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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


908 items for Environment Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document UNOPS and the environmentUNOPS   
Save Document Environmental health management after natural disasterPAHO  1982
Save Document Disaster: the destruction of our planetSullivan, George  1992
Save Document Risk management and preventive planning in megacities: a scientific approach for action, summary of presentationIAEG; IDNDR  1994
Save Document Urban environmental degradation and vulnerability to disasters, summary of presentationIDNDR; WB  1994
Save Document Report of the World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, 23-27 May 1994IDNDR  1994
Save Document Coastal zone management handbookClark, John R.  1995
Save Document Regions at risk : comparisons of threatened environmentsKasperson, Jeanne X.; Kasperson, Roger E.; TurnerII, B.L.  1995
Save Document The effects of disasters on modern societiesIDNDR; UNCRD  1995
Save Document Public health consequences of disastersNoji , Eric K.  1997
Save Document GIS-based framework for wildfire risk assessment: final reportUniversity of Zurich  1997
Save Document Chile's national activities for IDNDRChile - gov  1997
Save Document Coast 2050: toward a sustainable coastal LouisianaDNR, United States of America - gov  1998
Save Document Good practices in drylands managementOygard, Ragnar; Vedeld, Trond; Aune, Jens  1999
Save Document Exploratory study of two regions in Ethiopia: identification of target areas and partners for intervention, DCG report 6Waktola, Aregay  1999
Save Document Extreme weather events: the health and economic consequences of the 1997/98 El Niño and La NiñaCHGE  1999
Save Document Conclusions and recommendations: meeting on evaluation of preparedness and response to hurricanes Georges and Mitch, 16-19 February 1999, Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicPAHO; WHO  1999
Save Document Natural disaster managementIDNDR  1999
Save Document Paris DeclarationIDNDR  1999
Save Document Landuse planning and urban risk reductionSEEDS  1999
Save Document El plan de ordenamiento territorial y urbanismo, como instrumento fundamental para la reduccion de los desastres naturales: la experiencia cubanaInstituto de Planificación Física, Cuba - gov  1999
Save Document Sustainable hazard management in New Zealand: developing practice frameworksCDEM, New Zealand - gov  1999
Save Document International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) programme forum 1999 - proceedingsIDNDR  1999
Save Document Drought and drought mitigation in EuropeVogt, Jürgen V.; Somma, Francesca  2000
Save Document Land policies, land management and land degradation in the Hindu Kush - HimalayasICIMOD  2000
Save Document UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/55/2: United Nations Millennium DeclarationUN  2000
Save Document Flood control: wetland values and functionsRamsar Convention  2000
Save Document Global environmental riskKasperson, Jeanne X.; Kasperson, Roger E.  2001
Save Document Combating desertification with plantsPasternak, Dov; Schlissel, Arnold  2001
Save Document Challenging boundaries: a gender perspective on early warning in disaster and environmental managementDAW; UNISDR  2001
Save Document Climate change 2001: impacts, adaptation and vulnerabilityIPCC  2001
Save Document Report of the Secretary-General A/56/326: Road map towards the implementation of the United Nations Millennium DeclarationUN  2001
Save Document Global environment outlook 3: past, present and future perspectivesUNEP  2002
Save Document Ecology of desert systemsWhitford, Walter G.  2002
Save Document Planning safer communities; land use planning for natural hazardsAEMI, Australia - gov  2002
Save Document Desertification, drought, poverty and agriculture: a pre-proposal for a CGIAR challenge programmeCGIAR  2002
Save Document Last straw: integrating natural disaster mitigation with environmental managementWB  2002
Save Document Terremotos en El Salvador 2001WHO  2002
Save Document Chernobyl's legacy: health, environmental and socio-economic impacts and recommendations to the governments of Belarus, the Russian Federation and UkraineFAO Headquarters; UNDP; UNEP; OCHA; WB; WHO  2002
Save Document Managing dryland resources: an extension manual for Eastern and Southern AfricaIIRR Africa  2002
Save Document Disaster reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean: ISDR informs, issue 5, 2002UNISDR AM  2002
Save Document Urban vulnerability: perspectives from Southern AfricaOxfam Intl; Periperi U  2002
Save Document Regional report of the 2002 world disaster reduction campaign in Latin America and the Caribbean: disaster reduction for sustainable mountain developmentUNISDR AM  2002
Save Document Mangrove management and conservation: present and futureVannucci, Marta  2003
Save Document Mapping the impacts of recent natural disasters and technological accidents in EuropeEEA  2003
Save Document Handbook for estimating the socioeconomic and environmental effects of disastersECLAC; WB  2003
Save Document Aral: the history of dying seaIFAS  2003
Save Document IFAS 10 years: decisions and eventsIFAS  2003
Save Document IFAS: the way to regional cooperationIFAS  2003
Save Document Climate variability and change and their health effects in the Caribbean: information for adaptation planning in the health sectorAron, Joan L.; Corvalán, Carlos F.; Philippeaux, Harry  2003

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