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Save Document Book-Guide on Disasters and Emergencies for CommunitiesDominican Red Cross; ECHO2001
Save Document Communal plan of safetyIRMA2005
Save Document Disaster Management Education ProjectJICA, Japan - govUnknown
Save Document Safety tour 2002 - National civil defenceBMI, Austria - govUnknown
Save Document Safety tour 2000 - Olympiad on children's safetyBMI, Austria - govUnknown
Save Document About earthquakes, following the earthquakeLycée Saint-Joseph Istanbul2005
Save Document Workshop "Natural hazards and perception"OVSICORI2004
Save Document Civil protection CD-RomBMLV, Austria - govUnknown
Save Document Austrian Civil DefenceBMLV, Austria - gov1995
Save Document Causes of fireUnknown2005
Save Document Steps for a communal plan of actionIRMA2002
Save Document Earthquake: the expert explains you one more timeMin of Environ and Urbanizations, Turkey - govUnknown
Save Document At the discovery of the planet Earth: I. Ring of fireINGV1999
Save Document Earthquake disaster planning in nursery schoolsIIEES2006
Save Document Civil protection concerns us allBMI, Austria - govUnknown
Save Document Book for teachersUnknown2002
Save Document Resource Book for Training of Teachers in Earthquake Affected AreasUNESCO Islamabad2006
Save Document Training Guide for the Training of Teachers in Earthquake Affected AreasUNESCO Islamabad2006
Save Document Rules for population in emergency situationsMin of Edu and Religious Affairs, Greece - gov2004
Save Document Be protected from earthquakes. Read now!Min of Environ, Planning and Public Works, Greece - govUnknown
Save Document Memorandum of measures to undertake to protect schools from earthquakesMin of Environ, Planning and Public Works, Greece - govUnknown
Save Document Earthquake - Let's be prepared!Min of Environ, Planning and Public Works, Greece - govUnknown
Save Document Home self-protection measures against earthquakesMin of Communication and Works, Cyprus - govUnknown
Save Document Self-protective measures under difficult weather conditionsMin of Communication and Works, Cyprus - gov2005
Save Document Knowledge of earthquake in Korea - For primary students (Grades 1-7)NEMA, Nigeria - gov2005
Save Document Guide for the protection against damage from storm and flood - For primary schoolNEMA, Nigeria - gov2005
Save Document Children in safety - Grades 1-3NEMA, Nigeria - gov2005
Save Document Children in safety - For secondary students (Grades 4-6)NEMA, Nigeria - gov2005
Save Document Disaster management training Book for students and teachersSEEDS2006
Save Document Guidelines for incorporating earthquake safety measures in repair and maintenance of buildings with historical/archeological importanceNSET2002
Save Document Civil protection and defence against disastersMin of Edu, Research and Youth, Romania - gov2003
Save Document Guide on the application and implementation of rules against fires.UnknownUnknown
Save Document Contributions to the study and prevention of disastersUnknown2003
Save Document Rules for disasters and accidents - First aidRomanian Red Cross2004
Save Document First Aid Book in case of disasters or accidentsRomanian Red Cross2004
Save Document Protecting life at the expense of my own life - symposium on the occasion of the Day of Civil Protection, 28 February 1933-28 February 2003Unknown2003
Save Document Instructions and reflexes to adopt when confronted to hazards - Answers to 8 major hazardsDépt de l'Intérieur, Min d'Etat, Monaco - govUnknown
Save Document Package learning materials on environment (PLANET): Natural Disaster PreparednessACCUUnknown
Save Document Be aware, Prepare, shareACDSUnknown
Save Document Disaster Reduction - Living in harmony with NatureUNDP2002
Save Document Self-protection measures in the event of earthquakeCivil Defence, Cyprus - gov2002
Save Document Self-protection safety measures in case of earthquakeCivil Defence, Cyprus - gov2005
Save Document SLARIM project. strengthening local authorities in risk managementITCUnknown
Save Document Elevations of Viti-Levu, FijiPDCUnknown
Save Document Poster for familiesIIEESUnknown
Save Document Let's protect our village against natural disastersACCUUnknown
Save Document Life and death for ever - Enough with fires!OEC2004
Save Document We had enough! The forest is our future, safeguard it.OEC2004
Save Document Earthquake: No panic - BeforeC-RAUnknown
Save Document Tsunami - Lessons learnedNOAA, United States of America - gov2005

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