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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


1106 items for Americas Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Cuba risk reduction management centres, best practices in risk reductionUNDP  2010
Save Document Haiti - From sustaining lives to sustainable solutions: the challenge of sanitationIFRC  2010
Save Document Diagnóstico de la situación de la República Dominicana en cuanto a la reducción de riesgos a desastresDominican Republic - gov; EU; UNDP; UNISDR AM  2010
Save Document Good practice examples for disaster risk reduction in Cuban agricultureFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Asia's response to climate change and natural disastersCSIS  2010
Save Document USA: A national report card on protecting children during disastersSCI  2010
Save Document Disaster safety review, volume 9IBHS  2010
Save Document From impacts to adaptation: Canada in a changing climate 2007Natural Res Canada, Canada - gov  2007
Save Document The costs to developing countries of adapting to climate change: new methods and estimatesDFID, United Kingdom - gov; Netherlands - gov; SDC, Switzerland - gov; WB  2010
Save Document Corps hurricane response: the Corps is prepared...are you?USACE MVD, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Yellow alert: taking action to prevent disastersOxfam America  2010
Save Document Geoinformation for disaster and risk management: examples and best practicesJB GIS; UNOOSA  2010
Save Document Does disaster insurance have a role in climate adaptation?CA  2010
Save Document Implications of the Gulf oil spill for the upcoming hurricane seasonAIR Worldwide  2010
Save Document Reducing poverty, protecting livelihoods, and building assets in a changing climateWB  2010
Save Document Indigenous peoples and climate change in Latin America and the CaribbeanWB  2010
Save Document Is sustainable recovery possible for Haiti?UN DESA  2010
Save Document Disaster risk management programs for priority countriesGFDRR; UNISDR; WB  2009
Save Document ICT for disaster risk reduction: case study 2UN-APCICT  2010
Save Document ICT for disaster risk reduction: an overview of trends, practices and lessonsUN-APCICT  2010
Save Document Haiti interim risk management plan: March–December 2010Haiti - gov; UN  2010
Save Document 2010 Haiti earthquake and Caribbean earthquake riskRMS  2010
Save Document Earthquake risk managementADPC  2010
Save Document La réduction des risques et catastrophes dans le plan national pour l’action au développement (PNAD)ASA  2010
Save Document DIPECHO project: learning and adapting to tsunamis in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and ChileECHO; IOC; UNESCO  2010
Save Document 12 January 2010 Haiti earthquake and tsunami event: post-event assessment of CARIBE EWS performanceIOC; UNESCO  2010
Save Document Futures in the balance: a way forward for Haiti's childrenWVI  2010
Save Document Microinsurance: an innovative tool for risk and disaster mangementGRF Davos  2010
Save Document Implementación de un sistema de información multimodal de eventos climáticos extremos en el EcuadorECHO; INAMHI, Ecuador - gov; CIIFEN; UNDP  2008
Save Document Guía técnica para la implementaicón de un sistema regional de información climática aplicada a la gestión de riesgo agrícola en los países AndinosCIIFEN  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation in New York City: building a risk management responseNYAS  2010
Save Document USAID disaster risk reduction programsUSAID, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Mount St. Helens: a 30-year legacy of volcanismAGU  2010
Save Document Managing risk and creating value with microfinanceWB  2010
Save Document Sea level rise and the vulnerability of coastal peoplesUNU-EHS  2009
Save Document Anticipating the future: children and young people’s voices in Haiti’s Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA)Plan Intl  2010
Save Document Adapting to the impacts of climate changeNAS  2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation in Peru: the local experiencesPractical Action  2010
Save Document Climate change and Canada’s forests: from impacts to adaptationNatural Res Canada, Canada - gov  2009
Save Document Preparedness for wind-related hazards in HaitiIAWE; IG-WRDRR  2010
Save Document The role of parliaments in strengthening the solidarity of the international community towards the people of Haiti and Chile in the wake of devastating major disasters...IPU  2010
Save Document Climate change indicators in the United StatesEPA, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Integrating the green and brown agendas in a climate change contextUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Cambio climático en América LatinaEC  2009
Save Document La economía del cambio climático en América Latina y el Caribe: algunos hechos estilizadosECLAC  2010
Save Document The New Orleans hurricane protection system: assessing pre-Katrina vulnerability and improving mitigation and preparednessNAE; NRC  2009
Save Document Rebuilding Haiti: a new approach to international cooperationUNCTAD  2010
Save Document Haitians talk about rebuilding the country after the January 12, 2010 earthquakeOxfam Intl  2010
Save Document São Paulo: a tale of two citiesUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document A volcano rekindled: the renewed eruption of Mount St. Helens, 2004-2006USGS, United States of America - gov  2008

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