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Financing disaster risk reduction: a 20 year story of international aid

With so many policy debates converging on 2015 and to not only a likely successor to the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), this report seizes the unique opportunity of the moment to ensure that disaster risk reduction (DRR) becomes a truly fundamental component of development and poverty reduction. It addresses the international financing of DRR, which is coming under increasing scrutiny as it represents the international community’s support to national governments in their efforts to protect development gains from disasters.

The report examines the record of the international community to date, investigating the priorities in financing of DRR, and asking questions of both the equity and adequacy of past efforts. Beyond this it points to the future of a more rational, targeted investment in risk reduction. This report is therefore first and foremost about choice, firstly about the case for allocating what is a limited pot of money to the reduction of disaster risk, to complement and not compete with other aid activity; and, secondly, about where and what are the most appropriate areas to spend this money. It asks serious questions about the choices that the international community makes: What drives investment in reducing disaster risk? For what reasons do we invest in one country rather than another?

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