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Save Document Managing disaster risks in communities: A community-based approach to disaster risk reduction - Training manual for the trainers of cluster representatives and volunteersWHO - EMRO2015
Save Document Disaster risk management of cultural heritage in urban areas: a training guideICCROM; Ritsumeikan Univ; UNESCO2013
Save Document A practical guide to making school safer from natural disaster: for school principals and school committeeGFDRR; Indonesia - gov2014
Save Document Climada: The open-source Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) toolIACETH; ETH2014
Save Document Critical infrastructures and disaster risk reduction: training moduleGIZ, Germany - gov; NIDM, India - gov; UNU-EHS2013
Save Document Information and awareness program for disaster risk reduction in the Municipality of Amadora, Portugal, 2013-2014Câmara Municipal da Amadora, Portugal - gov2013
Save Document Participatory 3-Dimensional Mapping for disaster risk reduction: a field manual for practitionersCAFOD2013
Save Document Peer to peer education session on school based disaster risk reductionMercy Corps; NRCS2013
Save Document Guía para análisis de amenazas, vulnerabilidades y capacidades 'AVC' con la participación de niñas, niños y adolescentes para el contexto urbanoCRIC; Plan Intl; UNDP Ecuador2013
Save Document Manual de ingenieria naturalisticaPlan Intl; SNGR, Ecuador - gov; UNDP Ecuador2012
Save Document Disaster management: engineering and environmental aspectsUnknown2013
Save Document Five days training programme on disaster management for NDRF commanders: course moduleNIDM, India - gov2012
Save Document Geoinformatics applications in disaster management: training moduleNIDM, India - gov2012
Save Document Training module on comprehensive landslides risk managementNIDM, India - gov2012
Save Document Formulation of district disaster management plan: moduleNIDM, India - gov2012
Save Document Comprehensive school safety: a toolkit for development and humanitarian actors in the education sectorSCI; UNICEF2012
Save Document Chemical (industrial) disaster management training moduleNIDM, India - gov2012
Save Document Disaster preparedness planning toolkitYCI2010
Save Document Action for the rights of children - resource packARC2010
Save Document Integrating gender into community based disaster risk management: training manualAIDMI; ADPC; CDP; ProVention Consortium; UNDP2010
Save Document Regional training manual on disaster risk reduction for coastal zone managersADPC2009
Save Document Let´s prepare with Herman: learning together about natural disastersCaritas Romania2009
Save Document Safety audit: first step towards making schools saferAIDMIUnknown
Save Document Tsunami textbooksITIC2007
Save Document Disaster preparedness and response for persons with mobility impairments: results of the nobody left behind projectCDC, United States of America - gov; KU2006
Save Document WebsismoCSIC2007
Save Document Surviving climate change in small islands: a guidebookTyndall Ctr for Climate Change Res2005
Save Document Landslide handbook: a guide to understanding landslidesUSGS, United States of America - gov2009
Save Document Fire risks series: fire risks for the mobility impairedU.S Fire Admin, United States of America - gov1999
Save Document Learning to live with floods: a guide to reduce vulnerability in areas susceptible to floodingMozambique - gov; UN-HABITAT2007
Save Document VCA toolbox: with reference sheetsIFRC2007
Save Document Vulnerability and capacity assessment: lessons learned and recommendationsIFRC2007
Save Document How to do a VCA: a practical step-by-step guide for Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteersIFRC2007
Save Document Gujarat school safety Initiative: why school safety?SEEDSUnknown
Save Document World Vision Management of Risks, booklet seriesWVI2004
Save Document Lessons in dangerOECD2005
Save Document Better be prepared: prepared familyIFRC; ProVention Consortium; UNICEFUnknown
Save Document Better be prepared: community first aidIFRC; ProVention Consortium; UNICEFUnknown
Save Document Hemispheric plan for disaster reduction in the education sectorOASUnknown
Save Document Global warming the major ground: factors of climate changePRDIUnknown
Save Document Increasing salinity threatens: productivity of BangladeshPRDIUnknown
Save Document Salinity threatens the world heritage: the Sundarban of BangladeshPRDIUnknown
Save Document Natural disaster and crisis management in school districts and community collegesFLDOE, United States of America - gov1997
Save Document National guidelines for school disaster safetyMin of Edu, Sri Lanka - gov2008
Save Document Household economy approach: a guide for programme planners and policy makersSCI2008
Save Document An action plan to improve the safety of existing and new school buildings for the natural hazards environment in South CarolinaSCSPE1990
Save Document Tools for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction: guidance notes for development organizationsProVention Consortium2007
Save Document Resource manual on flash flood risk management: non-structural measures (module 2)ICIMOD2008
Save Document Dhamar building education project: project assessmentExecutive Office of the Supreme Council for Reconstruction, Yemen - gov1985
Save Document British Columbia tsunami warning methods: a toolkit for community planningTRL2006

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