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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


327 items for Structural Safety Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Safer cities: case studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the PacificADPC  2005
Save Document Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program (AUDMP) completion reportADPC  2005
Save Document Real RiskGriffiths, Jacqui; Ingleton, Toby  2006
Save Document Health facility seismic vulnerability evaluation: a handbookWHO  2006
Save Document Hospitales seguros ante inundacionesPAHO  2006
Save Document Earthquake engineeringCUREE  2006
Save Document Enhancing regional cooperation in infrastructure development including that related to disaster managementESCAP  2006
Save Document An exploration of the construction industry’s role in disaster preparedness, response and recoveryRICS; UCL  2006
Save Document Earthquake resistant design of structuresAgarwal, Pankaj; Shrikhande, Manish  2006
Save Document Advances in earthquake engineering for urban risk reductionWasti, S. Tanvir; Ozcebe, Guney  2006
Save Document Model school designs for construction in various seismic zones of IndiaNDMA, India - gov; UNDP  2006
Save Document Guideline: State coastal management plan, mitigating the adverse impacts of storm tide indundationQueensland Gov, Australia - gov  2006
Save Document Words into action: a guide to implementing the Hyogo FrameworkUNISDR  2007
Save Document Tools for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction: guidance notes for development organisationsProVention Consortium  2007
Save Document 2008-2009 world disaster reduction campaign kit: hospitals safe from disastersUNISDR; WB; WHO  2007
Save Document Handbook on good building design and construction: Aceh and Nias islandsUNDP; UNISDR AP  2007
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and preparedness for health facilitiesWHO  2007
Save Document SB1953 and the challenge of hospital seismic safety in CaliforniaMeade, Charles; Kulick, Jonathan  2007
Save Document For earthquake safe communitiesNSET  2007
Save Document Risk mapping of earthquakes in new member statesJRC  2007
Save Document Recopilación de herramientas para la gestión local del riesgo: apoyo a las autoridades locales de ciudades de América Central para la gestión del riesgoIDRC; UN-HABITAT  2007
Save Document International forum on tsunami and earthquake: experts meeting - summary reportHPG, Japan - gov; IFRC; ILO; IRP; MOFA, Japan - gov; UN-HABITAT; UNISDR Hyogo; OCHA ROAP; WB  2007
Save Document Is your hospital safe? Questions and answers for health personnelEC; PAHO  2007
Save Document Strengthening disaster management and mitigation - component 2: preventive infrastructure master planADB; Fraser Thomas; IGCI; MPC Group Intl  2007
Save Document New Orleans affordable housing assessment: lessons learnedMercy Corps  2007
Save Document A formal model for construction safety risk managementGeorgia Tech; RICS  2007
Save Document Mitigating the impacts of disasters: policy directionsUN-HABITAT  2007
Save Document Extreme weather hits home: protecting your buildings from climate changeJohn Banta  2007
Save Document Cyclone resistant building architectureNDMA, India - gov; UNDP  2007
Save Document Seismic safety of non-structural elements and contents of hospital buildingsNDMA, India - gov; UNDP  2007
Save Document Towards mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into the planning process of road constructionADPC; NDRRMC, Philippines - gov  2007
Save Document Wider application of building code for safer housing: national workshop on the housing earthquake safety initiative, 23 August 2007, Lima, Peru - proceedingsCentro Peruano Japonés de Investigaciones Sísmicas y Mitigación de Desastres; UNCRD  2007
Save Document Cultural heritage and natural disasters: risk preparedness and the limits of preventionICOMOS Nepal  2007
Save Document Grassroots women's initiatives in reconstruction and governance: community visit and exchange workshop reportSSP  2008
Save Document Soil liquefaction during earthquakesEERI  2008
Save Document Planet prepare: Asia Pacific disaster reportWVI  2008
Save Document Tsunami preparedness: information guide for disaster plannersIOC  2008
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the education sector in Lao PDRADPC; ECHO; MOE, Lao People's Democratic Republic - gov; NDMO, Lao People's Democratic Republic - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the education sector in the PhilippinesADPC; DepEd, Philippines - gov; ECHO; NDRRMC, Philippines - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Safe schools in safe territoriesCECC; ECHO; UNICEF; UNISDR AM  2008
Save Document Criterios generales de construcción para hospitales, escuelas, vivienda de interés social, carreteras, agua potable y saneamiento ante los sismos, las inundaciones y los vientos fuertesCEPREDENAC; Spain - gov  2008
Save Document Rapid assessment of potential impacts of a tsunami: lessons from the Port of Galle in Sri LankaUNISDR; UNU-EHS  2008
Save Document Handbook on good building design and construction in the PhilippinesGIZ, Germany - gov; EC; ECHO; UNDP; UNISDR AP  2008
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the education sector in CambodiaADPC; ECHO; Min of Edu, Youth and Sport, Cambodia - gov; NCDM, Cambodia - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Tsunami four-year progress reportIFRC  2008
Save Document Hazards and the built environment: attaining built-in resilienceBosher, Lee  2008
Save Document Manual on hazard resistant construction in India: for reducing vulnerability in buildings built without engineersNCPDP, India - gov; NDMA, India - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Earthquake resistant housing: technical briefPractical Action  2008
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into housing sector in Sri LankaADPC; DMC, Sri Lanka - gov  2008
Save Document Taking shelter from the storm: Building a safe room for your home or small businessFEMA, United States of America - gov  2008

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