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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


327 items for Structural Safety Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Build back better: reconstruction and rehabilitation strategy, health sectorERRA, Pakistan - gov   
Save Document Report from the field: Shimla City, IndiaGHI   
Save Document School safety: Uttar Pradesh initiativeUNDP   
Save Document The protection of the architectural heritage against natural disastersCOE  1989
Save Document Standing up to natural disasters: UNESCO contributions to the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction 1990-2000UNESCO  1991
Save Document Civil defence and New Zealand schoolsCDEM, New Zealand - gov  1992
Save Document Mitigation of disasters in health facilities: general issues, volume 1PAHO; WHO  1993
Save Document Mitigation of disasters in health facilities: administrative issues, volume 2PAHO; WHO  1993
Save Document Mitigation of disasters in health facilities: architectural issues, volume 3PAHO; WHO  1993
Save Document Megacities: vulnerability of infrastructure to natural disasters, summary of presentationICE; IDNDR  1994
Save Document Report of the World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, 23-27 May 1994IDNDR  1994
Save Document Megacities: reducing vulnerability to natural disastersICE  1995
Save Document The effects of disasters on modern societiesIDNDR; UNCRD  1995
Save Document Report on seismic risk assessment and its reduction on the territory of the Yerevan cityNSSP, Armenia - gov  1996
Save Document Lessons for Central Asia from Armenia and SakhalinATC; GHI; EMER, Kazakhstan - gov; USGS, United States of America - gov  1997
Save Document Earthquake Hazard Centre newsletterEHC  1997
Save Document National Survey for Seismic Protection (NSSP) of ArmeniaNSSP, Armenia - gov  1998
Save Document Natural disaster managementIDNDR  1999
Save Document Bangladesh country report on natural disaster reduction, submitted to the IDNDR-ESCAP Regional Meeting for Asia, 23-26 February 1999, Bangkok, ThailandBangladesh - gov  1999
Save Document India country report on natural disaster reduction, submitted to the IDNDR-ESCAP Regional Meeting for Asia, 23-26 February 1999, Bangkok, ThailandIndia - gov  1999
Save Document Coping study on disaster resilient infrastructureIDNDR  1999
Save Document Natural disasters: protecting the public's healthPAHO; WHO  2000
Save Document Principles of disaster mitigation in health facilitiesPAHO  2000
Save Document Towards safer urban cities and environment in the 21st centuryICUS  2001
Save Document Report of the Secretary-General A/56/326: Road map towards the implementation of the United Nations Millennium DeclarationUN  2001
Save Document Natural disasters and the impacts on healthMarch, Gerard  2002
Save Document A structural vulnerability assessment of hospitals in Kathmandu ValleyMOH, Nepal - gov; NSET; WHO  2002
Save Document Guidelines for prevision against wind in hospitals and health centersCompañy, Carlos  2002
Save Document Terremotos en El Salvador 2001WHO  2002
Save Document Community wind shelters: background and researchFEMA, United States of America - gov  2002
Save Document Protecting new health facilities from natural disasters: guidelines for the promotion of disaster mitigationGarcía Concheso, Tarina  2003
Save Document Guidelines for seismic vulnerability assessment of hospitalsNSET; WHO  2003
Save Document Including earthquake risk perception in risk reduction modelingCUREE  2003
Save Document Guidelines for vulnerability reduction in the design of new health facilitiesPAHO; WHO  2004
Save Document Living with risk: a global review of disaster reduction initiativesUNISDR  2004
Save Document Measuring mitigation: methodologies for assessing natural hazard risks and the net benefits of mitigationIFRC; ProVention Consortium  2004
Save Document 45th Directing Council, 56th Session of the regional committee: report on reducing the impact of disasters on health facilitiesPAHO; WHO  2004
Save Document Strengthening health systems' response to crises, towards a new focus on disaster preparednessWHO  2004
Save Document Urban environment and infrastructure: toward livable citiesWB  2004
Save Document APELL for schools and educational buildings: a community-based approach for school safety and education for disaster reductionAPELL; UNESCO; UNEP  2004
Save Document Safe hospitals: a collective responsibility: a global measure of disaster reductionPAHO  2005
Save Document Sensing issues in civil structural health monitoringAnsari, Farhad  2005
Save Document World Conference on Disaster Reduction, thematic cluster 1, governance, institutional and policy frameworks for risk reduction, Session 1.5, disaster reduction indicators, safer critical facilities: safe hospitals, an indicator of disaster reductionCabinet Office, Japan - gov  2005
Save Document Design for survival coordination of critical infrastructure interdependencies to maximize disaster survivalJIIRP; UBC  2005
Save Document Guía para la protección de establecimientos de salud ante desastres naturalesMin de Salud, Peru - gov; PAHO; WHO  2005
Save Document Safe hospital checklistPAHO; WHO  2005
Save Document Guía de preparativos de salud frente a erupciones volcánicas: módulo 2, protección de los servicios de salud frente a erupciones volcánicasECHO; PAHO  2005
Save Document Kashmir earthquake of October 8 2005: a quick look reportMAE  2005
Save Document Requisitos generales de diseño y construcciónNicaragua - gov; SINAPRED, Nicaragua - gov; DRM  2005
Save Document UNCDR at UN WCDR 2005: proceedingsUNCRD  2005

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