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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Adaptación a los impactos del cambio climático en los humedales costeros del Golfo de México, volumen IINE  2009
Save Document Habitat Risk Management Programme (HRMP)AKPBS  2009
Save Document Investing in a safer future: a disaster risk reduction policy for the Australian aid programAusAid, Australia - gov  2009
Save Document Natural hazards 2009GNS Science; NIWA  2009
Save Document Towards mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into planning, design and construction of health facilities in BangladeshADPC; MOFDM, Bangladesh - gov  2009
Save Document Other worlds are possible: human progress in an age of climate changeIIED; NEF  2009
Save Document Building safer communities: risk governance, spatial planning and responsesNATO  2009
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in urban planning practice in Tanzania: AURAN phase IIARU; BCPR-UNDP; ProVention Consortium  2009
Save Document Climate frontline: African communities adapting to surviveConcern Universal  2009
Save Document Climate change and health: a lens to refocus on the health needs of the poorCommonwealth Sec  2009
Save Document Human rights and climate change: an approach that puts people in the forefront of the debateCommonwealth Sec  2009
Save Document Tackling climate change: communities making a differenceACT  2009
Save Document The little green data book 2009WB  2009
Save Document From conflict to peacebuilding: the role of natural resources and the environmentIISD; UNEP  2009
Save Document Cambio climático en América LatinaEC  2009
Save Document Climate frontlines: an online forum to strengthen the voices of vulnerable communities in global climate change debatesUNESCO  2009
Save Document Climate change and Arctic sustainable developmentUNESCO  2009
Save Document Adaptation fundUNFCCC  2009
Save Document Accessing resources from the adaptation fund: the handbookUNFCCC  2009
Save Document ADB climate change programs: strengthening mitigation and adaptation in Asia and the PacificADB  2009
Save Document Evaluation: natural disasters and climate change in Finnish aid from the perspective of poverty reductionFORMIN, Finland - gov  2009
Save Document Livestock and climate changeIFAD  2009
Save Document The impact of climate change on pastoral societies of SomalilandCandle Light for Health, Education and Environ  2009
Save Document ISO/FDIS 13824:2009: bases for design of structures - general principles on risk assessment of systems involving structuresISO  2009
Save Document Adaptation financing instruments: policy briefOCP  2009
Save Document Climate change and Canada’s forests: from impacts to adaptationNatural Res Canada, Canada - gov  2009
Save Document Multi-hazard mapping using geographic information systems (GIS)ACF International  2009
Save Document Comprehensive houselhold vulnerability and capacities analysis: Camarines Sur and Catanduanes, Bicol region, PhillipinesACF International  2009
Save Document The New Orleans hurricane protection system: assessing pre-Katrina vulnerability and improving mitigation and preparednessNAE; NRC  2009
Save Document Review of five London hospital fires and their managementNHS London, United Kingdom - gov  2009
Save Document Sea level rise and the vulnerability of coastal peoplesUNU-EHS  2009
Save Document Vulnerable countries and people: how disaster risk reduction and insurance can help manage the risks of climate changeMCII; UNU-EHS  2009
Save Document Multi-donor trust funds: instruments of first choice for post-crises situations?WB  2009
Save Document Guide for school emergency operations plan - MaldivesMOE, Maldives - gov  2009
Save Document Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System in the North Eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Connected Seas (ICG/NEAMTWS)IOC; UNESCO  2009
Save Document Progress in reducing disaster risk and implementing Hyogo Framework for Action in the Arab RegionUNISDR ROAS  2009
Save Document Guía técnica para la implementaicón de un sistema regional de información climática aplicada a la gestión de riesgo agrícola en los países AndinosCIIFEN  2009
Save Document Climate change vulnerability and adaptation experiences from Rajasthan and Andhra PradeshIntercooperation; SDC, Switzerland - gov  2009
Save Document River basin commissions and other institutions for transboundary water cooperationUNECE  2009
Save Document Guidance on water and adaptation to climate changeUNECE  2009
Save Document Hazard profile of MyanmarADPC; Myanmar - gov  2009
Save Document Institutional arrangements for disaster management in MyanmarADPC; Min of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Myanmar - gov  2009
Save Document Disaster risk management programs for priority countriesGFDRR; UNISDR; WB  2009
Save Document Securing water for ecosystems and human well-being: the importance of environmental flowsSIWI  2009
Save Document Gendering disaster risk reduction: a working glossaryGDN  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation strategies: water resources management options for smallholder farming systems in Sub-Saharan AfricaEarth Instit; MDG Centre, East and Southern Africa (The); Rockefeller Fndn  2009
Save Document Good practice examples for disaster risk reduction in Cuban agricultureFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and social protectionOECD  2009
Save Document Impact evaluation and interventions to address climate change: a scoping study3ie  2009
Save Document Growth aftermath of natural disasters, theWB  2009

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