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Rebuilding for resilience: fortifying infrastructure to withstand disaster

This report extends the focus of the UNISDR-PwC initiative, looking specifically at the long-term opportunity for public-private sector collaboration in building or rebuilding risk-resilient infrastructure. It describes why building disaster-resilient infrastructure is critical for a region’s competitiveness, both nationally and globally. It also illustrates how the private sector can offer innovative solutions to help communities build or rebuild disaster-resilient infrastructure.

The report explores in depth six key recommendations: (i) focus on preparedness, prevention, and mitigation now; (ii) foster collaboration across public and private sectors; (iii) motivate community-wide engagement; (iv) coordinate across regional boundaries; (v) encourage resilient recovery with optimal incentives; and (vi) build back stronger and smarter. The findings in this report are relevant for cities, regions, and businesses the world over as they prepare to face the growing risks of natural disaster, compounded by the mounting challenges of the 21st century—as well as for those currently rebuilding.

Besides the main resilience report, the publication contains the following contributions:

  • Lessons from Japan: setting the standards of resiliency
  • Lessons from Japan: preparedness from a local perspective
  • UNISDR and PwC building public-private collaboration
  • Walmart shares its disaster response strategy
  • Lessons learned from Christchurch, New Zealand
  • All infrastructure systems are not created equal
  • Set 'stretch goals' for disaster preparedness: lessons from Superstorm Sandy
  • Training was key to airport resilience after Superstorm Sandy
  • Post-disaster infrastructure shaping urban development in emerging markets
  • FEMA shares unexpected private sector roles in disaster preparedness
  • The resilience story of Greensburg Kansas
  • Incentives that encourage the construction of resilient infrastructure
  • Recognizing the functional importance of buildings in disaster planning

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