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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


1015 items for Community-based DRR Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Preparing for climate change in VietnamRed Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre; Vietnam Red Cross Society  2007
Save Document A systems approach to building resilience to natural disasters at a local level in Pacific Island nationsUnitec Inst of Technology; Univ of Auckland  2007
Save Document 'Towards sustainable communities': gender in community based disaster management - proceedings of the International Disaster Management Symposium, Kobe Jan 18 2008UNCRD  2007
Save Document Community based risk reduction & livelihoods promotion: programme in Western OrissaUdyama  2007
Save Document Disaster brief, vol. 5, no. 1GROOTS; Huairou Commission  2008
Save Document People, policy and partnership for disaster resilience development: proceedingsNADRR  2008
Save Document Improving delivery of safety-oriented weather information for non-english speaking households (NESH)Bureau of Meteorology, Australia - gov; CRC, Australia - gov  2008
Save Document La gestión del riesgo de desastres hoy: contextos globales, herramientas localesIDRC; UNISDR AM  2008
Save Document Coastal Community Resilience implementation initiative: overview sheetADPC  2008
Save Document Red Cross/Red Crescent climate guideIFRC  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in West and Central Africa: local perspectivesENDA; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Community-based last-mile early warning systemAIDMI  2008
Save Document Manual de conceptos básicos sobre gestión de riesgos y preparación local ante desastresPROCOMES; ECHO; Oxfam Solidarité  2008
Save Document Linking disaster risk reduction and poverty reduction: good practices and lessons learnedUNISDR  2008
Save Document In the face of disaster: children and climate changeSCI  2008
Save Document Indigenous knowledge for disaster risk reduction: good practices and lessons learned from experiences in the Asia-Pacific regionEU; UNISDR AP  2008
Save Document Grassroots women's initiatives in reconstruction and governance: community visit and exchange workshop reportSSP  2008
Save Document Community hazard mapping: learning exchange on resilience in HondurasComité de Emergencia Garifuna; GROOTS  2008
Save Document From grassroots to global: people centered disaster risk reductionProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Private sector activities in disaster risk reduction: good practices and lessons learnedUNISDR PPEW  2008
Save Document UK-South Asia scientists and practitioners seminar on climate change, disaster risk governance and emergency management: papers and proceedingsDelPHE; DDN; Natl Security Council, Malaysia - gov; ProVention Consortium; UNISDR; UPM  2008
Save Document Los niños y niñas, y la gestión de riesgos: un rol clave en la prevención de desastresIIED  2008
Save Document Adapting to change with a blend of traditional and improved practicesILEIA  2008
Save Document More information for better planningILEIA  2008
Save Document Climate Field Schools in Indonesia: improving 'response farming' to climate changeILEIA  2008
Save Document Adaptive agriculture in flood affected areasILEIA  2008
Save Document Cultivating resilience: lessons from the 2004 tsunami in Sri LankaILEIA  2008
Save Document Risk wiseIDRC Davos  2008
Save Document Capacity development - empowering people and institutions: annual report 2008UNDP  2008
Save Document From risk to resilience, working paper 6: costs and benefits of flood mitigation in the lower Bagmati basin, case of Nepal Tarai and North BiharISET; ProVention Consortium  2008
Save Document Climate adaptation in Asia: knowledge gaps and research issues in China, final report to IDRC and DFIDCCAP; CAS; ISET; IGSNRR  2008
Save Document Planet prepare: Asia Pacific disaster reportWVI  2008
Save Document The Red Cross Red Crescent and the Hyogo Framework for Action: focus on the Asia-Pacific regionIFRC  2008
Save Document A framework for community safety and resilience - in the face of disaster riskIFRC  2008
Save Document China and Cambodia: integrated programming and cooperation with local authorities boost communities’ disaster preparednessIFRC  2008
Save Document Women as equal partners: gender dimensions of disaster risk management programmeIndia - gov; UNDP  2008
Save Document Tsunami preparedness: information guide for disaster plannersIOC  2008
Save Document Witnesses account, contributing towards Hyogo Framework for Action: community-based disaster preparedness - BangladeshEU; Islamic Relief Worldwide  2008
Save Document Wondering role of grocery shopkeepers on awareness buildingConcern Universal; DAM  2008
Save Document Disaster risk reduction, concepts and measuresADPC; IUCN; UNEP; UNISDR AP  2008
Save Document Community based disaster risk reduction regional consultative meeting, West Asia, Middle East and North Africa region: summary and proceeding reportIFRC; UNISDR ROAS  2008
Save Document Enhancing community resilience to natural disasters: lives of children and youth in AcehESCAP  2008
Save Document Total disaster risk management: good practices 2008ADRC  2008
Save Document Drought management considerations for climate change adaptation: focus on the Mekong region, Cambodia, Svay Rieng provinceIEDM; Oxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Drought management considerations for climate change adaptation: focus on the Mekong region, Viet Nam, Ninh Thuan provinceIEDM; Oxfam Intl  2008
Save Document Tsunami 36 months afterPlan Intl  2008
Save Document Enabling women’s empowerment in post disaster reconstructionDIT; RICS  2008
Save Document Community-based disaster risk reductionADPC  2008
Save Document Community-based risk management arrangements: an overview and implications for social fund programsWB  2008
Save Document A feasibility study on integrated community based flood disaster management of Banke district, Nepal: phase 1, baseline studyICHARM; PWRI  2008

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