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  Title Source Date Published
Save Document Empieza en la escuelaUNISDR AM2007
Save Document Análisis educativo: comunicacional sobre gestión del riesgo en la subregión AndinaCAPRADE2006
Save Document School disaster management planDDMA, India - govUnknown
Save Document Earthquake safe construction of masonry buildings: simplified guidelines for all new buildings in the seismic zone V of IndiaNatl Disaster Mgmnt Division, India - govUnknown
Save Document National disaster management: informal settlement fire awarenessDPLG, South Africa - govUnknown
Save Document Applicable method in teaching earthquakes to preschool childrenIIEES1999
Save Document Development of the wire-mesh knotting equipmentAKPBS1999
Save Document Role of schools in creting earthquake-safer environmentEDM; UNCRD2001
Save Document FEMA mitigation resources for successFEMA, United States of America - gov2001
Save Document Guia para el manejo de primeros: el estrés escolarS.O.S. Vidas Perú; UNISDR AM2007
Save Document Seismic retrofit guideSimpson Strong-Tie2007
Save Document National disaster management centre: flood awarenessDPLG, South Africa - govUnknown
Save Document Non-structural vulnerability assessment of hospitals in NepalMOH, Nepal - gov; NSET; WHO2003
Save Document California earthquake data: 1969-2007SOCR2007
Save Document Team Safe - TTeam Safe-T2005
Save Document RiesgolandiaUNISDR AM2004
Save Document Seismic reinforcement of educational infrastructurePontificia Univ Catolica de Peru2005
Save Document Evacuation routes tools arcGIS toolbox: user's manualADPCUnknown
Save Document Education in emergencies: a toolkit for starting and managing a programmeSCI2008
Save Document Seismic conceptual design of buildings: basic principles for engineers, architects, building owners, and authoritiesFOEN, Switzerland - gov2003
Save Document An action plan to improve the safety of existing and new school buildings for the natural hazards environment in South CarolinaSCSPE1990
Save Document Protection of educational buildings against earthquakes: a manual for designers and buildersNSET; OFDA, United States of America - gov; UNESCO Kathmandu2002
Save Document Gempa Bumi and tsunami: Tingkat SDIOTIC2005
Save Document Gempa Bumi and tsunami: Tingkat SMPIOTIC2005
Save Document Gempa Bumi and tsunami: Tingkat SMAIOTIC2005
Save Document Gempa Bumi and tsunami: Tingkat TKIOTIC2005
Save Document Media kit: community-based disaster risk management and the mediaADPC2006
Save Document Report on a workshop held by UN-Habitat on social mobilization training for housing reconstruction: lessons learnt and future plansGIZ, Germany - gov; SDC, Switzerland - gov; UN-HABITAT2006
Save Document Cyclone resistant rural primary school construction: a design guideUNESCO BKK1981
Save Document Community role in housing reconstruction: orientation training for ERRA partnersSPO2006
Save Document ToT for social mobilization training: trainer's manual, basic INRSPUnknown
Save Document ToT for social mobilization training: trainer's manual, basic IINRSPUnknown
Save Document Tools for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction: guidance notes for development organizationsProVention Consortium2007
Save Document CDEM get ready get thruCDEM, New Zealand - gov2008
Save Document Resource manual on flash flood risk management: community-based management (module 1)ICIMOD2008
Save Document Resource manual on flash flood risk management: non-structural measures (module 2)ICIMOD2008
Save Document Public safety Canada: emergency managementPS, Canada - gov2008
Save Document Emergency management for schools: AustraliaAustralia - gov2008
Save Document USGS science and educationUSGS, United States of America - gov2008
Save Document CDEM public education toolboxCDEM, New Zealand - gov2008
Save Document FEMA resources for parents and teachersFEMA, United States of America - gov2008
Save Document UK resilience emergenciesUK Resilience, United Kingdom - gov2008
Save Document School safety approach for the scaling up strategyAAN2008
Save Document Seismic vulnerability of school buildings in two districs of Lima, PeruCAEE1997
Save Document Earthquake-resistant construction of adobe buildings: a tutorialUnknown2003
Save Document Identifying earthquake-unsafe schools and setting priorities to make them safe: a case study In Gujarat, IndiaGHI2005
Save Document Alternative building designs for universal primary education in Bangladesh: a report on an in-service training activityUNESCO BKK1981
Save Document Innovation in construction of small secondary schools in ThailandUNESCO BKK1990
Save Document Guidelines for the establishment of primary schools in high-rise flats in MalaysiaMin of Edu, Malaysia - gov; UNESCO BKK1995
Save Document Multi-purpose building for disaster situations in ThailandUNESCO BKK1996

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