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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


1035 items for Capacity Development Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document The state of the cities: why, and how, the Commonwealth must address the challenge of sustainable urbanisationCommonwealth Sec  2010
Save Document Haiti: stabilization and reconstruction after the quakeICG  2010
Save Document The road ahead: what next for indigenous people in the climate change negotiations?UNU  2010
Save Document Empowering Haiti to build a better future: disaster risk reduction and environmentUNDP  2010
Save Document Local governments and disaster risk reduction: good practices and lessons learnedITCILO; UNDP Thailand; UNISDR  2010
Save Document Competitive cities and climate changeOECD  2010
Save Document Rebuilding Haiti: a new approach to international cooperationUNCTAD  2010
Save Document Climate change indicators in the United StatesEPA, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Integrating the green and brown agendas in a climate change contextUN-HABITAT  2010
Save Document How to integrate climate change adaptation into national-level policy and planning in the water sectorTearfund  2010
Save Document Copenhague: face à l’immobilisme politique, l’élan citoyen ?Coordination SUD  2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation: enabling people living in poverty to adaptOxfam GB  2010
Save Document Thematic CAP for national disaster preparedness: feasibility studyHumanitarian Outcomes  2010
Save Document Development co-operation report 2010OECD  2010
Save Document ProAct annual review 2009ProAct  2010
Save Document International workshop on earthquake risk reduction in the northeast Asia region: workshop reportUNESCO  2010
Save Document Climate change and conflict: moving beyond the impasseIDS  2010
Save Document Drought risk management: pilot study on vulnerability and local risk managementFAO Headquarters  2010
Save Document USAID disaster risk reduction programsUSAID, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation in New York City: building a risk management responseNYAS  2010
Save Document Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO: annual report 2009IOC; UNESCO  2010
Save Document Disaster risk management: fast factsUNDP Maldives  2010
Save Document Gender, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation: a learning companionOxfam GB  2010
Save Document CITYNET Yokohama Congress 2009 reportCITYNET  2010
Save Document Haiti interim risk management plan: March–December 2010Haiti - gov; UN  2010
Save Document The psychology of natural hazards: why do few people in catastrophe‐prone areas invest in risk reduction measures?Risk Center  2010
Save Document UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery 2009 Annual ReportBCPR-UNDP  2010
Save Document Climate change adaptation: the pivotal role of waterUN-Water  2010
Save Document Evaluation of UNESCO's contribution to Strategic Programme Objective 5: disaster preparedness and mitigationUNESCO  2010
Save Document Strengthening the disaster risk reduction system in Georgia: progress measured against targets for 2008-2010UNDP Georgia  2010
Save Document Afghanistan National Disaster Management Project (NDMP): first quarter project progress report 2010BCPR-UNDP; UNDP Afghanistan  2010
Save Document United Nations Volunteers: report of the Administrator, annual session 2010UNV  2010
Save Document Is sustainable recovery possible for Haiti?UN DESA  2010
Save Document Building back better for next timeEU; UNISDR AP  2010
Save Document Who does what where in disaster risk reduction in GeorgiaGCDRR; SDC, Switzerland - gov; UNDP Georgia  2010
Save Document UNEP in China: building back betterUNEP  2010
Save Document Managing disaster risks for world heritageICCROM; ICOMOS - ICORP; IUCN; UNESCO  2010
Save Document Focused action: priorities for addressing climate change in Asia and the PacificADB  2010
Save Document Evaluation of DFID-UNICEF programme of cooperation: investing in humanitarian action, phase III, 2006-2009UNICEF  2010
Save Document Africa Adaptation Programme: voices from the groundMOFA, Japan - gov; UNDP  2010
Save Document Urban risk management in South AsiaSDMC  2010
Save Document Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in megacities: a pilot application in metro Manila and KathmanduEMI; DKKV, Germany - gov  2010
Save Document Food insecurity in the Horn of AfricaFAO Headquarters  2010
Save Document IFRC mid-year report: disaster management and risk reduction, strategy and coordinationIFRC  2010
Save Document Living with disasters and changing climate: children in Southeast Asia telling their stories about disaster and climate changeSCI  2010
Save Document Policy area: reducing the climate vulnerability of coastal communities in SamoaDaly, Michele; Poutasi, Namouta; Nelson, Filomena; Kohlhase, Jude  2010
Save Document The community water initiative: fostering water security and climate change mitigation and adaptationGEF; UNDP  2010
Save Document Why disaster risk reduction? A case for the agriculture sectorPCI; USAID, United States of America - gov  2010
Save Document Global insurance industry statement on adapting to climate change in developing countriesGeneva Association; MCII; UNEP  2010
Save Document Accelerating progress on the MDGs country priorities for improving performanceIDS  2010

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