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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


726 items for Africa Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Baseline report: Africa community resilience projectFIC; Tufts Univ; WVI  2009
Save Document Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)Krishnamurthy, R.R.; Glavovic, Bruce C.; Kannen, Andreas; Green, David R.; Ramanathan, AL.; Han, Zengcui; Tinti, Stefano; Agardy, Tundi (Eds.)  2008
Save Document Disaster reduction and human securityKU GSGES; UNESCO  2005
Save Document Climate change, disaster, displacement and migration: initial evidence from AfricaUNHCR  2009
Save Document 2°C is too much! WWF adaptation case studies for responding to climate change impactsWWF  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation in Africa: COP 15, what’s at stake for Africa?DFID, United Kingdom - gov; IDRC  2009
Save Document Briefing note 02: adaptation to climate change by reducing disaster risks: country practices and lessonsUNISDR  2009
Save Document 2009 in-depth vulnerability and needs technical assessment reportZVAC, Zambia - gov  2009
Save Document Assessing vulnerability and adaptive capacity to climate risks: methods for investigation at local and national levelsIISD; WB  2009
Save Document Running dry? Climate change in drylands and how to cope with itGIZ, Germany - gov  2009
Save Document Climate senseWMO  2009
Save Document The winds of change: climate change, poverty and the environment in MalawiOxfam Intl  2009
Save Document Multi-sectoral in-depth vulnerability and needs assessmentZVAC, Zambia - gov  2008
Save Document Human development report 2009, overcoming barriers: human mobility and developmentUNDP  2009
Save Document Beyond Aid: ensuring adaptation to climate change works for the poorOxfam GB  2009
Save Document Turning up the heat climate change and poverty in UgandaOxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Climate change, development and energy problems in South Africa: another world is possibleEarthlife Africa Jhb; Oxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Disaster reduction programme 2001–2008: summary of lessons learned and recommendationsIFRC  2009
Save Document The path to responsible development: disaster risk reductionInterAction  2008
Save Document Mapping South African farming sector vulnerability to climate change and variabilityIFPRI  2009
Save Document The Millennium Development Goals report 2009UN DESA  2009
Save Document Index insurance and climate risk: prospects for development and disaster managementIRI  2009
Save Document Natural disasters and development in Botswana: what can communities do to cushion themselves against the adverse effects of floods?UB  2009
Save Document Disaster: how the Red Cross Red Crescent reduces riskIFRC  2009
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: precondition for achieving sustainable developmentWHH  2009
Save Document Preparing for disaster saves livesECHO  2008
Save Document Our climate, our children, our responsibility: the implications of climate change for the world’s childrenUNICEF  2008
Save Document Recommendations of national platforms to the chair and participants of the second session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (Geneva, 16-19 June 2009)National Platform representatives at pre-session event, 2009 Global Platform  2009
Save Document Towards a global climate agreementClimateWorks  2009
Save Document Mozambique: disaster risk management along the Rio BúziGIZ, Germany - gov; BMZ, Germany - gov  2005
Save Document GFDRR Track 1, building global and regional partnership: giving risk reduction a regional dimensionGFDRR; UNISDR; WB  2009
Save Document Adapting to global change: Mediterranean forestsFAO Headquarters; IUCN; AECID, Spain - gov; WWF  2008
Save Document Rapport synthèse du séminaire régional de formation sur les outils et les méthodologies pour la prise en compte des risques liés aux changements climatiques dans les politiques de sécurité alimentaire en Afrique de l'OuestIAVS  2009
Save Document Beijing agenda for global action on gender-sensitive disaster risk reductionThe participants from 50 countries, UN agencies and Civil Societies at the International Conference on Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction held at Beijing, China from 20-22 April 2009  2009
Save Document Adaptation in Africa: the global failure to deliver on fundingIIED  2008
Save Document ARC briefing note on the second Africa regional platform for disaster risk reduction consultative meeting, 5-7 May 2009IISD  2009
Save Document Disaster risk management: contributions by German Development CooperationBMZ, Germany - gov  2008
Save Document Tiempo, a bulletin on climate and development, issue 59, April 2006IIED  2006
Save Document Africa review report on drought and desertificationUNECA  2008
Save Document Mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in least developed countriesIIED  2003
Save Document Review of ISDR secretariat’s regional offices: 9-21st August 2004DFID, United Kingdom - gov; UNISDR AF; UNISDR - AM  2005
Save Document Africa regional paper: bridging divides in Africa’s water security, an agenda to implement existing political commitmentsAfDB  2009
Save Document Green paper on disaster managementDPLG, South Africa - gov  1998
Save Document Sustainable development report on AfricaUNECA  2008
Save Document The role of government, donors, civil society and the private sector in climate change adaptation in Malawi: scoping studyCA  2008
Save Document Community based disaster risk reduction regional consultative meeting, West Asia, Middle East and North Africa region: summary and proceeding reportIFRC; UNISDR ROAS  2008
Save Document Environment and development decision making in Africa 2006-2008IISD; Kenya - gov; CBD; UNEP  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and the International FederationIFRC  2006
Save Document Natural security: protected areas and hazard mitigation, arguments for protectionWWF  2008
Save Document Come rain or shine: integrating climate risk management into African Development Bank operationsAfDB  2007

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