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Toward climate-resilient development in Nigeria

This book analyzes the risks to Nigeria’s development prospects that climate change poses to agriculture, livestock, and water management. It explores the application (a first in Nigeria) of the robust decision-making approach to make irrigation development more resilient to climate change. It also proposes 10 practical short-term priority actions, as well as complementary longer-term initiatives, that could help to mitigate the threat that climate change poses and enhance climate resilience by 2020: (i) institutions and policies; (ii) information and knowledge; and (iii) investments and resource mobilization.

The structure of the book is as follows. Chapter 2 provides essential background on sectors of inquiry. Chapter 3 summarizes the methodology used in the analysis (with additional details to be found in the appendices). Chapter 4 discusses projections of future climate change and their uncertainty. Chapter 5 reports the findings of the analysis of climate change impacts. Adaptation options are analyzed in chapter 6. Chapter 7 presents conclusions and proposes policy recommendations.

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