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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


2345 items for Governance Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Preliminary flood risk assessmentMRA, Malta - gov  2013
Save Document Roles of Pacific regional organizations in disaster risk management: questions and answersBrookings-LSE Proj on Internal Displacement  2013
Save Document Climate adaptation outlook: a proposed national adaptation assessment frameworkDept of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Res and Tertiary Edu  2013
Save Document Landslide and debris flow hazard managementBoffa Miskell Ltd  2013
Save Document Managing the land in a changing climate: adaptation sub-committee progress report 2013CCC  2013
Save Document Security, democracy and cities: the manifesto of Aubervilliers and Saint-DenisEFUS  2013
Save Document What will adaptation cost? an economic framework for coastal community infrastructureNOAA, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document Status of disaster risk management: plans for floods, hurricanes and drought in the agriculture sector - a Caribbean perspectiveFAO Headquarters  2013
Save Document Cost-efficient climate change adaptation in the North AtlanticNOAA, United States of America - gov; Sea Grant, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document Using climate information to support adaptation planning and policy-making: a step-by-step guideCSAG; SEI  2013
Save Document Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana: building performance observations recommendations, and technical guidanceFEMA, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document Managing disaster risks for a resilient future: a strategy for the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, 2013 - 2015GFDRR  2013
Save Document Securing the future availability and affordability of home insurance in areas of flood riskDEFRA, United Kingdom - gov  2013
Save Document Mitigating disasters: a promising startLancet  2013
Save Document Manual de buenas prácticas para la gestión del riesgo de desastres a escala localEC  2008
Save Document The Rio Conventions: action on adaptationCBD; UNCCD; UNFCCC  2012
Save Document Guide to the 2010 HAP standard in accountability and quality managementHAP  2013
Save Document Boletín actualidad CRID - julio 2013CRID  2013
Save Document Caribbean development report: volume III - the economics of climate change in the CaribbeanECLAC  2011
Save Document Pacific Islands framework for action on climate change 2006-2015SPREP  2011
Save Document Reaching resilience: handbook 2.0 for aid practitioners and policymakersCARE - NL; EC; Groupe URD; Wageningen UR  2012
Save Document Climate information for disaster risk reductionWMO  2012
Save Document Strengthening hydro-meteorlogical services in Southeast AsiaGFDRR; BMKG, Indonesia - gov; MONRE, Viet Nam - gov; MONRE, Lao People's Democratic Republic - gov; MOWRAM, Cambodia - gov; PAGASA, Philippines - gov; UNISDR AP; WB; WMO  2013
Save Document The Pacific experience in developing policy and legislation on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptationUNISDR AP  2013
Save Document Resilient livelihoods: disaster risk reduction for food and nutrition security - 2013 editionFAO Headquarters  2013
Save Document Compendium of IOM activities on disaster risk reduction and resilienceIOM  2013
Save Document Flood risk management in Europe: the flood problem and interventionsGrontmij; Universiteit Utrecht  2013
Save Document Flood risk management in Europe: an exploration of governance challengesGrontmij; Universiteit Utrecht  2013
Save Document Flood risk management in Europe: European flood regulationGrontmij; Universiteit Utrecht  2013
Save Document Flood risk management in Europe: similarities and differences between the STAR-FLOOD consortium countriesGrontmij; Universiteit Utrecht  2013
Save Document Roles of Pacific regional organizations in disaster risk managementBrookings Inst, the  2013
Save Document A literature review on the topics in the context of thematic area 2 of the work programme on loss and damage: a range of approaches to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate changeUNFCCC  2012
Save Document Climate change adaptation, mitigation and information and communications technologies (ICTs): the case of GhanaITU  2012
Save Document Managing risk in regulatory frameworksUNECE  2011
Save Document Human mobility in the context of loss and damage from climate change: needs, gaps, and roles of the convention in addressing loss and damageUNHCR  2012
Save Document Current knowledge on relevant methodologies and data requirements as well as lessons learned and gaps identified at different levels, in assessing the risk of loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate changeUNFCCC  2012
Save Document Water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategiesUNFCCC  2011
Save Document Urgency to strengthen science-informed decision making in disaster risk management in IndiaInAcReGS  2013
Save Document Assessment of the tsunami alert: Eastern Samar and Leyte Islands, August 31, 2012GIZ, Germany - gov  2013
Save Document UNOPS contribution to disaster risk reduction: building resilience through infrastructure-based solutions with community involvementUNOPS  2012
Save Document Submission to the civil society dialogue with the high-level panel on the post-2015 development agendaAIDMI  2013
Save Document National adaptation programme: making the country resilient to a changing climateUnited Kingdom - gov  2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and the post-2015 development agenda: agenda for the Asia-PacificAIDMI  2013
Save Document Slow onset eventsUNFCCC  2012
Save Document Turning around the tsunamiUN-HABITAT  2011
Save Document United Nations plan of action on disaster risk reduction for resilienceCEB  2013
Save Document Evidence, UNISDR newsletter: issue 17, May/June 2013UNISDR  2013
Save Document Experience of the European Union in adaptation to climate change and its application to UkraineENVSEC; OSCE  2012
Save Document Funding disaster risk reductionVOICE  2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: research roadmap - Report for consultationCIB  2013

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