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Save Document Educational planning and management in the earthquake affected areas - Introduction to education project planning and management - WorkbookUNESCO IslamabadUnknown
Save Document Educational planning and management in the earthquake affected areas - Introduction to education project planning and management - Training of teachersUNESCO2006
Save Document Good Practices - Education and School SafetyUnknown2006
Save Document Earthquake disaster risk management planning in schoolsIIEES2006
Save Document Earthquakes in France: main epicentres for the last 1000 yearsBRGM, France - gov2004
Save Document Overview of educational planning and management trainingUNESCO Islamabad2006
Save Document Overview of training of teachers in earthquake-affected areasUNESCO Islamabad2006
Save Document The level of preparedness of the schools for disasters from the aspect of the school principalsUniv of Firat2006
Save Document Teacher's package on earthquake drillsFEMA, United States of America - govUnknown
Save Document Earthquake! This is only a test! How to conduct a school earthquake exercise.Unknown1992
Save Document Integrating earthquake education into the elementary school curriculum : A whole language approach.Unknown1992
Save Document Guidebook for developing school earthquake safety programFEMA, United States of America - gov1985
Save Document K-12 Educator ResourcesCERI2006
Save Document Earthquake Education (K-12)Unknown2006
Save Document Other approaches to damage prevention and preparednessECHOUnknown
Save Document Case study: Iran - School Disaster Risk Reduction: think globally, act locallyIIEES2006
Save Document Living with seismic hazardVisiorisk SARL; PUI2007
Save Document Seismicity Map of ItalyINGV2004
Save Document Earthquake education for disaster prevention in RomaniaINCERC2006
Save Document Earthquake simulator, ThePUIUnknown
Save Document Basic recommendations for earthquake protectionIAGUnknown
Save Document Earthquake disaster in Southeastern Asia - Teaching toolsSCI2005
Save Document Tsunami disaster in Asia: resources for teachers and young peopleLearning and Teaching Scotland2006
Save Document Problems and opportunities in the integration of school education programmes within wider seismic risk reduction strategiesHumanitarian Resilience Centre2006
Save Document PUI: From Search and Rescue mission ?? To the prevention of natural disasterPUIUnknown
Save Document Disaster Management Training ProjectJICA, Japan - gov; Min of Interior, Thailand - govUnknown
Save Document Cinema and EarthquakesINGVUnknown
Save Document EarthquakesNautilus LibraryUnknown
Save Document Seismic Simulator "Bururu"JICA, Japan - gov; CNRRSUnknown
Save Document Prévention des risques dans les établissements scolairesDirection de l'Edu Natl, de la Jeunesse et des Sports, Monaco - govUnknown
Save Document Séisme! pas de panique: avant, pendant, après = ﺯﻟﺯاﻞ ! ﻻ ﺘﻬﻠﻊ ﻘ۔ﺒﻞ ﭐﮇـذاﺀ ﺒ۔ﻌــʋC-RA2005
Save Document California case study: school disaster risk reduction - think globally act locallyRisk RED2006
Save Document MCEER EducationMCEER2007
Save Document Earthquake education of school students, teaching and administrative staff in RomaniaCivil Defence, Cyprus - gov; COE2007
Save Document Teacher's handbook on disaster risk reductionSEEDS2007
Save Document Guidelines for earthquake resistant construction of non-engineered rural and suburban masonry houses in cement sand mortar in earthquake affected areas (draft)ERRA, Pakistan - gov; Emergency Architects; UN-HABITAT2006
Save Document Reducing vulnerability of school children to earthquakesUNCRD; ECOSOC2008
Save Document Impacts of disasters on the education sector in Lao PDRADPC2008
Save Document Structural SafetyNSETUnknown
Save Document Living with EarthquakesADPCUnknown
Save Document Protect our Tokyo from EarthquakesTMG, Japan - gov2005
Save Document Daily PreparartionTFD, Japan - govUnknown
Save Document TMG's Disaster Prevention MeasuresTMG, Japan - gov2005
Save Document Earthquake Science ExplainedUSGS, United States of America - gov2006
Save Document Schoolyard Geology & Teaching boxesUSGS, United States of America - gov2005
Save Document Seismic Sleuths, Second EditionFEMA, United States of America - gov1995
Save Document Tremor Troops,, Second EditionFEMA, United States of America - gov1995
Save Document USGS Science Education WebsiteUSGS, United States of America - gov2006
Save Document Written in Stone: Earthquake Country Grades 5-8SCECUnknown
Save Document When earthquake shaking beginsFEMA, United States of America - gov2005

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