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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Environmental assessment - for medium-impact projectsWiggins, Sarah  2009
Save Document Rethinking poverty: report on the world social situation 2010UN DESA  2009
Save Document Harvesting agriculture’s multiple benefits: mitigation, adaptation, development and food securityFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Transboundary flood risk management: experiences from the UNECE regionUNECE  2009
Save Document The United Nations Regional Commissions and the climate change challengesUNECA; ECLAC; ESCAP; UN-ESCWA; UNECE  2009
Save Document Protecting health from climate change: connecting science, policy and peopleWHO  2009
Save Document Report of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention on its eighth session, held in Copenhagen from 7 to 15 December 2009UNFCCC  2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in times of climate changeDiakonie Katastrophenhilfe  2009
Save Document Hashimoto Action Plan II: strategy and objectives through 2012UNSGAB  2010
Save Document Global future: climate change and povertyWVI  2009
Save Document Climate change and its humanitarian impactsFIC; King's College; SEI; Tufts Univ  2009
Save Document Promoting sustainable urban development networking in African citiesSida, Sweden - gov; UN-HABITAT  2009
Save Document Cities and climate change: initial lessons from UN-HABITATUN-HABITAT  2009
Save Document UN-HABITAT climate change strategy 2010-2013UN-HABITAT  2009
Save Document Post-Nargis periodic review IIIASEAN  2010
Save Document Estimating least-developed countries’ vulnerability to climate-related extreme events over the next 50 yearsNAS  2010
Save Document UN country coordination: contributing to development effectivenessUNDG  2009
Save Document Linking environmental management to disaster risk reductionADPC  2009
Save Document Disaster reduction in the Americas: ISDR informs, issue 16, 2009UNISDR AM  2009
Save Document Development in disaster-prone places: studies of vulnerabilityPractical Action  1999
Save Document Journal of flood risk managementCIWEM  2008
Save Document Natural solutions: protected areas helping people cope with climate changeIUCN; Nature Conservancy; UNDP; WCS; WB; WWF  2010
Save Document The economics of adaptation to extreme weather events in developing countriesCGD  2010
Save Document Climate change in Moldova: socio-economic impact and policy options for adaptationUNDP  2009
Save Document The state of the humanitarian system: assessing performance and progressALNAP  2010
Save Document Vulnerability through the eyes of vulnerable: climate change induced uncertainties and Nepal’s development predicamentsISET  2009
Save Document Mongolia assessment report on climate change 2009 (MARCC 2009)MNET, Mongolia - gov; UNDP; UNEP  2009
Save Document Climate change impacts in drought and flood affected areas: case studies in IndiaWB  2009
Save Document South Asia: shared views on development and climate changeWB  2009
Save Document UNICEF Humanitarian Action Report 2010UNICEF  2010
Save Document From knowledge to action: learning to go the last mileSEI  2009
Save Document Climate changed: people displacedNRC  2009
Save Document Rebuilding lives after the tsunami, the children's road to recovery: five years laterSCI  2009
Save Document SCP/LA21 en ArequipaUN-HABITAT  2007
Save Document Vulnerability to climate change in the Arctic: a case study from Arctic Bay, NunavutFord, James D.; Smit, Barry; Wandel, Johanna  2006
Save Document Density and disasters: economics of urban hazard riskWB  2009
Save Document The economics of natural disasters: a surveyIDB  2009
Save Document Climate change and developing country agriculture: an overview of expected impacts, adaptation and mitigation challenges, and funding requirementsICTSD; IPC  2009
Save Document Regional climate change and adaptation: the Alps facing the challenge of changing water resourcesEEA  2009
Save Document Land legislation and the possibilities for pastoral risk management and adaptation to climate change: the example of MongoliaFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Adaptation to climate change in coastal areas of the Philippines and Viet NamGIZ, Germany - gov  2009
Save Document Perceptions of ecological migration in Inner Mongolia, China: Summary of fieldwork and relevance for climate adaptationCICERO  2009
Save Document Building climate and disaster resilience into city planning and management processesWB  2009
Save Document Risk management and agricultural insurance schemes in EuropeJRC  2009
Save Document Preventing corruption in humanitarian operations: a handbook of good practicesTI  2010
Save Document Towards improved public awareness for climate related disaster risk reduction and management in the Arab regionUNESCO Cairo  2010
Save Document Climate disaster resilience: focus on coastal urban cities in AsiaKU GSGES; IEDM  2009
Save Document ISO/IEC 31010:2009: risk management – Risk assessment techniquesISO  2010
Save Document Climate change in AfricaIIED  2009
Save Document Climate‐related vulnerability and adaptive‐capacity in Ethiopia’s Borana and Somali communitiesCI; IISD; IUCN; SCI  2009

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