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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Band aids and beyond tackling disasters in Ethiopia 25 years after the famineOxfam Intl  2009
Save Document Climate change adaptation: enabling people living in poverty to adapt (discussion paper)Oxfam Intl  2009
Save Document Central Asia and Caucasus Disaster Risk Management Initiative (CAC DRMI)UNISDR EUR; UNISDR CA; WB; WMO  2009
Save Document Bolivia, climate change poverty and adaptationOxfam Intl  2009
Save Document Running dry? Climate change in drylands and how to cope with itGIZ, Germany - gov  2009
Save Document SADKN portal guidelines reportSDMC  2009
Save Document Climate change and migration in Asia and the Pacific - Draft studyADB  2009
Save Document Assessing vulnerability and adaptive capacity to climate risks: methods for investigation at local and national levelsIISD; WB  2009
Save Document Climate change, environmental degradation and migration: addressing vulnerabilities and harnessing opportunitiesGreece - gov; IOM  2009
Save Document Know disaster, tell disaster risk reduction: training handbook for media professionalsSEEDS Asia; UNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Indigenous knowledge for disaster risk reduction in South AsiaSDMC  2009
Save Document Disaster risk reduction for safe development: a study of corporate practices in IndiaSDMC  2009
Save Document SAARC workshop on earthquake risk management in South Asia reportSDMC  2009
Save Document 2009 in-depth vulnerability and needs technical assessment reportZVAC, Zambia - gov  2009
Save Document Mitigating the adverse financial effects of natural hazards on the economies of Central AsiaCAREC; UNISDR CA; WB  2009
Save Document The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity for national and international policy makersUNEP  2009
Save Document Global earthquake model (GEM)GEM; OECD  2009
Save Document Briefing note 02: adaptation to climate change by reducing disaster risks: country practices and lessonsUNISDR  2009
Save Document Regional synthesis report on implementation of the HFA in Asia and Pacific 2007-2008/09UNISDR AP  2009
Save Document Community disaster resilience fund (CDRF): operational guidelines - draftNADRR  2009
Save Document One year later.... Community Disaster Resilience Fund (CDRF), learning from the pilot initiative in IndiaNADRR  2009
Save Document Operational earthquake forecasting: state of knowledge and guidelines for utilizationItaly - gov  2009
Save Document UNISDR secretariat biennial work programme: 2010-2011UNISDR  2009
Save Document State of world population 2009: facing a changing world - women, population and climateUNFPA  2009
Save Document Guide to developing national action plans: a tool for mainstreaming disaster risk management based on experience from selected Pacific Island countriesSPC/SOPAC  2009
Save Document Climate change, poverty and environmental crisis in the disaster prone areas of PakistanOxfam GB  2009
Save Document Review of economic and livelihood impact assessments of, and adaptation to, climate change in MelanesiaSPREP  2009
Save Document Institutional capacity within Melanesian countries to effectively respond to climate change impacts, with a focus on Vanuatu and the Solomon IslandsSPREP  2009
Save Document Trick or Treat? REDD, development and sustainable forest managementGlobal Witness  2009
Save Document Mega-stress for mega-cities: a climate vulnerability ranking of major coastal cities in AsiaWWF  2009
Save Document Food security and agricultural mitigation in developing countries: options for capturing synergiesFAO Headquarters  2009
Save Document Global environmental change: the threat to human healthWorldwatch Inst  2009
Save Document Agricultural development under a changing climate: opportunities and challenges for adaptationWB  2009
Save Document Economic costs of the 2009 floods in the Fiji sugar belt and policy implicationsDept of Lands and Surveys, Fiji - gov; EC; IUCN  2009
Save Document Climate change and food security in the PacificFAO Headquarters; SPREP  2009
Save Document Relationship between natural disasters and poverty: A Fiji case studySPC/SOPAC; UNISDR Pacific  2009
Save Document Climate change risks to Australia's coasts: a first national pass assessmentDept of Climate Change and Energy Effic, Australia - gov  2009
Save Document Understanding and responding to climate change in developing AsiaADB  2009
Save Document Accommodating migration to promote adaptation to climate changeCCCD  2009
Save Document Haiti: a gathering stormOxfam Intl  2009
Save Document El cambio climático: causas, consecuencias y la reducción de riesgos de desastre de Cruz Roja CostarricenseCruz Roja Costarricense; IFRC; Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre  2009
Save Document Climate change information for effective adaptation: a practitioner‘s manualGIZ, Germany - gov; BMZ, Germany - gov; PIK  2009
Save Document Investing in a more sustainable IndonesiaWB  2009
Save Document Towards a resilient future: experiences with community managed disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptationCORDAID  2009
Save Document Feeling the heat: child survival in a changing climateSCI  2009
Save Document 2009 California climate adaptation strategyState of California, United States of America - gov  2009
Save Document Debating climate change: pathways through argument to agreementMalone, Elizabeth L.  2009
Save Document Climate change and agriculture: an economic analysis of global impacts, adaptation and distributional effectsMendelsohn, Robert; Dinar, Ariel  2009
Save Document Distributional impacts of climate change and disasters: concepts and casesRuth, Matthias; Weston, Roy F.  2009
Save Document French studies related to climate change adaptationAFPCN  2009

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