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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


2458 items for Governance Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan action planUNHCR  2013
Save Document Pushed to the limit: evidence of climate change-related loss and damage when people face constraints and limits to adaptationUNU-EHS  2013
Save Document The state of adaptation under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: 2013 thematic reportUNFCCC  2013
Save Document Global climate risk index 2014Germanwatch  2013
Save Document Consultation nationale sur le Cadre d’Action post-2015 pour la reduction des risques de catastrophesUNISDR AF  2013
Save Document Tackling the climate reality: a framework for establishing an international mechanism to address loss and damage at COP19ActionAid; CI; WWF  2013
Save Document Guía participativa de orientaciones de respuesta frente a emergencia de terremoto-tsunami a partir de la experiencia de Talcahuano, ChileUNDP Chile  2012
Save Document No excuse for inaction: CARE International’s demands for the 2013 UN climate talks in Warsaw, PolandCI  2013
Save Document Loss and damage: from the global to the localICCCAD; IIED  2013
Save Document Warsaw: summit of the climate sinners - Postponement is not an option!WHH  2013
Save Document Climate vulnerability and adaptation in the Semarang Metropolitan Area: a spatial and demographic analysisIIED; UNFPA  2013
Save Document Sustainable service delivery in an increasingly urbanized world: USAID policyUSAID, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document Loss and damage, women and men: applying a gender approach to the emerging loss and damage agendaCDKN; Germanwatch; ICCCAD; MCII; UNU-EHS  2013
Save Document Disaster recovery: used or misused development opportunityShaw, Rajib (Ed.)  2014
Save Document ISSAI 5510: the audit of disaster risk reductionECA; INTOSAI  2013
Save Document Community managed DRR: the essence, results and way forward - 10 years CordaidCORDAID  2013
Save Document HFA IRIDeS review: preliminary report focusing on 2011 Great East Japan EarthquakeTohoku Univ  2013
Save Document Warschau, Lima, Paris: im Dreisprung zum neuen KlimaabkommenGermanwatch  2013
Save Document Evidence, UNISDR newsletter: issue 18, July/August 2013UNISDR  2013
Save Document Loss and damage: protecting the most vulnerableCA  2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction at COP19: briefing noteUNISDR  2013
Save Document CEPREDENAC newsletter: special issue no 2/ Boletín informativo CEPREDENAC: edición especial no 2CEPREDENAC  2013
Save Document Desarrollo económico y adaptación al cambio climáticoFNA; FESCOL  2013
Save Document When preparedness works: case of cyclone PhailinAIDMI  2013
Save Document Climate change and environmental risk atlas 2014Maplecroft  2013
Save Document Building back better: a more resilient Sikkim post 2011 earthquakeAIDMI  2013
Save Document World disaster report 2013: focus on technology and the future of humanitarian actionIFRC  2013
Save Document Summary of IDDR panel discussion on disaster resilience and disability: ensuring equality and inclusionUN DESA; UNISDR NY  2013
Save Document Towards resilience and transformation for citiesIIED  2013
Save Document How does Europe link DRR and CCA?AFPCN; COE; EC; EFDRR; DKKV, Germany - gov; IMGW, Poland - gov; UNISDR EUR  2013
Save Document 2012 Assessing school safety from disasters a global baseline reportUNISDR  2013
Save Document When non-climate urban policies contribute to building urban resilience to climate change: lessons learned from Indonesian citiesACCCRN; IIED; Rockefeller Fndn  2013
Save Document Findings of the review of national platforms for disaster risk reduction 2012‐2013CAPRADE; DKKV, Germany - gov; Planas PRB, Indonesia - gov; SNGR, Ecuador - gov; SINAPROC, Mexico - gov; MSB, Sweden - gov; UNISDR  2013
Save Document Implementation of Nepal national building code through automated building permit systemNRRC; UNDP Nepal  2013
Save Document Information and knowledge management for disaster risk reduction (IKM4DRR) framework and scorecardUNISDR  2013
Save Document Natural disasters and adaptation to climate changeBoulter, Sarah; Palutikof, Jean; Karoly, David John; Guitart, Daniela (Eds.)  2013
Save Document Multilevel stakeholder influence mapping in climate change adaptation regimesCCAFS; CGIAR  2013
Save Document World disasters report 2013: using technology to save livesIFRC  2013
Save Document Post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (HFA2): report from 2013 global platform consultationsUNISDR  2013
Save Document How can the green climate fund initiate a paradigm shift?CDKN  2013
Save Document The geography of poverty, disasters and climate extremes in 2030Met Office, United Kingdom - gov; ODI; RMS  2013
Save Document Disability inclusive disaster risk reduction: addressing the need of one tenth population of BangladeshIslamic Relief Worldwide  2013
Save Document Promoting resilience in development programming: World Vision UK’s approachWVI  2013
Save Document Disaster management: international lessons in risk reduction, response and recoveryLópez-Carresi, Alejandro; Fordham, Maureen; Wisner, Ben; Kelman, Ilan; Gaillard, JC (eds.)  2014
Save Document Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action and the Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management Framework for Action 2005-2015: report for the period 2009-2013SPC/SOPAC  2013
Save Document Mobilizing informal workers for urban resilience: linking poverty alleviaton and disaster preparednessUCLA  2013
Save Document Community based disaster risk reduction in Sri Lanka: a compendium of good practicesOxfam GB; Practical Action  2013
Save Document Insuring countries against natural disasters: pool rulesIFPRI  2013
Save Document Synthesis report on the global thematic consultation on addressing inequalitiesDenmark - gov; Ghana - gov; UNICEF; UN Women  2013
Save Document Insuring against natural disaster risk in Mexico: case studyWB  2013

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