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Master in civil engineering for environmental risks mitigation

  • Main organization:Politecnico di Milano
  • Type:University programme
  • Level:Masters
  • Geographical coverage:Global
  • Location:Italy (Milan)
  • Contact:The director of the programme is available for interviews and meetings with those interested in gaining a better understanding of specific aspects of the CERM Master Programme.

    For specific queries you can contact:
    Francesco Ballio, Professor
    Director and Coordinator of the International Master
    in Civil Engineering for Environmental Risks Mitigation
    Politecnico di Milano, Dept. I.I.A.R.
    e-mail: francesco.ballio@polimi.it

    Davide Ucciardo, Director Assistant
    Politecnico di Milano, Polo Regionale di Lecco

    Admission Office:
    Mrs. Roberta Castelnuovo
    Polo Regionale di Lecco - Politecnico di Milano
    Via Marco d'Oggiono 18 / a
    23900 Lecco (LC) Italy
    Phone. +39-0341/48.8743
    fax +39-0341/48.8701
    e-mail: cerm.lecco@polimi.it

    General Information:
    cerm.lecco@polimi.it (Specializing Master and Master of Science)
    infostudents@polimi.it (Master of Science only)

  • Frequency:Annual
  • Language:English
  • Duration:1-2 years

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Politecnico di Milano offers two different programmes on Risk Management: a Master of Science Programme and a Specializing Master Programme. Both Master programmes are designed to provide knowledge and expertise in the field of structural and non-structural measures for the mitigation of natural and technological hazards. All components of Risk Management are considered: assessment of hazard, exposure and vulnerability; structural and non structural tools for mitigation; emergency planning and management. Although the courses are centred on the Civil Engineering culture, a wide variety of different disciplines is included, comprehending various engineering branches, land use planning, natural science, economy and social sciences.

Programme Scope and Teaching Approach
A comprehensive approach to the management of natural and technological risks requires a wide variety of competences, many of which are well grounded in engineering disciplines (civil, environmental, chemical, electronic and information technology). This Master programme offers a combination of fundamental and advanced engineering tools for Risk Management, integrated with competences in different areas (land planning, economics, finance, communication, law, psychology, medicine, etc.).

Programme Structure
The CERM programme comprises a total from 60 up to 120 ECTS credits over one-year or two-year courses. Two distinct didactic projects are proposed.

Specializing Master / 1-year Master courses (Master Universitario) 60 ECTS
Master of Science (MSc) / 2-years Master courses (Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Civile) 120 ECT

Subject Areas

Teaching is organised along three conceptual axes:
1. modelling tools are needed for sound analyses of the processes involved;
2. the complexity of the problem requires skills characterised by a strong interdisciplinary vision;
3. the combination of different disciplines is allowed by a problem solving approach.

This multidimensional programme will form professionals who are able to shear and interface specific competences within a team of experts dealing with the complexity of environmental risks assessment and mitigation, as well as emergency management.

Admission Requirement

The 1- year Specializing Master is open to a relatively wide variety of scientific and technical curricula, as well as to graduates with a few years of working experience in the field of Risk Management, who wish to enhance their portfolio of professional skills within an international educational environment.

The 2- year Master of Science is typically intended for students holding a Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Architecture or Land Use Planning.

Application Procedure

Please visit: http://www.master-cerm.lecco.polimi.it/Admission.html

Deadline for application

Sept 2009 for entry Oct 2009, or Feb 2010 for entry March 2010.


  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Economics of DRR, Risk Identification & Assessment, Social Impacts & Resilience, Structural Safety, Urban Risk & Planning
  • Countries/Regions:Italy

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/10223

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25 Jun 2009

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