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Pakistan stakeholder perspectives on a water goal and its implementation

This paper sets out recommendations for a Water Goal and describes a set of five targets for water, taking into consideration Pakistan’s own perspective and needs. The targets include: (i) access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene; (ii) sustainable use and development of water resources in all countries; (iii) strengthen equitable, participatory and accountable water governance; (iv) untreated wastewater, nutrient pollution and wastewater reuse; and (v) mortality and economic loss from natural and human-induced water-related disasters.

The fifth target elements follow proven disaster risk reduction strategies endorsed by the internationally agreed Hyogo Framework for Action and focus on actions to build resilience in order to reduce losses of human life and economic damage. The target includes risks from a wide span of water-related disasters, including natural hazards of storms, floods, and drought, as well as anthropogenic hazards such as releases of hazardous materials and other forms of serious water pollution.

This paper is a key input on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developped for the Pakistan National Consultation by the UN-Water Working Group on SDGs with the active participation of many UN members and partners, with valuable contributions of the Global Water Partnership (GWP).


  • Themes:Governance, Health & Health Facilities, Water
  • Hazards:Drought, Flood, NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
  • Countries/Regions:Pakistan

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