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FP7 cooperation work programme 2011: Environment (including climate change)

This document sets up the objective of the environment theme of the European Commission specific programme for 'Cooperation', as well as its context and content regarding 'Climate change, pollution and risks', which encompasses the sub-activity related to natural hazards in the following areas: (i) hazard assessment, triggering factors and forecasting: towards real-time earthquake risk reduction; (ii) vulnerability assessment and societal impacts: building societal resilience to disasters in Europe and vulnerability and increased drought risk in Europe; (iii) risk assessment and management: risk prevention and management before volcanic eruptions; and (iv) multi-risk evaluation and mitigation strategies: capacity building in natural hazards risks reduction.

The document asserts that the work programme 2011 will put emphasis on essential knowledge developments that will contribute to better protect society and enable improved prevention against risks and damages and to provide integrated solutions. It considers improved forecasting, prediction and early warning as a priority way to improve management of risks and enable better governance that will increase the security of exposed population; as well as the necessity to furthermore reflect on the necessary adaptation/ mitigation measures in the context of new threats and potential new disasters related to climate change for the preparedness in sensitive areas. It also calls to merge forces into research knowledge, networking and practices for more coherent scientific approaches in order to increase resilience of vulnerable population and world regions.


  • Themes:Capacity Development, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, Early Warning, Environment, Governance, Risk Identification & Assessment
  • Hazards:Drought, Earthquake, Volcano
  • Countries/Regions:Europe

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/17572

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