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School emergency and disaster preparedness: guidance note

This guidance, developed to support the campaign for 1 million safe schools and hospitals, provides a straightforward introduction for school administrators and teachers. Brief sections cover all the basic steps of school disaster and emergency preparedness.
1. Create a school emergency and disaster preparedness committee,
2. Design a school emergency and disaster preparedness plan,
3. Know the responsibilities of stakeholders, and
4. Conduct emergency drills and exercises.

It addresses emergency and disaster preparedness as one important component of disaster risk reduction, which consists of actions intended to increase the copying capacity of people and make them more resilient to disasters. It is aimed at helping school administrators, staff, teachers and students to be prepared in case of emergencies and disasters due to natural hazards (e.g. earthquakes, floods, typhoons, landslides, etc.) or man-made causes (e.g. urban fire, chemical spills, bombs, etc.) to protect themselves from personal injury and loss of life as well as to protect the school property from damage.


  • Themes:Capacity Development, Critical Infrastructure, Disaster Risk Management, Education & School Safety

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