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MDG Gap Task Force report 2011: The global partnership for development - Time to deliver

The report monitors the progress made in achieving the targets of Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 8. It recognises the urgent need to reduce the risk of disasters caused by natural hazards and the progress that has been made in the development, sharing and use of new technologies for disaster reduction. However, it urges for greater efforts to include further development of early warning systems and collection of reliable data on losses caused by past disasters.

Policy coherence is a central theme of the overall report, paying attention not only to issues of consistency across the various dimensions of global partnerships, but also to the extent to which those alliances are aligned behind national development strategies for attaining the MDGs. The adequacy of international support measures, especially for least developed countries particularly regarding trade preferences and debt relief, are also analyzed. With less than four years left until the 2015 MDG deadline, the 2011 report provides recommendations to all major stakeholders on how to address the remaining implementation gaps.


  • Themes:Early Warning, Governance, Information Management

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