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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Building resilience to climate change: ecosystem-based adaptation and lessons from the fieldIUCN  2010
Save Document Protecting development gains: reducing disaster vulnerability and building resilience in Asia and the PacificESCAP; UNISDR AP  2010
Save Document Flowing forward: freshwater ecosystem adaptation to climate change in water resources management and biodiversity conservationWB; WWF  2010
Save Document The Regional Bureau's science support strategy 2010-2013: meeting society's needs with science-based solutionsUNESCO Jakarta  2010
Save Document Risk and Development Annual Review (RADAR), Western Cape 2010DIMP  2010
Save Document Human development report 2010 - The real wealth of nations: pathways to human developmentUNDP  2010
Save Document Economics of coastal zone: adaptation to climate changeWB  2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction through schools: a groundbreaking projectActionAid  2010
Save Document Children and disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific: a way forwardUNICEF  2010
Save Document Adaptive social protection: mapping the evidence and policy context in the agriculture sector in South AsiaIDS  2010
Save Document Private sector response to climate changeAfDB; AU; UNECA  2010
Save Document Climate risk management: monitoring, assessment, early warning and responseAfDB; AU; UNECA  2010
Save Document 'Climate-smart' agriculture: policies, practices and financing for food security, adaptation, and mitigationFAO Headquarters  2010
Save Document CARE’s perspective on the MDGs: building on success to accelerate progress towards 2015CI  2010
Save Document Incheon regional roadmap and action plan on DRR through CCA in Asia and the PacificUNISDR AP  2010
Save Document IDB integrated strategy for climate change adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable and renewable energyIDB  2010
Save Document Protecting arctic biodiversity: strengths and limitations of environmental agreementsUNEP  2010
Save Document Where the first wave arrives in minutes: Indonesian lessons on surviving tsunamis near their sourcesIOC; UNESCO Jakarta  2010
Save Document It is not too late: preparing for Asia’s next big earthquakeGFDRR; WB  2010
Save Document Land, environment and climate change: challenges, responses and toolsUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Risk-sensitive land use plan: Kathmandu metropolitan city, NepalEMI; DKKV, Germany - gov  2010
Save Document The health effects of climate change impacts on biodiversityCOHAB Initiative  2010
Save Document Beyond cost-benefit: developing a complete toolkit for adaptation decisionsIIED  2010
Save Document UCL grand challenges: progress to date 2008/2009-2009/2010UCL  2010
Save Document Social protection in Asia: research findings and policy lessonsIHD; IDS  2010
Save Document Advancing the biodiversity agenda: a UN System-wide contributionUNEP  2010
Save Document Contributing to the global debate on climate change: a retrospective report on the 37th General Assembly in ZurichGeneva Association  2010
Save Document Grounded decisions: informing policies that help the vulnerable adaptIDRC  2010
Save Document Integrating meteorological and indigenous knowledge-based seasonal climate forecasts for the agricultural sectorIDRC  2010
Save Document Financing climate change: fast start financing reportCONSILIUM  2010
Save Document Community-centered flood early warning systems in the Central American Isthmus and the Dominican RepublicOAS  2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: contested spaces and emerging opportunities in development theory and practiceEarthscan  2010
Save Document Incheon declaration on disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific 2010UNISDR AP  2010
Save Document Resilience renaissance? Unpacking of resilience for tackling climate change and disastersIDS  2010
Save Document Assessing progress on integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in development processesIDS  2010
Save Document Greening disaster risk: issues at the interface of disaster risk management and low carbon developmentIDS  2010
Save Document Climate change and education, MaldivesDFID, United Kingdom - gov  2010
Save Document Climate change and education, BangladeshDFID, United Kingdom - gov  2010
Save Document Climate change assessment for Maputo, MozambiqueUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation workshop reportIFRC  2010
Save Document Plan of action on safe hospitalsPAHO  2010
Save Document Working better together: an NGO perspective on improving Australia's coordination in disaster managementAPCMCOE, Australia - gov; ACFID  2010
Save Document The global ocean observing system: a summary for policy makersIOC  2010
Save Document Report of the fifth session of the World Urban Forum, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Climate change, agriculture and povertyWB  2010
Save Document Climate proofing infrastructure in Bangladesh: the incremental cost of limiting future inland monsoon flood damageWB  2010
Save Document Climate risk and business: practical methods for assessing riskIFC  2010
Save Document Toolkit for integrating climate change adaptation into development projectsCI; IISD  2010
Save Document Financial transaction taxes for climate changeWWF  2010
Save Document Water and climate change towards COP-16WCC  2010

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