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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Good practices in community based disaster risk managementUNDP  2009
Save Document Framework for city climate risk assessment: Buenos Aires, Delhi, Lagos and New YorkColumbia Univ  2009
Save Document Hazard & risk science review 2009ABUHRC  2009
Save Document Hazards and the built environment: attaining built-in resilienceBosher, Lee  2008
Save Document Arctic climate feedbacks: global implicationsWWF  2009
Save Document UNISDR biennial work plan: 2008 progress reportUNISDR  2009
Save Document Assessing the costs of adaptation to climate change: a critique of the UNFCCC estimatesIIED  2009
Save Document Mapping South African farming sector vulnerability to climate change and variabilityIFPRI  2009
Save Document Incheon Declaration: Building a local governance alliance for DRR - conference summaryUNISDR  2009
Save Document Adapting to climate change in Europe: options for EU actionEC  2007
Save Document Community perspectives on water and sanitation towards Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)Concern Universal; Eminence Assoc  2008
Save Document Developing a disaster risk profile for MaldivesRMSI; UNDP  2006
Save Document Building resilience to tsunami in the Indian Ocean: action research, IEC and practicesADRRN; EU; UNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Reducing risks, saving livesSCI  2009
Save Document The design of avalanche protection dams: recent practical and theorical developmentsEC  2009
Save Document Mainstreaming risk reduction in urban planning and housing: a challenge for international aid organisationsODI  2006
Save Document Making disaster risk reduction work: the 2007 ProVention ForumProVention Consortium  2007
Save Document Cities of chaosDavis, Ian  2000
Save Document Mitigating the impacts of disasters: policy directionsUN-HABITAT  2007
Save Document United Nations Development Programme annual report 2009UNDP  2009
Save Document United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction activities in Central AsiaUNISDR CA  2008
Save Document Save lives: make hospitals safe in emergenciesWHO  2009
Save Document The development of a public private partnership framework and action plan for disaster risk reduction (DRR) in AsiaCSR Asia; UNISDR Hyogo  2009
Save Document Safer cities: case studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the PacificADPC  2005
Save Document Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program (AUDMP) completion reportADPC  2005
Save Document Towards safer urban cities and environment in the 21st centuryICUS  2001
Save Document Resilient communities and cities initiativeICLEI - Local Gov for Sust  2005
Save Document Climate change and trade on the road to CopenhagenICTSD  2008
Save Document City man risk: risk reductionEMERCOM, Russian Fed - gov; IDNDR  1999
Save Document Urban and megacities disaster risk reduction: manual of sound practicesEMI  2007
Save Document Advances in earthquake engineering for urban risk reductionWasti, S. Tanvir; Ozcebe, Guney  2006
Save Document Health in South-East Asia: health facilities in emergenciesWHO  2009
Save Document Vulnerability in developing countriesUNU  2009
Save Document Risk wise: epidemicsTudor Rose  2009
Save Document The Millennium Development Goals report 2009UN DESA  2009
Save Document Index insurance and climate risk: prospects for development and disaster managementIRI  2009
Save Document Integrating disaster risk reduction into the CCA and UNDAF: a guide for UN country teamsUNDG  2009
Save Document Paris DeclarationIDNDR  1999
Save Document Landuse planning and urban risk reductionSEEDS  1999
Save Document Solutions for cities at riskIDNDR  1996
Save Document Gestión de riesgos ambientales urbanosFLACSO; LA RED  1999
Save Document Desastres urbanos: una visión globalFLACSO  2000
Save Document The effects of disasters on modern societiesIDNDR; UNCRD  1995
Save Document Disaster management in metropolitan areas for the 21st CenturyIDNDR; UNCRD  1993
Save Document Urban environmental degradation and vulnerability to disasters, summary of presentationIDNDR; WB  1994
Save Document Megacities: vulnerability of infrastructure to natural disasters, summary of presentationICE; IDNDR  1994
Save Document Risk management and preventive planning in megacities: a scientific approach for action, summary of presentationIAEG; IDNDR  1994
Save Document Disaster management in metropolitan areas, summary of presentationIDNDR  1994
Save Document Coordination and integration of international projects on risk assessment in megacities, summary of presentationIDNDR; IISEE  1994
Save Document Natural disaster reduction: effects of disaster on modern societies, report of Technical Committee CIDNDR; UNCRD  1994

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