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Step Up for DRR: Interational Day for Disaster Reduction 2011

Total number of events: 85

Date Title Location
08-30 Sep 2011Competition for students on international day for disaster reduction
Organization: NIDM, India - gov

National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), New Delhi, India, constituted under the Disaster Management Act 2005, is an apex National Institute of Government of India with the nodal responsibilities for human resource development, capacity building, training, research, documentation, public awareness and policy advocacy in disaster management. The United Nations’ (UN) International Day for Disaster Reduction is observed on the second Wednesday...


India (New Delhi)
26 Sep - 11 Oct 2011Children art and essay competition
Organization: MOFDM, Bangladesh - gov

A nationwide art and essay writing competition for children in schools on disaster preparedness and young people's participation in DRR. The competition was held at the sub district level to reach for the children and youths in the remote areas of the country. The Best five art work and essays will receive award during the national event on IDDR ceremony.


Bangladesh (Around the country)
26 Sep - 15 Oct 2011Saritsa Foundation celebrates international disaster reduction day in partnership with government of Maharashtra
Organization: Saritsa Fndn

Saritsa Foundation will celebrate United Nations’ (UN) International Day for Disaster Reduction and minimizing impacts of climate change in collaboration with Government of Maharashtra. It will be observed a month. It is significant to recognize the importance too encourage people and government to participate in building more resilient communities. Saritsa Foundation observes the day every year. Saritsa Foundation will be organizing the following...


India (Mumbai)
29 Sep - 13 Oct 2011October 13th - International day for disaster reduction in Tajikistan
Organization: UNDP Tajikistan

To mark the International Day for Disaster Reduction UNDP Tajikistan in partnership with the Committee of Emergency Situations and Dushanbe Education Department are organizing drawing contest with schoolchildren on DRR topics. In the same day Dushanbe secondary school #52 is preparing a School Conference on “Earthquakes” issues, which will be followed by a simulation exercise for the students. The Conference starts at 10:00 on October 13th, 2011...


Tajikistan (Dushanbe )
01-22 Oct 2011ABKD poster contest for children
Organization: CDRC

Apoy, Bagyo, Kalamidad: Dibuhong Pambata or ABKD 2011, is an annual and nation-wide poster-making contest for children ages 7-12 years old. CDRC conceptualized ABKD in 1996 as an activity to promote disaster preparedness. ABKD served not only as an opportunity for children to show their artistic talents and creativity, but more importantly, as a venue for children’s participation in creating and generating a culture of disaster preparedness, especially...


Philippines (Quezon City)
01-31 Oct 2011Adopt-a-tree for DRR day
Organization: CORDAID

Basic understanding and promotion of Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) concept among school going children is one critical gap which CORDAID intends to pursue and build on. The use of simplified materials and pictorial is one strategy to create risk awareness and stimulate necessary actions. A second strategy is to have pupils at the centre of intervention where they engage in an activity to understand the relevance of hazard mitigation/prevention...


Kenya (Moyale)
05-15 Oct 2011Programa de conmemoracion del terremoto de 1986 y dia internacional de la reduccion de riesgos a desastres
Organization: El Salvador - gov

A national event will be held with the participation of the main ministers related to vulnerability to mark international DRR Day. Statements will be made by: El Salvador's Vulnerability Secretariat, Dipecho partners,children engaged in DRR work, and ECHO. The first medal of honour for DRR work will be handed out by the Department for Civil Protection. Theatre presentations, a live game of Riskland, and an exhibition of DRR projects will follow with...


El Salvador (San Salvador)
05-13 Oct 2011Public awareness and education campaign
Organization: ODPM, Trinidad and Tobago - gov

This campaign for UN IDRR will adopt a multi-pronged approach. - First is the media campaign which includes newspaper PSA, TV PSA, PSAs on our social media and media interviews on various youth-centred and national media. - Secondly is a booth at two of the most popular malls to attract children and provide them with information on disasters and how they can get involved. - The sub-units have also been asked to host booths within the communities....


Trinidad and Tobago (Nationwide )
05 Oct 2011Simulacro de evacuación
Organization: Colombia - gov

En Bogotá, toda la ciudad se prepara para el Simulacro de Evacuación el próximo 5 de octubre a las 11 a.m. Los distintos sectores, tanto públicos como privados, han fortalecido sus planes de emergencia para saber cómo actuar de manera adecuada ante un evento de gran magnitud. Prueba de ello es el apoyo y participación que tendrán los centros comerciales en el ejercicio del próximo miércoles y en el que se espera se concentre gran parte de...


Colombia (Bogotá)
07-12 Oct 2011!Levantate, por el dia internacional para la reduccion del riesgo de desastre!
Organization: Municipalidad Provincial de Chincha, Peru - gov

En Chincha, la Municipalidad Provincial a través de la Oficina de Gestión del Riesgo y Defensa Civil, los Comités de Brigadistas de Defensa Civil de Chincha, Alto Larán, Sunampe, Grocio Prado y Tambo de Mora; y la Asociación Solidaridad Países Emergentes – ASPEm, promueven este año – por primera vez - la campaña de sensibilización sobre la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastre, y convocan a la comunidad a participar en los eventos que se...


Peru (Chincha)
07-13 Oct 2011Exposure visit for Loyola students
Organization: QSSS

As the day being the disaster risk reduction the students from Loyola college of social science decided to visit Quilon Social Service Society (QSSS) and the fields like Azheekal and Aratupuzha for the observation of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) activities before a mass awareness for the college.


India (Kollam, Quilon, Kerala)
07 Oct 2011Foro-debate: Desarrollando ciudades resilientes 'Mi ciudad se está preparando'
Organization: Cruz Roja Paraguaya

En el marco de la Conmemoración del Día Internacional de la Reducción de Riesgos a Desastres, la Cruz Roja Paraguaya y la Secretaría de Emergencia Nacional organizan el foro-debate, que este año lleva el lema de Desarrollando Ciudades Resilientes, "Mi ciudad se está Preparando" según el Portal Paraguayo de Noticias. El Día Internacional para la Reducción de Desastres del 2011 se centra en la reducción de riesgos urbanos, haciendo especial...


Paraguay (Asuncion)
08-13 Oct 2011Samarth 2011 - International day of disaster reduction
Organization: Himachal Pradesh Gov, India - gov

As a symbol of solidarity with the global efforts to make the IDDRR 2011 a success, the Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (HPSDMA) plans to organize a series of events starting from 8th of October 2011 (6th anniversary of the Kashmir Earthquake) to 13th of October 2011 (International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011). These events will be components of a Mega Awareness & Capacity Building Campaign titled as- SAMARTH 2011. The...


India (Shimla and all district HQs)
09-13 Oct 2011International disaster reduction day activities and celebration
Organization: Aleppo City Council, Syrian Arab Rep - Gov; Min of Local Admin and Environ, Syrian Arab Rep - Gov

On the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, the Urban Risk Reduction Project in cooperation with Ministry of Local Administration and Aleppo City Council, are preparing to implement a number of activities concerning raising awareness for society, children and youth in particular. Activities: 1. “Home” a movie by Yann Arthus Bertrand produced in 2009 will be shown in 5 governorates at the same time in the cultural centers....


Syrian Arab Republic (Aleppo)
10-14 Oct 2011A protecção civil de Lisboa: Um passo em frente na redução do risco!
Organization: Lisbon Municipality, Portugal - gov

Junte-se a nós para dar um passo em frente na Redução do Risco! Inicialmente celebrado na segunda quarta-feira do mês de Outubro, em 2009 a Assembleia Geral das Nações Unidas designou o dia 13 de Outubro como o Dia Internacional para a Redução de Catástrofes, para que neste dia todas as comunidades do mundo inteiro reflictam sobre as diferentes maneiras de redução dos riscos e na mitigação das catástrofes. Este ano o Serviço Municipal...


Portugal (Lisbon)
10-12 Oct 2011Cape Town - Making cities resilient campaign
Organization: City of Cape Town, South Africa - gov; South Africa - gov

The City of Cape Town has partnered with the Provincial Department of Local Government and the National Department of Cooperative Governance to organise, fund and participate in the three-day United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) 2011 Campaign: ‘Making Cities Resilient – Cape Town is Getting Ready’. The campaign will run from Monday 10 October until Wednesday 12 October 2011. This United Nations campaign seeks...


South Africa (Cape Town)
10 Oct 2011CIEDM workshop on walk to safe/resilient schools & neighborhoods
Organization: CIEDM

Previous tentative date: 12 Oct 2011 Previous title: CIEDM workshop on disaster reduction As part of 10th anniversary of the tragic events on 11 September 2001, the US President Obama proclaimed on 31 August 2011 that this September is the National Preparedness Month. The objective of proclamation is to encourage all Americans to recognize the importance of preparedness and observe this month by working together to enhance the national security, resilience,...


United States of America (Arcadia, CA)
10-15 Oct 2011DIPECHO VI Awareness building workshop on children and young people are partners of DRR
Organization: DMC, Sri Lanka - gov; Oxfam GB; Practical Action

The Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka are disaster prone areas as the coastal belts regularly face multitudinous natural hazards including tsunami. The area has been affected by geologically induced disasters such as tsunami, sea related disasters such as coastal erosion, saline water intrusion, wind related disasters such as storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and wind erosion; hydrological disasters such as floods and ground water depletion;...


Sri Lanka (Mannar, Kilinochchi, Batticaloa and Trinco )
10-25 Oct 2011International disaster reduction day
Organization: Min of Disaster Mgmnt, Sri Lanka - gov

Save the community through the Disaster Preparedness and Response. From October 10th until October 25th, several Awareness and Training Programmes in Sri Lanka will take place in various schools. It is part of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, focusing on Children and Young people, that is celebrated on October 13th.


Sri Lanka (Various places)
10-13 Oct 2011Mass awareness of the community on the role of youth and children towards disaster risk reduction
Organization: Bangladesh - gov

National Alliance for Risk Reduction and Response Initiatives (NARRI) is a consortium of six INGOs viz ActionAid International, Concern Universal, Concern Worldwide, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Oxfam GB and Plan International working on Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh. NARRI is ably supported by Handicap International and Helpage International to ensure disability and ageing issues are deeply embedded into our philosophy. In collaboration with...


Bangladesh (Nationwide)
10-13 Oct 2011National conference and exhibition on disaster risk management
Organization: Min.of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ethiopia - gov

The Government of Ethiopia, together with a series of partners, is celebrating the International Day for Disaster Reduction for the second year in a row. As part of this celebration, stretched over a week (10-13 October) several events are being organized. These include site visit to successful projects on DRR and Climate Change for journalists, advocacy events in TV, radio and print media and installing poster messages at strategic locations in the...


Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)
10-20 Oct 2011RACCE project celebration of international day
Organization: RACCE; Univ of Crete

Partners of RACEE project funded by Civil Protection instrument of EU coming from Greece, Italy, and Bulgaria are celebrating the International day by organising various activities, like speaches, conferences, video presentations and participation in educational projects developed at the Museums' Earthquake Simulators. Activities National History Museum of Crete, Crete, Greece • A public talk will address to adults the seismic risk of Crete while,...


Greece (Lesvos)
10-13 Oct 2011Week of celebration of international disaster reduction day in Azua province
Organization: Plan Intl

The week begins with the signing of the Children's Charter by the coordinators of each of the community networks for prevention, mitigation and response of each of the seven project communities. From Monday to Thursday there is then the presentation of certificates to the children who participated in school DRR classes, leading their own families them in family emergency planning. The directors of each school have also undertaken to sign the Children's...


Dominican Republic
11-31 Oct 2011'Los desastres no son un juego... Sumate a nosotros'
Organization: Holograma Comunicacion

Holograma brindará apoyo! El evento consiste en apoyar la iniciativa por medio de la red social Facebook, brindando apoyo con un "me gusta". La página de Facebook contiene información sobre el "Día Internacional para la Reducción de los Desastre", información sobre prevención, y brindamos un espacio de comunicación para que todos seamos parte de este proceso de cambio! Sumate a nosotros! Objectivos - Seguir con el apoyo a las diferentes acciones...


11-14 Oct 2011Fiji: National disaster awareness week
Organization: Fiji - gov; NDMO, Fiji - gov

The 2011 Fiji National Disaster Awareness Week (NDAW) was organized between 11-14 October. The dedication of the National Disaster Awareness Week was marked by the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) on October 13. The National Disaster Awareness Week was held in Labasa and around other main centres of the Northern Division. Since the previous year the focus of NDAW has been on cities, towns and communities with the theme ‘Making...


Fiji (Suva and the Northern Division)
12-13 Oct 2011'Vijana tuwajibike' - Step for disaster risk reduction
Organization: FAO; Kenya - gov; KRCS; Oxfam GB; UNDP Kenya; UNISDR AF; OCHA

The Nairobi event will be held under the theme: ‘Vijana Tuwajibike - Step up for Disaster Risk Reduction’ in line with the global theme. The theme, derived from a Swahili catchphrase, Vijana Tuwajibike, is a rallying call to young people to take a proactive role in reducing disasters. The event will be from 9.00am and will be graced by the Prime Minister of Kenya, Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga. Prior to the event, a media breakfast will be held to sensitize...


Kenya (Nairobi )
12 Oct 2011Celebrating international day for natural disaster reduction
Organization: GSDMA

The training was organised at Kotarpur Fire Training Centre jointly by Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority, Ahmedabad Fire & Emergency Services, Publicity Department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. As a part of this celebration, various awareness generation and capacity building activities at different levels were taken up world over. In the past years, GSDMA has celebrated Disaster Reduction Day by taking up wide range of activities all...


India (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
12 Oct 2011Celebration of the international disaster reduction day
Organization: MARD, Viet Nam - gov; UNICEF Viet Nam

The International Disaster Risk Reduction Day in Viet Nam will be organised in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Department of Dike Management and Flood Control (DDMFC), the Youth Pioneer Council and school children in Viet Nam. The Vice-Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the UNICEF Representative will participate in the event focusing on child and youth involvement and dialogue about the Children’s...


Viet Nam
12-16 Oct 2011Día internacional para la reducción de desastres
Organization: Museo Interactivo de Ciencia

En el marco del día de la Reducción de Riesgos de Desastres el Museo Interactivo de Ciencia (MIC) enfocará el contenido de todas sus exposiciones a la temática de Gestión de Riesgos. Desde el miércoles 12 hasta el domingo 16 de octubre los visitantes vivirán la gestión de riesgos. Al visitar las distintas exposiciones encontrarán dentro de su temática habitual información relacionada con los desastres. Además, se contará con la presencia...


Ecuador (Quito)
12-16 Oct 2011DRR activities conducted by BUPCC-COPE with LGU-CSO
Organization: BUPCC; City Gov of Legazpi, Philippines - gov

• October 12, 2011: Soft Launching of International Disaster Risk Reduction Day (DRR) Day @ People’s Hall, Provincial Capitol Building, 1:00-5:00 pm - Participants – Urban Poor Organization - LCSFI, Taysan, Anislag,(Resettlement Site) Daraga, Tabaco, Malilipot, (80 pax) - Speakers – Representatives from LGU of Legazpi Mr. Pecos Intia and Madam Marlyn Manaya of CSWDO share and discussed DRR best practices and programs of the city. - Commitment...


12-13 Oct 2011International disaster reduction day in San Juan and Elias Pina
Organization: Plan Intl

- Launch of reforestation mitigation micro projects in Los Corocitos. - Public signing of the Children's Charter in San Juan de la Maguana. - Children's DRR fair. - Singing of a large 2'x4' copy of the Children's Charter by four municipal institutions.


Dominican Republic (San Juan de la Maguana (San Juan province); Comendador (barrio Los Corocitos) (Elias Pina province))
12-14 Oct 2011International DRR day celebration
Organization: IFRC; Plan Intl; UNICEF TACRO; UNISDR AM

During the Education in Emergencies international conference being held in Panama, a celebration will be held on October 13th from 14:30, to mark international DRR day. This ceremony is being organized by ISDR, UNICEF TACRO, IFRC and Plan International, with the participation of over 17 government delegations from LAC, regional INGO offices based in Panama and the national media. Children and Youth from Panama will also take part and discuss the Children's...


Panama (Panama City)
12 Oct 2011Seminário internacional: risco sísmico - despertar consciências / ativar comportamentos
Organization: ANPC, Portugal - gov

In Portuguese: Portugal, devido à sua situação geográfica, está sujeito ao risco sísmico, como atestam os terramotos ocorridos em 1755 e outros com impactos mais circunscritos, como os de 1909 (Benavente), 1969 (Algarve), 1980 (Terceira) ou 1998 (Faial). Ainda recentemente, na madrugada do dia 17 de Dezembro de 2009, ocorreu um sismo que apesar de não ter provocado danos, foi sentido no continente,...


Portugal (Lisboa)
12 Oct 2011Sensibilizacion sobre la reduccion de riesgos de desastres
Organization: Ejército de Nicaragua, Nicaragua - gov; Nicaragua - gov; SCI

El dia internacional de RRD, es un dia para celebrar el aumento cada vez mayor de la conciencia que tiene el pueblo para reducir los desastres tomando a la ninhez y a la juventud, como el centro de atencian para esta accion. Por esta razon, en el marco del proyecto DIPECHO, Save the Children y los Comites Locales de Preparacion y Respuesta a Emergencias y Desastres (COLOPRED) organizan el simulacro con la participacion de ninhas y ninhos de las escuelas...


Nicaragua (Alamikamban)
12 Oct 2011The world's largest lunch: International Day for Disaster Reduction
Organization: First 24 Hrs Fndn

This year on the 12th October, the First24Hrs Foundation will observe the International Day for Disaster Reduction. To commemorate this, the First24Hrs Foundation will be holding the World's Largest Lunch. Instead of breaking up for lunch, on this day the First24Hrs Foundation proposes that you bring the business together. In a lunch meeting that not only involves food and words, but most importantly information. Information to arm your employees...


12 Oct 2011University of the South Pacific disaster awareness presentation
Organization: USP

The University of the South Pacific (USP) will celebrate the International Day for Disaster Reduction on Wednesday, 12th of October by hosting Disaster Awareness Presentations. Enrolled USP students will present to fellow students on the disaster occurrences, trends and policies for major disaster types in the Pacific namely: droughts and fire, tsunami and earthquakes, flooding and hurricane/cyclones. Comments will be invited from the audience, however,...


Fiji (Suva)
12 Oct 2011VI Conferência 'Dia Internacional para a Redução de Desastres Naturais'
Organization: Câmara Municipal da Amadora, Portugal - gov

O Dia Internacional para a Redução dos Desastres Naturais, instituído pela Assembleia Geral das Nações Unidas, tem como principal objetivo uma reflexão sobre a problemática dos desastres naturais, tendo em conta as fases de prevenção, socorro e reabilitação. A reflexão, a partilha de experiências e conhecimentos tem sido a nota dominante do evento que desde 2005 organizamos. Para 2011, a VI Conferência “Dia Internacional para a Redução...


Portugal (Amadora)
13 Oct 20112011 International day for disaster reduction
Organization: UNISDR

... To let the world know that children and young people are partners in reducing disaster risk. - Children and young people can and should be involved in reducing risk to disasters. This includes getting organized to lobby for more investment in disaster risk reduction at the local and community level by governments and companies. - Their actions need to be recognized in disaster risk reduction and how it fits into national and community development,...


13 Oct 20112011 International day for disaster reduction
Organization: UNISDR AP

Every year on October 13th, countries around the world commemorate the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR). The date has been designated by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness, commitment and actions to reduce the loss of human lives and property due to disasters. The IDDR is part of the biennial World Disaster Reduction Campaign. Since 2006, the IDDR has been observed jointly with the ASEAN Day for Disaster Management...


Thailand (Bangkok)
13 Oct 2011ASEAN day for disaster management and celebration of children’s month
Organization: ASEAN; CDP; DepEd, Philippines - gov; DRRNetPhils; NDRRMC, Philippines - gov; Plan Intl; SCI; UNICEF ROSA; WVI

On the second Wednesday of October of every year, ASEAN Member States observe the ASEAN Day for Disaster Management (ADDM). The Day coincides with the United Nations’ International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR). The ASEAN has been organising this annual event since 2005. In 2005, ASEAN Member States observed ADDM rather independently by doing their own national activities. However, since 2006, the ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM)...


Philippines (Pasig City)
13 Oct 2011British Virigin Islands celebrates IDDR11
Organization: DDM, BVI

The Department of Disaster Management in the British Virgin Islands celebrated the theme of the 2011 International Day for Disaster Reduction. The activities included: - a feature address by the Honourable Andrew A. Fahie, Minister for Education and Culture and was broadcast via local radio and TV stations as well as local online media - a press release sent to the media via email, fax and internet - a 30-minute radio and tv programme (DDM Radio and...


British Virgin Islands (Tortola)
13 Oct 2011Celebracion dia internacional de DRR
Organization: Cruz Roja Dominicana; Defensa civil, Dominican Republic - gov; Plan Intl

Con motivo del día internacional de la reducción de riesgo; las Alcaldías Municipales de Barahona, San Pedro de Macorís y Guayacanes los Comités Municipales de Prevención Mitigación y Respuesta (CMPMR), la Defensa Civil, Cruz Roja, Senaduría Provincial, Cuerpo de Bomberos (programa bomberito) Fiscalía de Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes, CONANI, Regional de Educación, Boy Scout Dominicanos IDAC, ACPP y Plan Internacional en el marco del Proyecto...


Dominican Republic (Barahona, San Pedro de Macorís y Guayacanes)
13 Oct 2011Celebrating international day for disaster reduction in Niue
Organization: Niue - gov

This day will be celebrated on the Thursday 13th October (Niue time) from 9am - 12pm to be held at the Commercial Centre in the main town of Alofi (Niue's Capital). There will be speeches from key representatives, Secretary to Government Mr.Richard Hipa who is also the Chair of the Niue Disaster Council and Hon. Toke Talagi, Premier of Niue. Poems and short stories will be read out from school representatives; Niue Primary School & Niue High School...


Niue (Alofi )
13 Oct 2011Celebrating international day for disaster reduction with Georgian children and youth
Organization: UNICEF

International Day for Disaster Reduction will be marked at a special event organized at Europe House Georgia by UNICEF, in collaboration with the Government of Georgia, European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) and Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN). The primary emphasis during the event will be placed on presenting the key achievements made in the education sector of Georgia in ensuring the safety and resilience of children...


Georgia (Tbilisi )
13 Oct 2011Célébration de la journée internationale pour la réduction des risques de catastrophes
Organization: CPGU, Madagascar - gov

La journée du 13 octobre est consacrée par les Nations Unies pour la réduction des risques et des catastrophes. La Cellule de prévention et gestion des Urgences à la Primature, en collaboration avec le Bureau national de gestion des risques et des catastrophes, a organisé la célébration de cette journée à la Gare Soarano, où s’est tenue une exposition, une conférence-débat et des démonstrations de sauvetage par les différents acteurs...


Madagascar (Antananarivo)
13 Oct 2011Celebration international day for disaster risk reduction
Organization: Gen Dir of Civil Defense, Min of Interior, State of Palestine - gov

Summary During The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, Palestinian Civil Defense has organized some activities to raise public awareness about how people are taking action to reduce their risk to disasters at October 13th. - Celebration Event in all over the west Bank & having media coverage. - The logo of the event will the suggested one by the ISDR & it will be printed on Caps and T-shirt - Increase partnership contribution in...


Palestine, State of
13 Oct 2011Celebration of international disaster reduction day in Barahona and Villa Central
Organization: Plan Intl

- Children's DRR fair in central Barahona, to be opened by Plan Dominican Republic and the mayor of Barahona. - Signing of the Children's Charter by the mayor of Barahona. - Cinema forum on DRR in Villa Central.


Dominican Republic (Barahona and Villa Central)
13 Oct 2011Ceremony and community work
Organization: Rwanda - gov

The International day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011 in Rwanda will be celebrated in Nyabihu district located in the Western Province of the country, one of the most susceptible region to natural disasters. The ceremony will be preceded by a community work with a purpose to do activities contributing to disaster risk reduction like growing windbreakers, soil leveling and other related activities.


Rwanda (Nyabihu-Western Province )
13-22 Oct 2011Children’s participation in tree planting for watershed restoration and biodiversity
Organization: CDRC

On September 26 and early October of 2009, the Philippines was hit by two successive typhoons -- Ondoy and Pepeng -- which severely affected over 9.3 million people and lost almost 1000 lives. Most of the affected were children. Both TS Ondoy and TS Pepeng have left indelible impacts on children. There were also children among the fatalities. There were children crying out for help on their roofs and waiting desperately to be rescued during the back-to-back...


Philippines (Brgy San Jose, Antipolo City)
13-17 Oct 2011Events organized by the NEMA Mongolia on occasion of the IDDR11
Organization: NEMA, Mongolia - gov

Within the framework of the IDDR11, the National Emergency Management Agency of Mongolia in cooperation with other relevant agencies have organized variety of awareness raising activities on disaster prevention and risk reduction amongst the youths of Ulaanbaatar: 1. NEMA, Mongolia and Authority of Children jointly organized the forum on "Public Initiatives on Potential Risk Prevention and Protection of Children" and involved policy making senior...


Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar city)

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