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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Disaster management risk reduction: strategy and coordination revised plan 2011 (MAA00029)IFRC  2010
Save Document Systems approach to management of disasters: methods and applicationsSimonovic, Slobodan P  2010
Save Document Legal responses to climate changeDurrant, Nicola  2010
Save Document Developing adaptation policy and practice in Europe: multi-level governance of climate changeKeskitalo, E. Carina H. (Ed.)  2010
Save Document Working with parliamenterians: strategy and actionUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document The state of China cities 2010/2011: better city better lifeUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document The state of African cities 2010: governance, inequalities and urban land marketsUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document Design for flooding: architecture, landscape and urban design for resilience to flooding and climate changeWatson, Donald; Adams, Michele  2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and climate change advocacy strategyIAWG  2010
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: case studies from South and Southeast AsiaUNU-EHS  2010
Save Document Guidance note on recovery: climate changeIRP; UNDP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Guidance note on recovery: shelterIRP; UNDP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Guidance note on recovery: livelihoodIRP; UNDP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Guidance note on recovery: environmentIRP; UNDP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Guidance note on recovery: infrastructureIRP; UNDP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Guidance note on recovery: governanceIRP; UNDP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Guidance note on recovery: genderIRP; UNDP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Cyclone Nargis 2008: rehabilitation in MyanmarIRP; Myanmar - gov; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Wenchuan earthquake 2008: recovery and reconstruction in Sichuan provinceCEA, China - gov; ILO; IRP; UNISDR  2010
Save Document WWF recommendations for the Cancun packageWWF  2010
Save Document WWF key country demands for CancunWWF  2010
Save Document Child centered disaster risk reduction (CCDRR)ADPC; ECHO; Handicap Intl; Plan Intl  2010
Save Document Child Inclusive Community Risk Assessment (CICRA)ADPC; ECHO; Islamic Relief Worldwide; Plan Intl  2010
Save Document Facilitator guidebook: Disaster risk reduction training to community volunteerADPC; ECHO; Islamic Relief Worldwide  2010
Save Document Facilitator guidebook on community-based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR)ADPC; ECHO; Islamic Relief Worldwide; Plan Intl  2010
Save Document Urban risk assessment: a facilitator's guidebookADPC; ECHO; Handicap Intl; Islamic Relief Worldwide; Plan Intl  2010
Save Document Working paper: culture of safety in schools - mandatory or by choiceAAB; ADPC  2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation: what Federal agencies are doingC2ES  2010
Save Document Les risques naturels en PolynésieBRGM, France - gov  2010
Save Document The Manila call for action of parliamentarians on applying disaster risk reduction as an instrument for achieving the Millennium Development GoalsAFPPD; Senate of the Philippines, Philippines - gov; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Right to a future: climate change negotiations must be accountable to childrenSCI  2010
Save Document UN System supporting adaptation in an enhanced adaptation regimeUN  2010
Save Document Role of national meteorological and hydrological services in mainstreaming climate services for climate risk managementWMO  2010
Save Document Climate change and nutrition security: message to the UNFCCC negociatorsUSCN  2010
Save Document The least developed countries report 2010: towards a new international development architecture for LDCsUNCTAD  2010
Save Document Sea level rise: impact on major infrastructure, ecosystems and land along the Tamil Nadu coastCDF  2010
Save Document Mobilising climate change funding in the Pacific islands regionCMS  2010
Save Document Briefing note 03: strengthening climate change adaptation through effective disaster risk reductionUNISDR  2010
Save Document Investing in communities: the benefits and costs of building resilience for food security in MalawiTearfund  2010
Save Document A truly integrated approach to adaptationBirdLife Intl  2010
Save Document How to sound knowledgeable in CancunIRIN  2010
Save Document Adaptation to climate change using green and blue infrastructure: a database of case studiesUniv of Manchester  2010
Save Document Biodiversity, ecosystem services, and climate change: the economic problemWB  2010
Save Document Now more than ever: climate talks that work for those who need them mostOxfam America  2010
Save Document Quantification and magnitude of losses and damages resulting from the impacts of climate change: modelling the transformational impacts and costs of sea level rise in the caribbeanCCCCC; CARICOM; Caribsave Partnership; DFID, United Kingdom - gov; UNDP  2010
Save Document Costs of adapting to climate change for human health in developing countriesWB  2010
Save Document Water and climate change adaptationIUCN  2010
Save Document Tajikistan: key priorities for climate change adaptationWB  2010
Save Document Towards a characterisation of adaptive capacity: a framework for analysing adaptive capacity at the local levelCI; ODI; Oxfam GB; SCI; WVI  2010
Save Document The economics of climate change in Central America: summary 2010CCAD; DFID, United Kingdom - gov; ECLAC; SICA  2010

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