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Flood risk management in Europe: similarities and differences between the STAR-FLOOD consortium countries

  • Source(s): Grontmij; Utrecht University (Universiteit Utrecht)
  • Publication date: 2013
  • Author(s): Hegger, Dries; Green, Colin; Driessen, Peter; Bakker, Marloes; Dieperink, Carel; CrabbĂ©, Ann; Deketelaere, Kurt; Delvaux, Bram; Suykens, Cathy; Beyers, Jean-Christophe; Fournier, Marie; Larrue, Corinne; Manson, Corinne; Doorn-Hoekveld, Willemijn van; Rijs
  • Number of pages: 100 p.

This report highlights the main similarities and differences between flood risk management strategies (FRMSs) and flood risk governance arrangements (FRGAs) in the 6 STAR-FLOOD consortium countries: the UK, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. The report derives 8 themes which relate to the differences discovered between the countries: (i) the countries’ baseline situation in terms of their actual flood experiences; (ii) designated competent authorities and the actual competences that actors have for implementing flood risk management strategies; (iii) resources for flood risk governance and the financing arrangements that are in place; (iv) the degree and ways in which integration between water management and spatial planning take place; (v) the extent to which stakeholder involvement takes place and the ways in which it is done; (vi) the substantive and procedural norms and goals that are in place; (vii) the way in which discourses on flood management have evolved in each of the consortium countries and how this relates to discourses on flood management more generally; (viii) and the flood risk management strategies that are actually in place.

This report is the final component in a series of four which were compiled by the STAR-FLOOD project.


  • Themes:Economics of DRR, Governance, Water
  • Hazards:Flood
  • Countries/Regions:Belgium, France, Netherlands, the, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/33866

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