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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


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  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Report on threatening risks of natural disasters and the arrangements conducted in major cities (Yerevan) on the territory of ArmeniaEMA, Armenia - gov  1996
Save Document Report on seismic risk assessment and its reduction on the territory of the Yerevan cityNSSP, Armenia - gov  1996
Save Document Natural disasters in Hungary: summary of report no. 7611/2/1796Hungary - gov  1992
Save Document Hungary: Information on the direction and organization of disaster management and the tasks of the National Directorate General for Disaster ManagementNDGDM, Hungary - gov  2000
Save Document UK national report for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR)United Kingdom - gov  1994
Save Document Russian Federation: Brief national report about the participation in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR)Russian Fed - gov  1994
Save Document The Netherlands storm surge warning serviceNetherlands - gov  1989
Save Document The International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR), 1990-1999: a report on the activities of the UK National Coordination Committee for the IDNDRDFID, United Kingdom - gov; Royal Academy of Engineering; Royal Society  2000
Save Document Comité national suisse IDNDR: rapport fin 1992Switzerland - gov  1992
Save Document Rapport d'activités du Comité suisse de l'IDNDR après Yokohama 1994Switzerland - gov  1994
Save Document Le Comité suisse IDNDRSwitzerland - gov  1993
Save Document Report by the Chairman of the Czech National IDNDR CommitteeCzech Republic - gov  1999
Save Document Czechoslovak Commission for IDNDR: 1992 annual reportCzech Republic - gov; Slovakia - gov  1992
Save Document Report of the meeting of the national committees and focal points for IDNDR in the EC, Brussels, 27-28 September 1993ECHO  1993
Save Document Moldova: Methodological recommendations for planning of measures for combating natural disasters, accidents and catastrophesMoldova - gov  1996
Save Document Handbook for volcanic risk management: prevention, crisis management and resilienceMiaVita  2012
Save Document Comparing climate projections to observations up to 2011Rahmstorf, Stefan; Foster, Grant; Cazenave, Anny  2012
Save Document Science for disaster risk reduction and response: role of the Commission's in-house science serviceJRC  2012
Save Document Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2012EEA  2012
Save Document Adapting transportation to the impacts of climate changeTRB  2011
Save Document Climate change vulnerability and adaptation preparedness in TanzaniaLTS International  2010
Save Document Climate resilient infrastructure: preparing for a changing climateDEFRA, United Kingdom - gov  2011
Save Document Issue brief - Disaster risk governanceUNDP  2012
Save Document The use of science in humanitarian emergencies and disastersUnited Kingdom - gov  2012
Save Document Adaptation to climate change – are governments prepared? – a cooperative auditEUROSAI WGEA  2012
Save Document Lloyd's global underinsurance reportLloyd's  2012
Save Document Flood risk and water management in the Netherlands: a 2012 updateNetherlands - gov  2012
Save Document Disaster risk management and adaptation to climate change: experience from German development cooperationGIZ, Germany - gov; BMZ, Germany - gov  2012
Save Document Evidence, monthly UNISDR newsletter: issue 13, October 2012UNISDR  2012
Save Document Climate change in Eastern Europe: Belarus, Moldova, UkraineENVSEC; Zoï  2012
Save Document ANDROID exchange: launch issueANDROID disaster resilience network  2012
Save Document Climate change in the West BalkansENVSEC; UNEP; Zoï  2012
Save Document Improving the assessment of disaster risks to strengthen financial resilienceGFDRR; Mexico - gov; WB  2012
Save Document Evidence, monthly UNISDR newsletter: issue 12, September 2012UNISDR  2012
Save Document Climate change in the South Caucasus: a visual synthesisENVSEC; Zoï  2011
Save Document Desertification: a visual synthesisUNCCD; Zoï  2011
Save Document Medio ambiente y urbanización: la comunidad en la gestión de riesgosIIED-AL  2012
Save Document Coastal communities and climate change: maintaining future insurabilityLloyd's  2012
Save Document ENISA annual incident reports 2011: analysis of the article 13a incident reports of 2011ENISA  2012
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: a fundamental element of building resilienceVOICE  2012
Save Document National heatwave plan seminar: summary reportPHE, United Kingdom - gov; United Kingdom - gov  2012
Save Document Hazard management and cultural heritage: Eastern Attica case studyNTUA  2007
Save Document Building resilience to disasters in Western Balkans and Turkey (Brochure)UNISDR EUR; WMO  2012
Save Document Informing climate change adaptation in forestry managementEC  2012
Save Document Resilient cities 2012: congress report 2012ICLEI - Local Gov for Sust; WMCCC  2012
Save Document Ethiopia's food insecurity: EU policies, food flows, climate change and land grabsGlopolis  2012
Save Document Promoting innovation and evidence-based approaches to building resilience and responding to humanitarian crisesDFID, United Kingdom - gov  2012
Save Document Institutional partnerships in multi-hazard early warning systemsWMO  2012
Save Document National safety and security and crisis managementMin. VenJ/NCTV, Netherlands - gov  2012
Save Document Mitigation of urban vulnerability through a spatial multicriteria approachUNIBAS  2012

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