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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Reducing earthquake risk in hospitals, from equipment, contents, architectural elements and building utility systemsGHI  2009
Save Document Climate vulnerability and capacity analysisCI  2009
Save Document Managing our coastal zone in a changing climate: the time to act is nowParliament of Australia, Australia - gov  2009
Save Document Situation assessment in Villa Nueva: prospects for an urban disaster risk reduction program in Guatemala City’s precarious settlementsResilience Inst; Huxley College of the Environ, Western Washington Univ  2009
Save Document Heart of dryness: how the last bushmen can help us endure the coming age of permanent droughtWorkman, James A.  2009
Save Document Making development climate resilient: a World Bank strategy for Sub-Saharan AfricaWB  2009
Save Document Handbook of typical school designRCDM ITB; SCI  2009
Save Document Manual on retrofitting of existing vulnerable school buildings - assessment to retrofittingRCDM ITB; SCI  2009
Save Document Manual para la reparación y reforzamiento de viviendas de albañilería confinada dañadas por sismos - Tipología de dañosUNDP Peru  2009
Save Document Capacity needs assessment in disaster risk reduction: county, district and community assessmentLiberia - gov; UNDP Liberia  2009
Save Document Amman disaster risk management master plan: support to building national capacities for earthquake risk reduction in AmmanEMI; UNDP Jordan  2009
Save Document Risk governance deficits: an analysis and illustration of the most common deficits in risk governanceIRGC  2009
Save Document Australia’s biodiversity and climate change: summary for policy makers 2009Australia - gov  2009
Save Document Report on 2007-2008 'Water-related risk management course of disaster management policy program'ICHARM; PWRI; UNESCO  2009
Save Document Global trends in water-related disasters: an insight for policymakersICHARM; UNESCO  2009
Save Document The effects of climate change: an increase in coastal flood damage in Northern EuropeSwiss Re  2009
Save Document Policy options to support climate-induced migrationADB  2009
Save Document L'Aquila, April 6th 2009, 3:32 amEucentre; IUSS  2009
Save Document Risk analysis of water pollutionGanoulis, Jacques  2009
Save Document Assessing quality and cost benefit: a Philippines case studyIFRC  2009
Save Document Risk reduction methods: disaster reduction handbook for foundation phase learners (Grade 1-3)UNISDR AF  2009
Save Document Reducing vulnerability, enhancing resilience: the importance of adaptation technologies for the post-2012 climate agreementCaritas Internationalis; CIDSE  2009
Save Document Is it resilience a vaccine to cope with emergencies?Sinergie  2009
Save Document Institutional and policy analysis of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Pacific Island Countries: final reportHay, John E.  2009
Save Document Regional workshop on urban risk reduction in Arab States, Damascus, Syria, November 2009: consolidated workshop proceedings reportMin of Local Admin and Environ, Syrian Arab Rep - Gov; UNDP Syria; UNISDR ROAS; WB  2009
Save Document Rule: reforming water governanceIUCN  2009
Save Document Women building their future gender breakthroughs in post-tsunami AcehUNIFEM  2009
Save Document Joint research on the assessment methodology for recovery community development - final reportADRC; DRI; IRP; UNCRD  2009
Save Document Words to action: implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action through gendered community based disaster managementUNCRD  2009
Save Document Earthquake safety construction: from guidelines to practiceUNCRD  2009
Save Document UNCRD Hyogo 10th anniversary report (1999-2009)UNCRD  2009
Save Document Adapting to climate change: UK climate projectionsDEFRA, United Kingdom - gov  2009
Save Document Climate risk management (CRM): synthesis report PakistanADPC; NWFP, Pakistan - gov; SDC, Switzerland - gov  2009
Save Document Climate change: how can we adapt?GWP  2009
Save Document Thames Estuary 2100: managing flood risk through London and the Thames estuary - TE2100 Plan, consultation documentEnvironment Agency, United Kingdom - gov  2009
Save Document Education and climate change living and learning in interesting timesKagawa, Fumiyo; Selby, David  2009
Save Document The Caribbean drought and precipitation monitoring network: the concept and its progressCIMH  2009
Save Document Survival: how a culture of preparedness can save America and you from disastersRussel, Honoré (Lt. Gen., U.S. Army, ret); Martz, Ron  2009
Save Document GRC - International cooperation: disaster risk reductionGRC  2009
Save Document Report on communication mapping and planning at community levels: DMIN series report 2ADPC  2009
Save Document Report on pilot testing of community based early warning systems: DMIN series report 3ADPC  2009
Save Document Report on communication ready certification: DMIN series report 4ADPC  2009
Save Document Project completion report: DMIN series report 5ADPC  2009
Save Document IntoAction 3 - Early-warning communication system for the Kingdom of TongaMunich Re Fndn  2009
Save Document Biometeorology for adaptation to climate variability and changeEbi, Kristie L; Burton, Ian; McGregor, Glenn (Eds.)  2009
Save Document Cities and resilience: climate policy briefACCCRN; ProVention Consortium; ESCAP; UNISDR  2009
Save Document Catálogo de herramientas y recursos de información sobre sistemas de alerta temprana (SAT)CRID  2009
Save Document Catálogo de herramientas y recursos de información para el fortalecimiento de capacidades locales de respuestaCRID  2009
Save Document Pastoralists’ vulnerability in the Horn of Africa: Exploring political marginalization, donors’ policies, and cross-border issues - literature reviewODI  2009
Save Document Pastoralism, policies and practice in the Horn and East Africa: a review of current trendsODI  2009

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