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Climate change & Singapore: challenges, opportunities, partnerships

This document outlines the current thinking about climate change and its implications for Singapore. It also highlights the initiatives and strategies they are pursuing to prepare for the challenges that climate change poses. The document covers i) the climate change imperative; ii) global mission, national vision, local action; iii) climate change and why it matters; iv) sustainable development: Singapore’s national circumstances v) mitigation: reducing emissions; vi) adapting to climate change: a more resilient singapore; vii) opportunities for green growth; viii) building our future together: local and international partnerships on climate change; and ix) stepping up to climate change. It also presents an approach to address climate change: i) reduce carbon emissions in all sectors; ii)  be ready to adapt to climate change effects; iii)  harness green growth opportunities; and iv) forge partnerships.

The document also states that the government of Singapore must stay flexible, review the effectiveness of policies and measures, and plan ahead and also states that their national strategy will be updated as the world’s knowledge of climate science and climate modelling improves. It also states that as the Singapore Government stabilise and reduce the emissions over time, they will ensure that Singapore remains resilient to the adverse effects of climate change, and continues to thrive in a changing world. The document concludes by stressing that through this document, the government of Singapore seeks to raise awareness about the impact of climate change, and encourage everyone to make a difference through their choices and actions every day in their homes, workplaces and communities.


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