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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


155 items for Storm Surge Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document The Netherlands storm surge warning serviceNetherlands - gov  1989
Save Document Building performance: hurricane Andrew in Florida, observations, recommendations and technical guidanceFEMA, United States of America - gov  1992
Save Document Coast 2050: toward a sustainable coastal LouisianaDNR, United States of America - gov  1998
Save Document Handbook on natural disaster reduction in tourist areasWMO; UNWTO  1998
Save Document Natural disaster managementIDNDR  1999
Save Document Philippines country report on natural disaster reduction, submitted to the IDNDR-ESCAP Regional Meeting for Asia, 23-26 February 1999, Bangkok, ThailandPhilippines - gov  1999
Save Document China national report on International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR)China National Committee for IDNDR, China - gov  1999
Save Document Proceedings of the WMO/UNESCO sub-forum on science and technology in support of natural disaster reduction, 6-8 July 1999, Geneva, SwitzerlandUNESCO; WMO  1999
Save Document Last straw: integrating natural disaster mitigation with environmental managementWB  2002
Save Document We all knew that a cyclone was coming: disaster preparedness and the cyclone of 1999 in Orissa, IndiaThomalla, Frank; Schmuch, Hanna  2004
Save Document Geographic information for disaster prevention for creating hazard mapsJapan - gov  2005
Save Document The role of science in physical natural hazard assessment: report to the UK Government by the Natural Hazard Working GroupUnited Kingdom - gov  2005
Save Document Hurricane Katrina. Volume 2. Remote sensing. Advance damage detection for hurricane Katrina: integrating remote sensing VIEWS. Field reconnaissanceMCEER  2006
Save Document In the front line: shoreline protection and other ecosystem services from mangroves and coral reefsICRAN; IUCN; UNEP; WCMC  2006
Save Document High water mark collection for Hurricane Katrina in MississippiFEMA, United States of America - gov  2006
Save Document High water mark collection for Hurricane Katrina in AlabamaFEMA, United States of America - gov  2006
Save Document High water mark collection for Hurricane Katrina in LouisianaFEMA, United States of America - gov  2006
Save Document The spatial effects and management of natural and technological hazards in EuropeESPON  2006
Save Document Developing a disaster risk profile for MaldivesRMSI; UNDP  2006
Save Document Guideline: State coastal management plan, mitigating the adverse impacts of storm tide indundationQueensland Gov, Australia - gov  2006
Save Document Madrid conference - statement and action planWMO  2007
Save Document Disaster response and risk management in the fisheries sectorFAO Headquarters  2007
Save Document The implications of global environmental change for human security in coastal urban areasIHDP  2007
Save Document Cyclone resistant building architectureNDMA, India - gov; UNDP  2007
Save Document Indigenous disaster early warning, preparedness, and responseUNEP  2007
Save Document Improving delivery of safety-oriented weather information for non-english speaking households (NESH)Bureau of Meteorology, Australia - gov; CRC, Australia - gov  2008
Save Document WMO and IOC/UNESCO press conference background on storm surge warning systemsIOC; UNESCO  2008
Save Document Planet prepare: Asia Pacific disaster reportWVI  2008
Save Document Rapid agricultural disaster assessment routine (RADAR)FAO Headquarters  2008
Save Document Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)Krishnamurthy, R.R.; Glavovic, Bruce C.; Kannen, Andreas; Green, David R.; Ramanathan, AL.; Han, Zengcui; Tinti, Stefano; Agardy, Tundi (Eds.)  2008
Save Document Journal of flood risk managementCIWEM  2008
Save Document For easy sleep along the shore: making hazard warnings more effectiveIDRC  2008
Save Document Disaster risk profile of the Republic of SeychellesSeychelles - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Variability and trends in the Australian wave climate and consequent coastal vulnerabilityCSIRO  2008
Save Document Reubicaciones por desastre: análisis de intervención gubernamental comparadaCIESAS  2008
Save Document Weather, climate and the air we breatheWMO  2009
Save Document Sea-level rise and storm surges: a comparative analysis of impacts in developing countriesWB  2009
Save Document Natural and conflict-related hazards in Asia-PacificOCHA ROAP  2009
Save Document Climate change and the future impacts of storm-surge disasters in developing countriesCGD  2009
Save Document Climate change risks to Australia's coasts: a first national pass assessmentDept of Climate Change and Energy Effic, Australia - gov  2009
Save Document Vulnerability of arid and semi-arid regions to climate change: impacts and adaptive strategiesAWC; WWC  2009
Save Document Trade and climate changeUNEP; UNWTO  2009
Save Document Natural hazards 2009GNS Science; NIWA  2009
Save Document Climate frontlines: an online forum to strengthen the voices of vulnerable communities in global climate change debatesUNESCO  2009
Save Document The New Orleans hurricane protection system: assessing pre-Katrina vulnerability and improving mitigation and preparednessNAE; NRC  2009
Save Document Sea level rise and the vulnerability of coastal peoplesUNU-EHS  2009
Save Document Guide for school emergency operations plan - MaldivesMOE, Maldives - gov  2009
Save Document Hazard profile of MyanmarADPC; Myanmar - gov  2009
Save Document Institutional arrangements for disaster management in MyanmarADPC; Min of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Myanmar - gov  2009
Save Document Securing water for ecosystems and human well-being: the importance of environmental flowsSIWI  2009

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