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IEG annual report 2011: results and performance of the World Bank Group

This report considers the positive assessment of the World Bank Group WBG)’s development effectiveness, including its response to recent global economic crisis and natural hazard related disasters. It proves that attention to disaster prevention and preparedness under the new WBG strategy has improved, but that given the substantial challenges, this area still needs strengthening. The evaluations it is based on indicate that the Bank has made relevant and substantial contributions to reconstruction efforts after natural disasters. However, it also shows that in half the countries where the Bank financed disaster reconstruction, disaster prevention and preparedness was not part of the country strategy.

The overall report draws on recent IEG (Independent Evaluation Group) evaluation evidence and integrates it at the WBG level, replacing three individual annual reports, to address three questions: (i) What recent progress have developing countries made toward the core development goals? (ii) How effective has the WBG been in supporting progress toward these goals, including the mitigation of major global shifter effects? (iii) How well have WBG institutions managed factors that are within their control?

To answer these questions, the report draws on evidence from IEG project, country, sector, and thematic evaluations completed in fiscal years (FY) 2008–11, supplemented by material from the WBG and external sources. There is no specific period of coverage of the report in terms of approval of WBG activities. Evaluations completed in FY08–11 covered WBG activities that were approved at various points from the mid-1990s to the late 2000s.


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