan for Moroni. This first part of the day will end with a ceremony, commemorating the signing of the campaign by the mayor of Moroni. The second part of the day will be devoted to the reforestation of the area facing “Les Poufins” kindergarten, situated in the neighbourhood “Oasis”. Moreover, a presentation aimed at raising awareness will eventuate, and will discuss the blueprint of the action plan, the different risks that Moroni faces, and finally, the application of Capacity and Vulnerability Assessment (CVS) within the community.

Finally, the day will come to a end with a scheduled debate at Badjanani square. Participating members in the debate will include the Mayor of Moroni, Oulede, Damir Ben Ali (the founding president of CNDRS) as well as colonel Ismaël, president of UAM.


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  • Themes:Capacity Development, Community-based DRR, Media, Urban Risk & Planning
  • Countries/Regions:Comoros

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