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Save Document Guía didáctica para la elaboración de mapas de percepción del riesgo en I y II ciclos de enseñanza general básicaOVSICORI2005
Save Document Tsunami! warning!IOC; NDWC, Thailand - gov; UNESCO BKK; UNISDR AP2005
Save Document Earthquake lessonINGV2005
Save Document Education for sustainable development: Towards effective disaster reduction and enhancing human securityUNESCO2005
Save Document Surviving a Tsunami - Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and JapanDept of the Interior, United States of America - gov2005
Save Document Hawaii coastal hazard mitigation guidebookDLNR, United States of America - gov2005
Save Document Natural Disasters - From practical knowledge to administrative managementIRMA2005
Save Document IGOs: International Global Observing strategy - For the monitoring of our Environment from space and from Earth - November 2005JAXA2005
Save Document Flash flooding and inundations - The risk in the Central Loire regionPrévention 20002005
Save Document Guide for the protection against damage from storm and flood - For primary schoolNEMA, Nigeria - gov2005
Save Document Children in safety - Grades 1-3NEMA, Nigeria - gov2005
Save Document Children in safety - For secondary students (Grades 4-6)NEMA, Nigeria - gov2005
Save Document Local level preparedness for preventing disasters during the monsoon periodAAN2005
Save Document Self-help brochure for avoiding disaster - FloodsMin of Civil Affairs, China - gov2005
Save Document Earthquake disaster in Southeastern Asia - Teaching toolsSCI2005
Save Document From Caribbean Hurricanes to Indian Floods: Experience and Lessons Learned for Disaster Risk ReductionActionAid2005
Save Document Be aware, prepare, share: DVDACDS; NWU2006
Save Document Mantenimiento comunitario de escuelasIFRC; OAS; ProVention Consortium2006
Save Document Learning to live with floods: natural hazards and disastersADPC; GIZ, Germany - gov; Sri Lanka - gov2006
Save Document Learning to live with floods: natural hazards and disastersADPC; GIZ, Germany - gov; Sri Lanka - gov2006
Save Document Grade 5 workbook on disaster identification, prevention, management and reductionTshwane Disaster Managment Centre, South Africa - gov2006
Save Document Natural hazards and disaster management: a supplementary textbook in geography for class XICBSE2006
Save Document Hazards, disasters and your community: a booklet for students and the communityAEMI, Australia - gov2006
Save Document Nadir and floodsCroissant Rouge Marocain2006
Save Document What's the plan Stan? A resource for teaching civil defence emergency management in schoolsEducating NZ; CDEM, New Zealand - gov2006
Save Document Lhasa DeclarationICIMOD2006
Save Document Living with risk: sharing knowledge on disaster preparedness in the Himalayan RegionICIMOD2006
Save Document From commitments to action: advancements in developing an Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation systemIOC; UNESCO2006
Save Document Frequent risk and vulnerability cases: reduction and mitigation measuresCNE, Costa Rica - gov2006
Save Document Chinon infos n°16 - DICRIM, an informative newsletter of the Chinon township on major hazardsVille de Chinon2006
Save Document Italian civil protection national serviceUnknown2006
Save Document Areas of frequent hazards: their use and regulationsCNE, Costa Rica - gov2006
Save Document ICHARM - International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management under the auspices of UNEsCOICHARM2006
Save Document Les inondations: un risque majeurCRDP Montpellier2006
Save Document Medicine related to disasters - Course in Medicine related to disasters (for the University of Oradea, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania)Univ of Oradea2006
Save Document Floods: a posterSEEDS2006
Save Document Floods in Romania 2005-2006 - Lessons learnedUnknown2006
Save Document Good Practices - Education and School SafetyUnknown2006
Save Document Tsunami disaster in Asia: resources for teachers and young peopleLearning and Teaching Scotland2006
Save Document El niño phenomenonINDECI, Peru - gov2006
Save Document Work safe at schools - emergency managementMin of Edu, New Zealand - gov2006
Save Document IFRC series promoting community-based disaster risk reduction activitiesIFRC; ProVention Consortium2006
Save Document Teacher's handbook on disaster risk reductionSEEDS2007
Save Document Masons, carpenters and technicians: manual on earthquake, cyclone, flood and tsunami safe school construction in FijiUNCRD2007
Save Document School safety approach and the scaling up strategyActionAid - UK; ECHO2007
Save Document Disaster master: natural disaster preparedness gameUNESCO Jakarta; UNESCO BKK2007
Save Document Memo Risk, the DICRiM Youth survey on the flood hazard in the municipalities of Berthenay and Villandry (France).Prévention 20002007
Save Document Preparedness in practiceDPNet-Nepal2007
Save Document Emergency situationsVenezuela, Bolivarian Rep of - gov2007
Save Document Learning to live with floods: a guide to reduce vulnerability in areas susceptible to floodingMozambique - gov; UN-HABITAT2007

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