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COP 17 Side Events: Climate Change and DRR

Total number of events: 45

Date Title Location
28 Nov - 09 Dec 201117th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP 17) and seventh session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP/MOP 7)
Organization: UNFCCC

COP 17 Side Events: Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) View all events COP 17: Related Climate Change and DRR Documents View all documents COP 17: Related News from Partners in DRR View all news The United Nations Climate Change Conference, Durban 2011, will bring together representatives of the world's governments, international organizations and civil society. The discussions will seek to advance, in a balanced fashion, the implementation...


South Africa (Durban )
28 Nov 2011COP17 side event: Innovative approaches to climate change - Experiences from the UN system in South Africa
Organization: UN WOMEN

The UN System in South Africa event will showcase innovative mitigation climate change approaches; community level adaptation initiatives; climate change vulnerabilities of special groups; innovative information and education approaches; and using science and technology to address climate change.


South Africa (Durban)
29 Nov 2011COP 17 side event: Agro-ecology, climate resilience and planning for adaptation
Organization: Dev Fund; Gaia Fndn

Gaia Foundation, Development Fund, African Biodiversity Network and friends show how communities can use agroecology, indigenous knowledge and pastoralism to adapt to and mitigate climate change. These contrast with top-down market-based approaches, but could guide national Adaptation strategies.


South Africa (Durban)
29 Nov 2011COP17 side event: African first ladies forum on climate change
Organization: Center For Climate Change and Environ Studies

Mobilizing african women on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Coping and adaptive strategies by women: • Searching for safe shelter/improving homes • Disaster risk reduction and preparedness by women’s groups The project will provide a platform for the first lady to carry out her humanitarian initiatives across Africa and the international community for the benefit of mankind. The Cause of mainstreaming Gender in Climate Change governance...


South Africa (Durban)
29 Nov 2011COP17 side event: Climate-smart knowledge day
Organization: FAO

FAO working alongside its partners can provide a holistic view of agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors and their role within a changing climate with a unique perspective of ensuring livelihoods, safeguarding natural resources for food security and development. The Climate-Smart Knowledge Day will give focused attention to the work being carried out in these areas, provide a forum for dialogue and give key inputs to the climate change and development...


South Africa (Durban)
29 Nov 2011COP17 side event: LEG/LDC experience with NAPAs
Organization: UNFCCC

The LEG and LDC Parties will continue to share experiences including best practices and lessons learned on the NAPA process to facilitate discussions on national adaptation plans. The LEG will also present the ouputs of the activities undertaken in 2011 and the activities planned for 2012.


South Africa (Durban)
29 Nov 2011COP17 side event: Mitigation and adaptation planning in developing countries and Japan’s cooperation
Organization: GEC; Keio Univ; OECC

The side event focuses on recent developments on mitigation and adaptation planning efforts in developing countries, and Japan’s cooperation activities to jointly address key challenges.


South Africa (Durban)
30 Nov 2011COP 17 side event - Addressing the gender dimension of vulnerability: An adaptation framework that works for everyone
Organization: CI; WEDO

An adaptation framework that works for everyone must incorporate complexities of vulnerability. Panelists explore the dimensions of vulnerability from a gender angle, issuing recommendations for effective adaptation planning.


South Africa (Durban)
30 Nov 2011COP 17 side event - Gender, justice, and social learning: Exploring theory & practice in adaptation
Organization: PSU

The intersection of poverty, gender, justice, and social learning in climate change adaptation will be explored. Presentations and interactive discussions illustrate cases from the Global South and North, examining limits to adaptation though methodological, institutional, ethical, and activist lenses.


South Africa (Durban)
30 Nov 2011COP 17 side event: Drought risk reduction in Africa
Organization: UNISDR AF

Institutional changes for addressing natural hazard and climate risk as a sustainable development priority against the context of the July /August 2011 drought disaster in the Horn of Africa.


South Africa (Durban)
30 Nov 2011COP 17 side event: Current progress and outlook for climate change mitigation and adaptation in CIS countries
Organization: C4

SKPI assistance in developing regional and national climate impacts and vulnerability assessments, current and future policies, use of financial mechanisms for mitigation and adaptation to climate change measures in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


South Africa (Durban)
30 Nov 2011COP 17 side event: Health as a driver of climate change policy, local efforts - Global action
Organization: Nurses Across The Borders; SeaTrust Inst

SeaTrust Institute's Dr. Lynn Wilson will present an official Side Event at COP17, the upcoming United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Durban South Africa on November 30, 2011. The event, Health as a Driver of Climate Change Policy - Local Efforts: Global Action, highlights catalytic adaptation projects by the South/North NGO partnership Nurses Across the Borders (NAB), Nigeria and SeaTrust Institute. These projects build...


South Africa (Durban)
30 Nov 2011COP 17 side event: The experience of Madagascar in adaptation to climate change
Organization: Madagascar - gov

Various adaptation actions and studies were undertaken in several sectors: Agriculture, health, water, forest, risk management and disaster. Sustainable practices are taking place through the actions of different groups. This side event presents framework, initiatives and prospects for Madagascar.


South Africa (Durban)
01 Dec 2011COP 17 side event - ICT solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation: Closing the public policy gap
Organization: TechAmerica

This panel will summarize available evidence that ICT provides one of the most powerful solution sets to meet the challenges of mitigating and adapting to climate change. The panel focus will conclude how sound national-level public policies can help reduce those barriers.


South Africa (Durban)
01 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Building the knowledge base for African adaptation choices
Organization: IDRC

Africa’s pressing adaptation needs demand evidence-based responses. Join this conference for lessons from the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program, the African Climate Change Fellowship Program, and some of the newest efforts as successes and challenges in linking research to decision-making will be shared.


South Africa (Durban)
01 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Gender responsive adaptation & low carbon development - incl. the role of rural and indigenous women
Organization: APWLD; GenderCC

How to integrate gender into efforts towards resilience building and low carbon development at community level: Lessons from training and capacity building in Asia, South Africa and Pacific. Conclusions in terms of adaptive capacity, needs for finance and joint learning at global level


South Africa (Durban)
01 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Implementation of adaptation actions and tools for decision making to enhance development plans
Organization: GRET; Nature Conservancy

Main findings, comparative analysis and lessons learned from adaptation and DRR projects in SIDS, LDCs and Latin America. How these projects, tools and information help decision makers address adaptation needs with DRR and development planning.


South Africa (Durban)
01 Dec 2011COP17 side event - Ensuring survival: Oceans, climate, and security
Organization: South Africa - gov

This event will highlight the direct link between climate change, the health of the oceans, and human well being and the need for collaborative action and sufficient funding for strategic mitigation and adaptation measures to minimize climate change impacts on coastal communities and ocean resources.


South Africa (Durban)
01 Dec 2011COP17 side event - Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS): Climate information for sustainable development
Organization: IOC; UNESCO; WMO

Climate services are weakest in places where they are most needed – in vulnerable developing countries. For a modest investment, and by building on existing systems and capacities, the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) can bring benefits for sustainable development in all countries.


South Africa (Durban)
01 Dec 2011COP17 side event - Green technology and China’s climate adaptation: toward a low carbon society
Organization: Xiamen Univ

China is vulnerable to climate change. To secure China’s low carbon society development and reduce climate risks, an integrated approach of science, technology and policy will be needed for the long-term adaptation strategy.


South Africa (Durban)
01 Dec 2011COP17 side event: Adaptation, development and information and communication technology
Organization: UNFCCC

The ICT sector has made strides in matching its innovation to the needs of mitigation and sustainability. This event looks at recent results that show how ICTs can contribute to adaptation as well; both from a government and private sector perspective. Based on a UNFCCC/ITU project in Ghana.


South Africa (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP 17 side event - Adapting NRM in Africa: lessons learnt, ways forward and the 'sustainable land management programme'
Organization: DIE; Univ of Bayreuth

As the scientific coordination GLUES is responsible for communicating the goals and results of the ‘sustainable land management’ programme to decision-makers in policy and public, the team is contributing to a side-event at COP 17. Responding to the session’s title “Adapting NRM in Africa: lessons learnt, ways forward and the sustainable land management programme”, the aim is to communicate how the “sustainable land management programme”...


South Africa (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP 17 side event - Green climate fund: The private financial sector’s perspective
Organization: UNEP FI

How can the GCF mobilise private capital to finance climate change adaptation and mitigation in developing countries? This session will deliver the outcomes of private financial sector consultations in Bonn, London, Lagos and Nairobi on the pros/cons of enlisting private capital in the GCF.


South Sudan (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP 17 side event - Results-based capacity development to address climate change: Lessons learned from UN initiatives
Organization: UNDP

The side event will showcase UN success stories and discuss learning mechanisms and indicators on capacity building. It will pay special attention to needs expressed by parties on mitigation, adaptation, technology, finance, REDD and consider existing UN tools and initiatives such as CC:Learn.


South Africa (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Agricultural solutions to support food security, sustainability, and animal welfare
Organization: CIWF; HSI

While agriculture significantly affects and is affected by climate change, it should also be a part of the solution. Drawing on country-specific examples in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, experts will discuss mitigation and adaptation policies that support food security and other social goals.


South Africa (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Climate-Smart Agriculture – a transformative approach to food security, adaptation and mitigation
Organization: IFAD

IFAD will be participating in the Agriculture and Rural Development Day, Forest Day and Climate Smart Agriculture: A transformative approach to food security, adaptation and mitigation. Agriculture must undergo a radical transformation to meet the challenges of sustainable food security and poverty reduction with climate change. Learn about approaches that increase both productivity and the resilience of livelihoods and ecosystems, plus how REDD+...


South Sudan (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Multi-stakeholder collaboration to reinforce adaptation opportunities for African pastoral peoples
Organization: IPACC

In support of the Cancun Adaptation Framework, the Chadian Ministry of Water and IPACC convene a multi-stakeholder dialogue on climatic events, local knowledge and African pastoral peoples. How can meteorologists, communities and policy-makers jointly reinforce adaptation policy and practice?


South Africa (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Overcoming food insecurity with adaptation actions - Building on lessons from Sub Saharan Africa
Organization: IFOAM

Africa’s vulnerability to climate change impacts is once more in the spotlight following the drought impacts in the horn of Africa risking over 10 million people. The CC DARE programme conducted country-led activities with enhancing different aspects of food security in adaptation to climate change.


South Africa (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Policies for mobilizing nature-based adaptation action in Africa
Organization: IUCN

Many African citizens are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. A large portion of them are also directly reliant on natural resources. A high level panel will discuss what this means in terms of fast tracking adaptation action and ways in which current land-use policies need to change.


South Sudan (Durban)
02-04 Dec 2011COP17 side event: Durban Local Government Convention - adapting to a changing climate, towards COP17/ CMP7
Organization: ICLEI - Local Gov for Sust

The South African Government, through the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), South African Cities Network (SACN), eThekwini Municipality and the Department of Environmental Affairs have partnered with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability in hosting the Durban Local Government Convention: adapting to a changing climate – towards COP17/CMP7 and beyond. ICLEI acts as the focal point of the Local Governments and Municipal...


South Africa (Durban)
02 Dec 2011COP17 side event: Enabling communities to mitigate & adapt to climate change in the Philippines - The eco town framework
Organization: Philippines - gov

The Philippine government has begun to mainstream climate change in national and local level. The side event will feature the Eco-town framework where ecosystem-based management approach and sustainable financing mechanism (Payment for EcoServices) is used to establish climate resilient communities.


South Sudan (Durban)
03 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Adaptation to a changing climate in the Arab countries
Organization: Lebanon - gov

Together, the Arab countries, the World Bank, League of Arab States, and researchers based in Arab countries, are in the process of preparing a study on climate change adaptation in the Arab countries, including Lebanon. The session will address climate change, its impacts, and adaptation options.


South Africa (Durban)
03 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: UNISDR theme - Disaster resilience
Organization: UNISDR AF

Showcase Governments who successfully build disaster resilience towards drought, floods, and cyclones.


South Africa (Durban)
03 Dec 2011COP17 side event: Global environment facility
Organization: GEF

Representatives from the Global Environment Facility Secretariat will provide an update on the GEF reform program with provision of financing for projects generating Global Environment Benefits in the area of Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Technology Transfer.


South Sudan (Durban)
03 Dec 2011COP17 side event: Is adaptation finance supporting an integrated approach?
Organization: CIDSE; Tearfund

Tearfund, CIDSE, CAFOD and PACJA discuss learning from their climate change adaptation field work and findings of a policy report. What’s good practice? What’s working? What needs improving? How can adaptation finance ensure an integrated and locally-owned approach to build climate resilience?


South Africa (Durban)
03-04 Dec 2011COP17 side event: World climate summit 2011 (WCS 2011)
Organization: World Climate Ltd

The Second World Climate Summit is expected to exceed the achievements of its predecessor in Cancun, and should once again serve as a climate leadership springboard for CEOs and other business, finance and government leaders. The World Climate Summit, 2011, during the COP 17, is positioned as the most prominent and exclusive conference for business, financiers, philanthropists and governments to accelerate solutions to climate change. WCS is backed...


South Africa (Durban)
05 Dec 2011COP 17 side event - Adaptation in practice: Evaluating innovative approaches
Organization: GEF

Previous date: 30 Nov 2011 Evaluations provide lessons learned from the first generation of adaptation interventions, from the development of National Adaptation Plans for Action (NAPA) to innovative approaches to specific adaptation problems. This event will present these lessons from the portfolios of the GEF, the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) and the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF). The lessons have already been incorporated in results-based...


South Africa (Durban)
05 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Disaster risk and people’s resilience in Africa
Organization: IFRC; SARCS; UNICEF; WFP

World Food Programme, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNICEF and South Africa Red Cross Society Africa Pavilion organize the following event: "Disaster risk and people’s resilience in Africa: Strengthening livelihoods and food security in a changing climate". Director Bruce Campbell will hold a key note speech at the side event.


South Africa (Durban)
05 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Green actions in China
Organization: CAST; Shan Shui Conservation Center

In the context of global climate change risks, the whole world is suffering great loss due to large-scale disasters associated with global climate changes. In this side event, a new path of development incorporating with disaster risk mitigation and reduction is discussed based on China’s experience.


South Africa (Durban)
05 Dec 2011COP17 side event - UN System support to adaptation: Progress and opportunities for enhanced action
Organization: UNFCCC

Systems and sectors essential for human livelihood, such as water resources, agriculture and food security, will be adversely affected by climate change. The event will highlight what the UN system is doing to support countries to adapt to climate change and ways to enhance this response.


South Africa (Durban)
05 Dec 2011COP17 side event: Public awareness & education on DRR & climate change (IFRC ISDR Children in a changing climate ACDS)
Organization: IFRC

The implementation of public awareness and education activities to increase local resilience and support adaptation will be crucial in the coming years (Art. 6,UNFCCC). Lessons learnt, role of youth, scaling up and ensuring quality at scale will amongst the issues discussed by the organizations.


South Africa (Durban)
06 Dec 2011COP 17 side event - Round table: Disaster risk reduction
Organization: AfDB

A round table will be organized as a COP 17 side that will discuss disaster risk reduction.


South Africa (Durban)
07 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Warned and prepared – Disaster prevented, need for DRR and involving children/youth, focus on Africa
Organization: Norway - gov; SCI

The costs of climate related disasters are enormous, in lives and money –a massive global effort on DRR is needed. The event will present the IPCC SR on Extreme Events and WMO's Global Framework for Climate Services, and include a discussion on DRR in Africa, and on how to involve children and youth .


South Africa (Durban)
08 Dec 2011COP 17 side event: Adaptation, risk reduction & insurance
Organization: MCII

Delegates and experts discuss innovations for adaptation, risk reduction, and insurance for vulnerable countries and people. Panelists share experiences and approaches relevant to SBI WP on Loss and Damage.


South Africa (Durban)
13 Feb - 06 Apr 2012Negotiating climate change: from Durban and beyond
Organization: UNITAR

Background Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of 21st century diplomacy and international governance. Given the many different stakeholders and communities who have roles to play, it is a contemporary challenge with regard to its demand on interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and languages, and the personal capacities needed to combine these so as to make diplomatic sense and success. Competing interests, political tensions, and challenges...