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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


1053 items for Flood Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document IntoAction 3 - Early-warning communication system for the Kingdom of TongaMunich Re Fndn  2009
Save Document Assessment of innovative approaches to flood risk management and financing in agriculture: the Thailand case studyWB  2009
Save Document Proceedings of 2nd India disaster management congress (4-6 November 2009, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi)NIDM, India - gov  2009
Save Document Priority areas of activities to reduce the risk of natural disasters in the Republic of Uzbekistan (in line with the Hyogo Declaration, Kobe, Japan, 22 January 2005)MES RU, Uzbekistan - gov  2009
Save Document مراجعة القوانين والتشريعات النافذة ذات العلاقة بالكوارث وإدارتها ضمن منطقة العقبة الاقتصادية الخاصة مشروع دعم بناء القدرات الوطنية للتقليل من اثر الخطر الزلزالي لمنطقة العقبة الاقتصادية الخاصة – الأردنASEZA, Jordan - gov; SDC, Switzerland - gov; UNDP Jordan  2009
Save Document Investigación evaluativa de reubicaciones humanas por desastres en MéxicoCIESAS  2009
Save Document Global trends in water-related disasters: an insight to policymakersICHARM  2009
Save Document Preparing for and responding to natural disasters and environmental emergencies: a guide for state housing authoritiesAHURI  2009
Save Document Improving delivery of safety-oriented weather information for non-english speaking households (NESH)Bureau of Meteorology, Australia - gov; CRC, Australia - gov  2008
Save Document Rethinking disasters: why death and destruction is not nature's fault but human failureOxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Cuba: paradigma en la reducción de riesgo de desastresDGCD, Belgium - gov; Defensa Civil de Cuba, Cuba - gov; Oxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Réduction des risques de catastrophes naturelles en Afrique de l'Ouest et en Afrique Centrale: perspectives localesENDA; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Flood disasters: learning from previous relief and recovery operationsALNAP; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in West and Central Africa: local perspectivesENDA; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Pitt review: lessons learned from the 2007 floodsUnited Kingdom - gov  2008
Save Document International Research Center on El Niño: our first 5 years 2003-2008 - understanding our climate, learning to live togetherCIIFEN  2008
Save Document Linking disaster risk reduction and poverty reduction: good practices and lessons learnedUNISDR  2008
Save Document Indigenous knowledge for disaster risk reduction: good practices and lessons learned from experiences in the Asia-Pacific regionEU; UNISDR AP  2008
Save Document Impacts of Europe's changing climate: 2008 indicator-based assessmentJRC; WHO - Europe  2008
Save Document Hazardurile naturale: mediul geografic al Republicii Moldova, vol. 3Cazac, Valeriu; Boian, Ilie; Volontir, Nina  2008
Save Document Weathering the storm: participatory risk assessment for informal settlementsUCT  2008
Save Document Case study: Dhaka’s extreme vulnerability to climate changeUN-HABITAT  2008
Save Document Case study: African cities at riskUN-HABITAT  2008
Save Document Monsoon contingency plan - 2008NDMA, Pakistan - gov  2008
Save Document Weather and climate services in Europe and Central Asia, a regional reviewWB  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: cases from urban AfricaProVention Consortium; UNDP; UN-HABITAT  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: closing the gapDFID, United Kingdom - gov; IDS  2008
Save Document Convergence of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptationDFID, United Kingdom - gov  2008
Save Document Child voices: children of Nepal speak out on climate change adaptationIDS  2008
Save Document Adaptive agriculture in flood affected areasILEIA  2008
Save Document Early warning saving livesPractical Action Nepal  2008
Save Document Data against natural disasters: establishing effective systems for relief, recovery and reconstructionWB  2008
Save Document Risk wiseIDRC Davos  2008
Save Document Freshwater under threat: South AsiaAIT; UNEP  2008
Save Document World in transition: climate change as a security riskWBGU, Germany - gov  2008
Save Document The humanitarian costs of climate changeFIC  2008
Save Document From risk to resilience, working paper 9: understanding the costs and benefits of disaster risk reduction under changing climatic conditionsISET; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document From risk to resilience, working paper 7: evaluating the costs and benefits of disaster risk reduction under changing climatic conditions, a Pakistan case studyISET; IIASA; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document From risk to resilience, working paper 6: costs and benefits of flood mitigation in the lower Bagmati basin, case of Nepal Tarai and North BiharISET; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document From risk to resilience, working paper 4: evaluating costs and benefits of flood reduction under changing climatic conditions, case of the Rohini river basin, IndiaGEAG; ISET; IIASA; ProVention Consortium; WII  2008
Save Document Rapid agricultural disaster assessment routine (RADAR)FAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document China and Cambodia: integrated programming and cooperation with local authorities boost communities’ disaster preparednessIFRC  2008
Save Document Humanitarian implications of climate change: mapping emerging trends and risk hotspotsCI; Maplecroft; OCHA  2008
Save Document WMO statement on the status of the global climate in 2007WMO  2008
Save Document Natural security: protected areas and hazard mitigation, arguments for protectionWWF  2008
Save Document Witnesses account, contributing towards Hyogo Framework for Action: community-based disaster preparedness - BangladeshEU; Islamic Relief Worldwide  2008
Save Document Community based early warning system and evacuation: planning, development and testingADPC  2008
Save Document Accountability and non-discrimination in flood risk management, investigating the potential of a rights-based approach: Honduras case studyCA; ODI  2008
Save Document Total disaster risk management: good practices 2008ADRC  2008
Save Document Case study on risk factor analysis of 1991 cyclone disaster in Hatiya Island, BangladeshICHARM; PWRI  2008

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