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The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, in spite of mind-boggling developments in science and technology. Destruction due to natural hazards appears to be continuing to increase exponentially, threatening developments and lives in many countries. New Zealand is intrinsically one of the most dynamic and dangerous countries on Earth, with foods, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and tsunami all threatening a rapidly growing first-world economy. This is an ideal location to develop ways of managing the risks from natural hazards, and the postgraduate programmes in Hazard and Disaster Management are designed to lead in exactly this direction.

The programme is based on the principle that effective hazard and disaster management must be a integrated and truely multidisciplinary approach. Nested in the Department of Geological Sciences, the HAZM programme strongly links into social science and engineering disciplines for hazard and disaster management.

Based out of Christchurch, New Zealand, the HAZM programme at UC is at ground zero for the 22 Feb 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Already the HAZM programme has taken the lead in developing incredibly exciting research and teaching opportunities. The HAZM graduates have been a significant part of the research and practitioner response to the event, leading various projects and collaborating extensively with top international research programmes.

Subject Areas

- Introduction to Hazards and Disasters
- Hazard and Disaster Investigation
- Special Topic: Geological Risk Management


  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Risk Identification & Assessment
  • Countries/Regions:New Zealand

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/22153

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19 Sep 2011

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