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  Title Source Date Published
Save Document Disaster safety education: resource kit for national colleges of education - teacher educatorsGIZ, Germany - gov2008
Save Document National guidelines for school disaster safetyMin of Edu, Sri Lanka - gov2008
Save Document National disaster management guidelines: management of cyclonesNDMA, India - gov2008
Save Document El popocatepetlUnknown2008
Save Document Compliance catalogue: guidelines for the construction of compliant rural housesERRA, Pakistan - gov2008
Save Document Household economy approach: a guide for programme planners and policy makersSCI2008
Save Document Disaster prevention for schools: guidance for education sector decision-makersUNISDR2008
Save Document Diwali Fire SafetyGSDMA, India - gov2005
Save Document Our Life And the SeaGIZ, Germany - gov2004
Save Document School safety: a film on disaster preparedness in schoolsSEEDS2007
Save Document Linking disaster risk reduction and poverty reduction: good practices and lessons learnedUNISDR2008
Save Document Retrofit and reconstruction for resilienceMonash University2008
Save Document Civil protection for youth / Sécurité civil jeunesseQuébec - gov, Canada - gov2000
Save Document Public awareness and earthquake educations in schoolsUnknown2007
Save Document ABC basic disaster awareness handbookKOERI2001
Save Document Manual de construccion, evalucion y rehabilitacion sismo resistente de viviendas de mamposteriaAIS2001
Save Document Mapping lost homesGeospatial Media and Communications Pvt Ltd2005
Save Document Central America school retrofitting program (PRECA)OASUnknown
Save Document Essential requirements for reinforced concrete buildingsACI2002
Save Document Practical information on crisis planning: a guide for schools and communitiesU.S. Dept of Edu, United States of America - gov2003
Save Document APELL for earthquake risk: a community-based approach for disaster reductionUNESCO; UNEP2004
Save Document Risk management and sustainability in educative sector experience of Bogota, ColombiaNatl Univ of ColombiaUnknown
Save Document Guidelines for design and construction of cyclone/tsunami sheltersNatl Disaster Mgmnt Division, India - gov2006
Save Document Participatory mapping of the safety and security concerns of school of the school childrenUnknown2006
Save Document Science books from elementary to high school levels with lessons on disastersIIEESUnknown
Save Document A little light in this dark valley: a guide for emotional recoveryGFSC2006
Save Document JMA volcanic warnings and volcanic alert levelsJMA, Japan - govUnknown
Save Document IDRM glossary of disaster risk management terminologyIDRMUnknown
Save Document Child's right to a safer school: lessons from AsiaAIDMI2007
Save Document Album of technical decisions for reinforcement of self constructed residential buildings - Central AsiaUnknown2003
Save Document A guidebook to FEMA 178 - NEHRP handbook for the seismic evaluation of existing buildings for use in the evaluation of school buildingsBuilding technology1994
Save Document Paraffien-veiligheid begin by jouParaffin Safety Association Southern AfricaUnknown
Save Document Galvanised wire-mesh wall reinforcement methodology: application of the BACIP wire-mesh reinforcementAKPBS1999
Save Document Construir com os ventos: guiăo de construí para zonas de risco de cicloneNatl Inst for Disaster Management, Mozambique - gov; UN-HABITAT2007
Save Document Syarat-syarat minimum: bangunan tembokan bata/ batako tahan gempaWSSI; IDEPUnknown
Save Document Construcción y mantenimiento de viviendas de albañileríaPontificia Univ Catolica de Peru2005
Save Document Manual técnico para el reforzamiento de las viviendas de adobe existentes en la costa y la sierraGIZ, Germany - gov; Pontificia Univ Catolica de Peru1997
Save Document National disaster management: extreme cold awarenessDPLG, South Africa - govUnknown
Save Document Repairs and retrofitting: the Marathwada housesASAGUnknown
Save Document Empieza en la escuelaUNISDR AM2007
Save Document Análisis educativo: comunicacional sobre gestión del riesgo en la subregión AndinaCAPRADE2006
Save Document School disaster management planDDMA, India - govUnknown
Save Document Earthquake safe construction of masonry buildings: simplified guidelines for all new buildings in the seismic zone V of IndiaNatl Disaster Mgmnt Division, India - govUnknown
Save Document National disaster management: informal settlement fire awarenessDPLG, South Africa - govUnknown
Save Document Applicable method in teaching earthquakes to preschool childrenIIEES1999
Save Document Development of the wire-mesh knotting equipmentAKPBS1999
Save Document Role of schools in creting earthquake-safer environmentEDM; UNCRD2001
Save Document FEMA mitigation resources for successFEMA, United States of America - gov2001
Save Document Guia para el manejo de primeros: el estrés escolarS.O.S. Vidas Perú; UNISDR AM2007
Save Document Seismic retrofit guideSimpson Strong-Tie2007

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