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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


2321 items for Governance Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Resilient livelihoods: disaster risk reduction for food and nutrition security - 2013 editionFAO Headquarters  2013
Save Document Compendium of IOM activities on disaster risk reduction and resilienceIOM  2013
Save Document Flood risk management in Europe: the flood problem and interventionsGrontmij; Universiteit Utrecht  2013
Save Document Flood risk management in Europe: an exploration of governance challengesGrontmij; Universiteit Utrecht  2013
Save Document Flood risk management in Europe: European flood regulationGrontmij; Universiteit Utrecht  2013
Save Document Flood risk management in Europe: similarities and differences between the STAR-FLOOD consortium countriesGrontmij; Universiteit Utrecht  2013
Save Document Roles of Pacific regional organizations in disaster risk managementBrookings Inst, the  2013
Save Document A literature review on the topics in the context of thematic area 2 of the work programme on loss and damage: a range of approaches to address loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate changeUNFCCC  2012
Save Document Climate change adaptation, mitigation and information and communications technologies (ICTs): the case of GhanaITU  2012
Save Document Managing risk in regulatory frameworksUNECE  2011
Save Document Human mobility in the context of loss and damage from climate change: needs, gaps, and roles of the convention in addressing loss and damageUNHCR  2012
Save Document Current knowledge on relevant methodologies and data requirements as well as lessons learned and gaps identified at different levels, in assessing the risk of loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate changeUNFCCC  2012
Save Document Water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategiesUNFCCC  2011
Save Document Urgency to strengthen science-informed decision making in disaster risk management in IndiaInAcReGS  2013
Save Document Assessment of the tsunami alert: Eastern Samar and Leyte Islands, August 31, 2012GIZ, Germany - gov  2013
Save Document UNOPS contribution to disaster risk reduction: building resilience through infrastructure-based solutions with community involvementUNOPS  2012
Save Document Submission to the civil society dialogue with the high-level panel on the post-2015 development agendaAIDMI  2013
Save Document National adaptation programme: making the country resilient to a changing climateUnited Kingdom - gov  2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and the post-2015 development agenda: agenda for the Asia-PacificAIDMI  2013
Save Document Slow onset eventsUNFCCC  2012
Save Document Turning around the tsunamiUN-HABITAT  2011
Save Document United Nations plan of action on disaster risk reduction for resilienceCEB  2013
Save Document Evidence, UNISDR newsletter: issue 17, May/June 2013UNISDR  2013
Save Document Experience of the European Union in adaptation to climate change and its application to UkraineENVSEC; OSCE  2012
Save Document Funding disaster risk reductionVOICE  2013
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: research roadmap - Report for consultationCIB  2013
Save Document Sustainable environment in the post 2015 development frameworkACT   
Save Document Key questions on the post 2015 framework for disaster risk reductionACT  2013
Save Document Recommendations for a future international agreement for disaster risk reductionCAFOD  2013
Save Document Economic and welfare impacts of disasters in East Asia and policy responsesERIA  2012
Save Document What are the roles of civil society in governing disaster reduction? Case study from national and local levels in IndonesiaIRGSC  2013
Save Document The role of conservation programs in drought risk adaptationUSDA, United States of America - gov  2013
Save Document PEDRR input into post-2015 global framework on disaster risk reductionPEDRR  2013
Save Document Histórico de Ocorrências no Município da Amadora, 2000 - 2010 - Normais Climatológicas da Amadora, 1915 - 2012Câmara Municipal da Amadora, Portugal - gov  2013
Save Document Report on the national platform for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, 14th may, 2013NADMO, Ghana - gov  2013
Save Document Shaping post 2015 development (HFA) agenda bottom-up: AIDMI statement of contributions to HFA during 2012-13AIDMI  2013
Save Document A new global partnership: eradicate poverty and transform economies through sustainable developmentUN  2013
Save Document Relationships matter: the application of social capital to disaster resilienceAustralian Red Cross  2013
Save Document People displaced by disasters: global estimates 2012IDMC; NRC  2013
Save Document Strong, safe and resilient: a strategic policy guide for disaster risk management in East Asia and the PacificWB  2013
Save Document What communities want: putting community resilience priorities on the agenda for 2015GROOTS; Huairou Commission; SSP  2013
Save Document City emergency preparedness: assessment status and action plan, Makati City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesWKC  2013
Save Document Heritage and resilience: issues and opportunities for reducing disaster risksICCROM; ICOMOS - ICORP; Marsh S.A.; UNESCO; UNISDR  2013
Save Document GIZ training on flood risk management in citiesGIZ, Germany - gov  2013
Save Document Disaster risk management for all: the inclusion of children, elderly people and persons with disabilitesBMZ, Germany - gov  2013
Save Document Better laws, safer communities? Emerging themes on how legislation can support disaster risk reductionIFRC  2013
Save Document Index-based livestock insurance: the case of MongoliaCDKN; WRI  2013
Save Document UNISDR Europe annual report 2012: building resilience to disasters in Europe - connect and convince to reduce vulnerabilityUNISDR EUR  2013
Save Document Asia Pacific synthesis report: consultations on the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (HFA2)UNISDR AP  2013
Save Document UNISDR annual report 2012UNISDR  2013

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