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Series of earthquakes 1811-2004 confirm the west drift of 'tectonical death zone'

Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 7, 05663, 2005:

This article concludes that the model of the west drift of Earth crust deformations as a drive mechanism of plate tectonics makes a logical picture of many geophysical phenomenons, that were not possible to explain so far. This model may be a starting point in explaining some of the climate phenomenons on our globe, as the El Niño/La Niña and others, because the drift of the Earth crust’s deformations causes changes in the intensity of ocean currents as it is in case of Gulfstream.

The articles asserts that a correct mathematical description of incoherent earth revolving on the orbit around the Sun leads to unequivocal and logical driving mechanism of the plate tectonics. Differences of density of the Earth’s interior in conjunction with orbital centrifugal force and Earth’s rotation centrifugal force are the cause of the west drift of Earth crust’s deformations. The changes of water level in seas and oceans are the proof for that the Earth crust’s deformations drift west. Water in oceans and seas flows from those places on Earth which rise to those which drop, on the principle of equalizing the hydrostatic level. The west drift of the Earth crust’s deformations has been for millions of years now the reason of the continental drift and most of the tectonic processes of our planet.
The here presented model of plate tectonics creates a logical sequence of most of the facts from the history of Earth from the origin of the Moon to the Sumatra sea-quake.


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