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Save Document Design and construction of housing for flood-prone rural areas of BangladeshADPC; BRAC Univ; CIUnknown
Save Document Project safe EV-AC: in advance; a practical handbook for emergency planningU.S. Dept of Edu, United States of America - govUnknown
Save Document Safety audit: first step towards making schools saferAIDMIUnknown
Save Document Nepal DRR Tool KITCARE Nepal; DPNet-Nepal; ECHO; Handicap Intl; Mercy Corps; Oxfam GB; Practical Action Nepal; UNDP NepalUnknown
Save Document Disaster risk reduction teaching exemplars (lesson plans)ACF International; Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, Spain - gov; SCIUnknown
Save Document Santa Fe: the city and the riverSanta Fe Ciudad, Argentina - govUnknown
Save Document Serie protege a tu familia de...SCGUnknown
Save Document Livro eletrônico interativo para redução de riscos de desastresCEPED/UFSCUnknown
Save Document Urban emergenciesSAHOPE, Spain - gov1979
Save Document Primary school buildings for flooded areas in BagladeshUNESCO BKK1988
Save Document Inundaciones: folletoINDECI, Peru - gov1990
Save Document Report, International workshop "Earthquake security in low cost houses", 25-28 February 1991, MexicoCENAPRED, Mexico - gov1991
Save Document Disaster preparedness: coloring bookAmerican Red Cross; FEMA, United States of America - gov1993
Save Document The A.B.C. of cyclone rehabilitationUNESCO1996
Save Document Science 1 - Health and environment - First GradeMINED, El Salvador - gov1996
Save Document Science 3 - Health and environment - Third GradeMINED, El Salvador - gov1996
Save Document Science 4 - Health and environment - Fourth GradeMINED, El Salvador - gov1996
Save Document Natural history and ecology in El salvador - Part IIMINED, El Salvador - gov1996
Save Document Teaching sheets for self-protectionMin del Interior, Spain - gov1997
Save Document Mi amiga la quebradaEcuador - gov1998
Save Document Tsunami hazards in Hawai'iTsunami Memorial Institute1999
Save Document Standing orders on disasterDMB, Bangladesh - gov1999
Save Document Our forests: our lifeACCU2000
Save Document An illustrated guide to protection from flood and landslidesNRCS2000
Save Document Masters of disaster 3rd-5th grade lesson plansAmerican Red Cross2000
Save Document Masters of disaster - 3rd-5th grade activitiesAmerican Red Cross2000
Save Document Adventures on a near-by planet - Disaster preventionUNESCO-OREALC2000
Save Document Directives sur la prévention durable des inondationsBMU, Germany - gov2000
Save Document Masters of disaster - K-2American Red Cross2000
Save Document Masters of disaster - 3-5American Red Cross2000
Save Document Masters of disaster - 6-8American Red Cross2000
Save Document FEMA mitigation resources for successFEMA, United States of America - gov2001
Save Document Winter storms, the deceptive killers: a preparedness guideAmerican Red Cross; NOAA, United States of America - gov2001
Save Document Book for the development and implementation of an early warning system of floods in secondary basinsUnknown2001
Save Document Prévenir les catastrophes naturelles?Unknown2001
Save Document Be ready, be safeCRC2001
Save Document Facing the unexpected, be preparedCRC2001
Save Document Designing for Tsunamis - seven Principles for Planning and Designing for Tsunami HazardsFEMA, United States of America - gov; NOAA, United States of America - gov; USGS, United States of America - gov2001
Save Document Nee-Naw and his friends: Tinoni and companyANPC, Portugal - gov2001
Save Document Book-Guide on Disasters and Emergencies for CommunitiesDominican Red Cross; ECHO2001
Save Document The flood hazardEducagri éditions2001
Save Document Risques majeurs: la risque alimentaireEducagri éditions2001
Save Document Flood risk managementCNED2001
Save Document Major RisksUnknown2002
Save Document How to act in case of emergencies?Min del Interior, Spain - gov2002
Save Document Module on disaster reductionMINED, El Salvador - gov2002
Save Document Protection of children of preschool age and of primary school in the event of floodEACFP2002
Save Document School buildings and major hazardsObservatoire natl de la sécurité des établissements scolaires et d'enseignement supérieur, France - gov2002
Save Document Book for teachersUnknown2002
Save Document Disaster Reduction - Living in harmony with NatureUNDP2002

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