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Laying the groundwork: towards a safer Asia-Pacific

The UNISDR Asia-Pacific Biennial Report, 2010-2011:

The UNISDR Asia Pacific Regional Office (UNISDR-AP) seeks to constantly demonstrate the benefits of investing in disaster risk reduction and generate strong political support for actions at regional, national and local levels.

This report focuses on achievements and outlines what is in store for the years to come guided by UNISDR’s new Strategic Framework 2025 as UNISDR-AP actively engages with key stakeholders on the development of a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction.

Based on the work consolidated during the previous biennium, the UNISDR-AP has put disaster risk reduction (DRR) in many Asian political agendas in 2010-2011, and generated significant gains in terms of strong political support for actions at the regional, national and local levels.

The consolidation of partnerships and mechanisms, such as the ISDR Asia Partnership (IAP); the support received from the government of Australia and the World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR); improved knowledge tools at the country level such as Desinventar; and, the involvement of cities, communities, the media and the private sector, have also been determinants in generating more political support for DRR in the region.


  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Economics of DRR, Governance, Information Management, Media

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