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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Partnerships for dealing with risk: creating networks for disaster risk managementBMZ, Germany - gov; InWEnt  2008
Save Document National platforms for disaster risk management in South and South-East AsiaGIZ, Germany - gov; BMZ, Germany - gov  2008
Save Document Nicaragua: tsunami warning system, a component of sustainable tourism promotionGIZ, Germany - gov; BMZ, Germany - gov  2008
Save Document Actes du colloque risq-ue 2008 'From past natural disasters to the challenge of climate change in Europe'AFPCN; MEDDE, France - gov  2008
Save Document Asian disaster reduction response networkADRRN  2008
Save Document Profile and directory: disaster risk reduction organisations in Indonesia 2008BNPB, Indonesia - gov  2008
Save Document The floods of 2005 in Switzerland: synthesis report on the event analysisFOEN, Switzerland - gov  2008
Save Document Data on disasters in Indonesia 2006-2007BNPB, Indonesia - gov  2008
Save Document Estrategias de proteccion civil y gestion de riesgo hidrometeorologico ante el cambio climaticoINE  2008
Save Document United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction activities in Central AsiaUNISDR CA  2008
Save Document Integrating emergency preparedness and response into undergraduate nursing curriculaWHO  2008
Save Document International workshop on new approaches in natural risk management: abstract bookCOE; EUR-OPA; AFEM, Turkey - gov  2008
Save Document Philippines: 'Gawad Kalasag' award - revised guidelinesNDRRMC, Philippines - gov  2008
Save Document Local voices, global choices: for successful disaster risk reductionBOND  2008
Save Document Preparing for disaster saves livesECHO  2008
Save Document People pay attention! COOPI is coming with prevention!COOPI; ECHO  2008
Save Document L’action de l’UE pour lutter contre le changement climatiqueEC  2008
Save Document Tsunami four-year progress reportIFRC  2008
Save Document Climate change and trade on the road to CopenhagenICTSD  2008
Save Document Community perspectives on water and sanitation towards Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)Concern Universal; Eminence Assoc  2008
Save Document Hazards and the built environment: attaining built-in resilienceBosher, Lee  2008
Save Document The path to responsible development: disaster risk reductionInterAction  2008
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in subnational development and land use/physical planning in the PhilippinesECHO; NEDA, Philippines - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Turning up the heat climate change and poverty in UgandaOxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Buenas prácticas para la reducción del riesgo de desastres en la agricultura CubanaCuba - gov; FAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Climate change, development and energy problems in South Africa: another world is possibleEarthlife Africa Jhb; Oxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Russia and neighbouring countries: environmental, economic and social impacts of climate changeOxfam Intl; WWF  2008
Save Document A right to participate: securing children’s role in climate change adaptationCCC  2008
Save Document Asian conference on disaster reduction 2007: summary reportADRC; Japan - gov; Kazakhstan - gov; UNDP; UNISDR; WMO  2008
Save Document Manual on hazard resistant construction in India: for reducing vulnerability in buildings built without engineersNCPDP, India - gov; NDMA, India - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Multi-sectoral in-depth vulnerability and needs assessmentZVAC, Zambia - gov  2008
Save Document Tackling climate change, contributions of capacity developmentGIZ, Germany - gov  2008
Save Document Water and adaptation to climate change: consequences for developing countriesGIZ, Germany - gov  2008
Save Document Climate change and agriculture: threats and opportunitiesGIZ, Germany - gov; BMZ, Germany - gov  2008
Save Document ENOS variabilidad climática y riesgo de desabre en las Américas: procesos, patrones y gestiónFLACSO; IAI; Oxfam Intl; LA RED  2008
Save Document Enhancing community-based disaster preparedness with information technology: community disaster information systemNIH  2008
Save Document Innovative solutions for the delta: adapting the deltas of the world to climate changeRoyal Haskoning  2008
Save Document Earthquake resistant housing: technical briefPractical Action  2008
Save Document Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)Krishnamurthy, R.R.; Glavovic, Bruce C.; Kannen, Andreas; Green, David R.; Ramanathan, AL.; Han, Zengcui; Tinti, Stefano; Agardy, Tundi (Eds.)  2008
Save Document Public oversight of the security sector: a handbook for civil society organizationsBCPR-UNDP  2008
Save Document Climate change and hazards associated with ice use in Northern CanadaINSTAAR  2008
Save Document Journal of flood risk managementCIWEM  2008
Save Document Linking disaster risk reduction, environment management and development practices and practitioners in Asia Pacific region: a review of opportunities for integrationADPC; CI; IUCN; SEI; WWF  2008
Save Document Field manual on slope stabilizationERRA, Pakistan - gov; UNDP Pakistan  2008
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into housing sector in Sri LankaADPC; DMC, Sri Lanka - gov  2008
Save Document Forest carbon finance: potential and challenges for Commonwealth countriesCommonwealth Sec  2008
Save Document Local governments and climate changeCommonwealth Sec  2008
Save Document An uncertain future: law enforcement, national security and climate changeORG  2008
Save Document Revitalizing regulating services: the Netherlands floodplain policyFAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: a toolkit for tourism destinations - practical examples from coastal settlements in AsiaUNEP  2008

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