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Save Document School safety initiative: checklistsSEEDSUnknown
Save Document Gujarat school safety Initiative: why school safety?SEEDSUnknown
Save Document Gujarat school safety initiative: school disaster management planSEEDSUnknown
Save Document Indigenous knowledge for disaster risk reduction: good practices and lessons learned from experiences in the Asia-Pacific regionEU; UNISDR AP2008
Save Document Exploration for disaster prevention activities: preparing for a tsunamiGIAJ2006
Save Document School disaster management plan guidelinesSEEDS2007
Save Document Cyclone safety tipsUnknownUnknown
Save Document Society and environment: Learning area statementDET, Australia - gov1998
Save Document The snake and the river, don’t run straight: Local knowledge on disaster preparedness in the Eastern Terai of NepalECHO; ICIMOD2007
Save Document Gender matters: Lessons for disaster risk reduction in South AsiaECHO; ICIMOD2007
Save Document Institutionalising disaster risk reduction in schools: lessons for South AsiaAIDMI2008
Save Document Accommodation and compliance series: employers' guide to including employees with disabilities in emergency evacuation plansJAN, United States of America - gov2008
Save Document U. S. department of transportation emergency preparedness guidelines for people with disabilitiesU.S Dept of Transportation, United States of America - gov2003
Save Document DP2: prepare for what will happenDP22002
Save Document DP2: shelter managers should knowDP21996
Save Document DP2: training rescue workersDP21997
Save Document DP2: evacuating wheelchair usersDP21997
Save Document DP2: communications after a disasterDP21998
Save Document DP2: managing sheltersDP21998
Save Document DP2: points of service (food, water, financial aid, etc.)DP21998
Save Document Emergency evacuation preparedness; taking responsibility for your safety: a guide for people with disabilities and other activity limitationsCDIHP2002
Save Document Guide on the special needs of people with disabilities for emergency managers, planners & respondersNatl Org on Disability2005
Save Document Prepare yourself: disaster readiness tips for people with disabilitiesNatl Org on Disability2005
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: mitigation and preparedness in development and emergency programmingHPN2004
Save Document Albergues en escuelas, ¿cuándo?, ¿comó?, ¿por qué?UNICEF; UNISDR EUR2007
Save Document Earthquake resistant construction of buildings: curriculum for mason trainingADPC; NSET2005
Save Document Design and construction of housing for flood-prone rural areas of BangladeshADPC; BRAC Univ; CIUnknown
Save Document Community-based earthquake risk management in Dhaka cityADPCUnknown
Save Document Towards a tool kit on mainstreaming disaster risk reductionADPC2006
Save Document World Vision Management of Risks, booklet seriesWVI2004
Save Document IFRC series promoting community-based disaster risk reduction activitiesIFRC; ProVention Consortium2006
Save Document Lessons in dangerOECD2005
Save Document Guidebook for planning education in emergencies and reconstructionUNESCO - IIEP2006
Save Document Earthquake-resistant confined masonry constructionNICEE2007
Save Document Edu4hazards - a guide to preparing for and responding to natural hazards for children and youthUnknown2007
Save Document Better be prepared: prepared familyIFRC; ProVention Consortium; UNICEFUnknown
Save Document Better be prepared: community first aidIFRC; ProVention Consortium; UNICEFUnknown
Save Document Sanitation and cleanliness for a healthy environmentSida, Sweden - gov; UNDP2005
Save Document Emergency/disaster planning for principalsAEMI, Australia - gov1998
Save Document School safety initiative: Disaster management gameSEEDSUnknown
Save Document The Coalinga earthquake: A report on schoolsCounty of San Bernardino, United States of America - gov1983
Save Document Disaster preparedness for persons with disabilities: improving California's responseDOR, United States of America - gov1997
Save Document Education for all: Building the schoolsUnknown2003
Save Document Implementing the INEE minimum standards for education in emergencies, chronic crisis and early reconstructionHPN2006
Save Document Hemispheric plan for disaster reduction in the education sectorOASUnknown
Save Document Life skills manualPeace Corps, United States of America - gov2001
Save Document Disaster awareness in primary schoolsGermany - gov; Indonesia - gov2006
Save Document Work safe at schools - emergency managementMin of Edu, New Zealand - gov2006
Save Document Studies of society and environment: Core learning outcomesQueensland Gov, Australia - gov; QSA, Queensland GovUnknown
Save Document Disaster psychosocial response: handbook for community counselor trainersADEPT2005

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