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Save Document Disaster awareness in primary schoolsGermany - gov; Indonesia - gov2006
Save Document Work safe at schools - emergency managementMin of Edu, New Zealand - gov2006
Save Document Studies of society and environment: Core learning outcomesQCAA, Australia - gov; Queensland Gov, Australia - govUnknown
Save Document Disaster psychosocial response: handbook for community counselor trainersADEPT2005
Save Document Video tools for community-level disaster risk reductionProVention ConsortiumUnknown
Save Document Hazards education in schools: Current findings, future directionsMoRST, New Zealand - gov2001
Save Document Promoting community resilience in disasters: the role for schools, youth, and familiesUnknown2005
Save Document Behaviourally-based interventions for children following volcanic eruptions: an evaluation of effectivenessMassey University1999
Save Document EMA school education: Tsunami activity sheets 1-7AEMI, Australia - govUnknown
Save Document Understanding and using the INEE minimum standards for education in emergencies, chronic, crises and early reconstructionINEE2006
Save Document Conducting Successful Mock Drills - Experiences: Solution Exchange for the disaster management community: Consolidated replySolution Exchange; UNDP2008
Save Document Outstanding issues to reduce the vulnerability of education facilitiesOASUnknown
Save Document Analysis of vulnerabilities and capacities in the Americas: Towards risk reduction at the community levelIFRC; OASUnknown
Save Document Disaster detectives: Activity bookFEMA, United States of America - govUnknown
Save Document Herders of Chitral:The lost messengers? Local knowledge on disaster preparedness in Chitral district, PakistanECHO; ICIMOD2007
Save Document Helping children after a disaster: A children's mental health guide for educatorsNIMH, United States of America - gov2005
Save Document Helping children and adolescents deal with griefUSD2006
Save Document Coping with the aftermath of disasterUSDUnknown
Save Document Earthquake simulator: Bring in new response to seismic hazard by individual simulationPUI2003
Save Document Non-structural mitigationSEEDS2005
Save Document The Isle of Wight fire and rescue service: year 5Isle of Wight Council, United Kingdom - govUnknown
Save Document School safety initiative: CycloneSEEDSUnknown
Save Document School safety initiative: DroughtSEEDSUnknown
Save Document School displays disaster management techniquesUnknownUnknown
Save Document Yes, we do have tornodoesSPARKUnknown
Save Document A shocking hazard: lightningAEMI, Australia - govUnknown
Save Document Global warming the major ground: factors of climate changePRDIUnknown
Save Document Increasing salinity threatens: productivity of BangladeshPRDIUnknown
Save Document Measures to combat climate change: the Kyoto protocolPRDIUnknown
Save Document Salinity threatens the world heritage: the Sundarban of BangladeshPRDIUnknown
Save Document ERRAs construction policy: queries and explanationsERRA, Pakistan - govUnknown
Save Document ERRA brochureERRA, Pakistan - govUnknown
Save Document Watch out for floodsSPARKUnknown
Save Document White RiskSuva; SLF, Switzerland - gov2006
Save Document Major RisksUnknown2002
Save Document Plan communal de SauvegardeUnknown2005
Save Document 9-1-1 For KidsUnknown2002
Save Document Parchis tocororo: aprende jugando a reducir los riesgosSCI2004
Save Document Locust survey guidelinesFAO Headquarters2000
Save Document Desert locust controlFAO Headquarters2000
Save Document Mancs, the rescue dog!UnknownUnknown
Save Document A typical design of small dwelling unit for seismic zone III, IV, & V showing architectural and structural drawing for brick wall and stone masonry wallMHA, India - gov2004
Save Document Disaster assistance visual language translatorUnknown2008
Save Document Powerful NEMA for safe KoreaUnknown2004
Save Document Building capacities and generating access to local knowledge: mid project reportAustralia - gov2007
Save Document El niño phenomenon: how to adapt?UnknownUnknown
Save Document Understanding US geography and weather: Grades 4-6DHS, United States of America - gov2008
Save Document Arizona school site emergency response plan templateArizona Department of Education, United States of America - gov2006
Save Document Simulation game of natural disaster (presentation)UnknownUnknown
Save Document Homeland security advisory system recommendations: schoolsAmerican Red Cross2002

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