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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


1014 items for Community-based DRR Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: a call to actionILO; IRP; UNISDR  2006
Save Document The role of local institutions in reducing vulnerability to recurrent natural disasters and in sustainable livelihoods development: PhilippinesADPC; FAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Women are the fabric: reproductive health for communities in crisisUNFPA  2006
Save Document Total disaster risk management: good practices 2006 supplementADRC  2006
Save Document Comprehensive disaster management (CDM) strategy and programme framework 2007-2012CDEMA  2006
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and the International FederationIFRC  2006
Save Document Tiempo, a bulletin on climate and development, issue 59, April 2006IIED  2006
Save Document Vulnerability to climate change in the Arctic: a case study from Arctic Bay, NunavutFord, James D.; Smit, Barry; Wandel, Johanna  2006
Save Document Vulnerability to climate change in Igloolik, Nunavut: what we can learn from the past and presentScott Polar Research Institute  2006
Save Document Rapid disaster risk assessment of coastal communities: a case study of Mutiara village, Banda Aceh, IndonesiaCRC  2006
Save Document Tiempo, a bulletin on climate and development, issue 64, July 2007IIED  2007
Save Document Words into action: a guide to implementing the Hyogo FrameworkUNISDR  2007
Save Document Building disaster resilient communities: good practices and lessons learnedUNISDR  2007
Save Document Integrating disaster risk reduction into the Millennium Development Goals: review of activities up to the presentActionAid; UNISDR  2007
Save Document Community-led policy monitoring for disaster risk reductionCA  2007
Save Document Tsunami update: grassroots women build resilience (no. 10)SSP  2007
Save Document Implementation of tsunami early warning in Indonesian local communities: checklist for assessment, planning and monitoringGIZ, Germany - gov  2007
Save Document Building better futures: empowering grassroots women to build resilient communitiesGROOTS  2007
Save Document Safer communities for sustainable developmentUNCRD  2007
Save Document Mapping and study of coastal water bodies in Nagapattinam districtLakshmi, Ahana; Sivanappan, R. K.  2007
Save Document Women pastoralists: preserving traditional knowledge, facing modern challengesUNCCD  2007
Save Document Prepare to live: strengthening the resilience of communities to manage foodKelly, Charles; Khinmaung, Jo; Southam, Hazel  2007
Save Document Defusing disaster - reducing the risk: calamity is unnaturalIFRC  2007
Save Document Characteristics of a disaster-resilient community: a guidance note, version 1 (for field testing)DFID, United Kingdom - gov  2007
Save Document Promoting safer housing construction through CBDRM, community-designed safe housing in post-Xangsane Da Nang City: safer cities 19, case studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the PacificADPC  2007
Save Document How resilient is your coastal community? A guide for evaluating coastal community resilience to tsunamis and other hazardsUSAID, United States of America - gov  2007
Save Document Working with the winds of change: towards strategies for responding to the risks associated with climate change and other hazardsISET; ProVention Consortium  2007
Save Document For earthquake safe communitiesNSET  2007
Save Document Local knowledge for disaster preparedness: a literature reviewECHO; ICIMOD  2007
Save Document Disaster preparedness for natural hazards: current status in IndiaECHO; ICIMOD  2007
Save Document Guidance on flash flood management: recent experiences from central and eastern EuropeAPFM; GWP; IMGW, Poland - gov; WMO  2007
Save Document Preparing for flood disaster: mapping and assessing hazard in the Ratu watershed, NepalICIMOD; UNESCO  2007
Save Document Earthquakes and megacities initiative: assess, empower, implement, sustainEMI  2007
Save Document Strategy for flood management for Kafue river basin, ZambiaAPFM; WMO  2007
Save Document Herders of Chitral, the lost messengers?: local knowledge on disaster preparedness in Chitral district, PakistanECHO; ICIMOD  2007
Save Document Snake and the river don't run straight: local knowledge on disaster preparedness in the eastern Terai of NepalECHO; ICIMOD  2007
Save Document Case study: rebuilding after hurricane Mitch, housing reconstruction in Honduras and NicaraguaIFRC; ProVention Consortium  2007
Save Document Flood-warning system in Mozambique: completion of the Búzi projectMunich Re Fndn  2007
Save Document Guía metodológica de análisis participativo del riesgo de desastres para áreas ruralesGIZ, Germany - gov; Gob Regional de San Martín, Peru - gov  2007
Save Document Humanitarian exchange, number 38, June 2007: disaster risk reductionHPN; ODI  2007
Save Document Recopilación de herramientas para la gestión local del riesgo: apoyo a las autoridades locales de ciudades de América Central para la gestión del riesgoIDRC; UN-HABITAT  2007
Save Document Community-based adaptation: a vital approach to the threat climate change poses to the poorIIED  2007
Save Document Improved adaptive capacity to climate change for sustainable livelihoods in the agriculture sector: community based adaptation in action, summary reportFAO Headquarters  2007
Save Document Total disaster risk management: good practices 2007 supplementADRC  2007
Save Document Latin America@Risk: a Global Risk Network briefingWEF  2007
Save Document Climate variability and change: adaptation to drought in BangladeshADPC; FAO Headquarters  2007
Save Document Preparing for flood disaster: mapping and assessing hazard in the Ratu watershed, NepalICIMOD  2007
Save Document Making disaster risk reduction work: the 2007 ProVention ForumProVention Consortium  2007
Save Document Evaluation of DIPECHO action plans in Central AmericaDARA; ECHO  2007
Save Document Warning dissemination technologies for tsunami early warning in local communitiesGIZ, Germany - gov  2007

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