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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


1239 items for Flood Submit documents or publications
  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2001: man-made losses take on a new dimensionSwiss Re  2002
Save Document Diagnóstico de la gestión de riesgos en HondurasUNDP Honduras  2002
Save Document Mapping the impacts of recent natural disasters and technological accidents in EuropeEEA  2003
Save Document IFAS: the way to regional cooperationIFAS  2003
Save Document Water for people, water for life: the United Nations world water development report, a joint report by the twenty-three UN agencies concerned with freshwaterUN-Water; UNESCO  2003
Save Document Methods of assessing human health vulnerability and public health adaptation to climate changeUNEP; WHO; WMO  2003
Save Document Flood hazard map manual for technology transferIDI, Japan - gov  2003
Save Document In search of a common methodology on damage estimation: workshop proceedingsVan der Veen, Anne; Vetere Arellano, Ana Lisa; Nordvik, Jean-Pierre  2003
Save Document Turning the tide on disasters towards sustainable development: living with riskUNISDR  2003
Save Document Methods for microeconometric risk and vulnerability assessmentsWB  2003
Save Document Freshwater futureUN  2003
Save Document Reducing disaster vulnerability through science and technologyNSTC, United States of America - gov; SDR, United States of America - gov  2003
Save Document Disaster reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean: ISDR informs, issue 7, 2003UNISDR AM  2003
Save Document Armenian country report 2003Armenia - gov  2003
Save Document Myanmar country report, presented at Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2003 - Living with risk: towards disaster resilient societies, 15-17 January 2003, Kobe, JapanMyanmar - gov  2003
Save Document La herida y la venda: desastres naturales y mentalidad colectiva en CanariasGobierno de Canarias, Spain - gov  2003
Save Document Assessment report on the April 2004 floods : Republic of DjiboutiWHO  2004
Save Document Integrated flood management: concept paperAPFM; GWP; WMO  2004
Save Document International perspectives on natural disasters, occurrence, mitigation, and consequencesStoltman, Joseph P.; Lidstone, John; DeChano, Lisa M.  2004
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: a development concern, a scoping study on links between disaster risk reduction, poverty and developmentDFID, United Kingdom - gov; DEV  2004
Save Document Atlas of water: mapping the world's most critical resourceClarke, Robin; King, Jannet  2004
Save Document Lake Chad basin - GIWA Regional assessment 43GIWA  2004
Save Document Natural disasters and adaptive capacityDayton-Johnson, Jeff  2004
Save Document Extreme weather and climate events and public health responses: report on a WHO meeting, Bratislava, Slovakia, 09-10 February 2004EEA; WHO  2004
Save Document Floods, health and climate change, a strategic reviewFew, Roger; Ahern, Mike; Matthies, Franziska; Kovats, Sari  2004
Save Document Public health response to extreme weather and climate events, working paper: Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, Budapest, Hungary, 23-25 June 2004WHO  2004
Save Document International workshop on Water Hazard and Risk Management, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, January 20-22, 2004: final reportPWRI  2004
Save Document Status report on standardization efforts in the area of mitigation of natural hazardsMHA, India - gov  2004
Save Document Disaster management in India: a status reportMHA, India - gov  2004
Save Document Using HAZUS-MH for risk assessment: how to guideFEMA, United States of America - gov  2004
Save Document Adaptive capacity and livelihood resilience: adaptive strategies for responding to floods and droughts in South AsiaISET  2004
Save Document Issues in risk science: natural hazards risk assessment, an Australian perspectiveABUHRC  2004
Save Document Guide pour la prise en compte du risque innondationINERIS; MEDDE, France - gov  2004
Save Document APELL and floods: a community-based approach for disaster reductionAPELL; UNESCO; UNEP  2004
Save Document Disaster risk reduction tools and methods for climate change adaptationUNISDR  2004
Save Document Human security in a changing environmentGermany - gov; UNU-EHS  2004
Save Document Safari’s encounter with floodsICPAC; UNEP; UNISDR AF  2004
Save Document Water and risk in Africa: a community leader’s guideUNISDR AF  2004
Save Document Water and risk in Africa: a school’s guideUNISDR AF  2004
Save Document Flood risk reduction in Germany: lessons learned from the 2002 disaster in the Elbe regionDKKV, Germany - gov  2004
Save Document Risques naturels et aménagement en EuropeMEDDE, France - gov; Paris X  2004
Save Document Flood risk perception and implications for flood risk management in the NetherlandsTaylor and Francis  2004
Save Document Manuals on community flood management in Bangladesh, India and NepalAPFM; GWP; WMO  2004
Save Document Advancing human security through knowledge-based approaches to reducing vulnerability and environmental risks: flood risk perception and communication in different cultural contexts, is difference rooted in culture?UNU-EHS  2005
Save Document Natural hazards and disastersHyndman, Donald; Hyndman, David  2005
Save Document Know riskUNISDR  2005
Save Document Natural disaster hotspots: a global risk analysisDilley, Maxx; Chen, Robert S.; Deichmann, Uwe; Lerner-Lam, Arther L.; Arnold, Margaret  2005
Save Document Extreme weather events and public health responsesWHO  2005
Save Document Natural hazard risk in Perth, Western AustraliaAustralia - gov  2005
Save Document Learning lessons from disaster recovery: the case of BangladeshWB  2005

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