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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Event report: Kocaeli, Turkey earthquakeRMS  2000
Save Document Introduction to disaster preparedness, disaster preparedness training programme  2000
Save Document Survey report on the reconstruction following the earthquake in Marmara, Turkey on August 17, 1999ADRC  2000
Save Document Emergency prevention system for transboundary animal and plant pests and diseases (EMPRES) - programme documentFAO Headquarters  2000
Save Document Disaster prevention, education and youth, the specific case of wildfiresUNISDR  2000
Save Document Huracán Mitch: una mirada a algunas tendencias temáticas para la reducción del riesgoPAHO; UNISDR AM  2000
Save Document A matter of development: how to reduce vulnerability in the face of natural disastersECLAC; IDB  2000
Save Document Disaster reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean: ISDR informs, issue 1, 2000UNISDR AM  2000
Save Document Disaster reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean: ISDR informs, issue 2, 2000UNISDR AM  2000
Save Document Desastres urbanos: una visión globalFLACSO  2000
Save Document Cities of chaosDavis, Ian  2000
Save Document 'On behalf of my delegation, ...': a survival guide for developing country climate negotiatorsCSDA; IVM  2000
Save Document UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/55/2: United Nations Millennium DeclarationUN  2000
Save Document Flood control: wetland values and functionsRamsar Convention  2000
Save Document Saint Lucia National Emergency Management Organization annual report for 2000/2001NEMO, Saint Lucia - gov  2000
Save Document Project completion report of the Kathmandu Valley earthquake risk management projectADPC  2000
Save Document The Japanese disaster prevention, recovery and relief measures: current status and international cooperationJapan - gov  2000
Save Document Hungary: Information on the direction and organization of disaster management and the tasks of the National Directorate General for Disaster ManagementNDGDM, Hungary - gov  2000
Save Document The International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR), 1990-1999: a report on the activities of the UK National Coordination Committee for the IDNDRDFID, United Kingdom - gov; Royal Academy of Engineering; Royal Society  2000
Save Document International Labour Organization (ILO) response to natural disastersILO; DAW  2001
Save Document Global environmental riskKasperson, Jeanne X.; Kasperson, Roger E.  2001
Save Document Natural disaster mitigation in drinking water and sewerage systems: guidelines for vulnerability analysisPAHO; WHO  2001
Save Document Lifeline media: reaching populations in crisis - a guide to developing media projects in conflict situationsHieber, Loretta  2001
Save Document Globalization and the sustainability of cities in the Asia Pacific regionLo, Fu-Chen; Marcotullio, Peter J.  2001
Save Document Applied geomorphology for mitigation of natural hazardsOya, Masahiko  2001
Save Document Tsunami research at the end of a critical decadeHebenstreit, Gerald T.  2001
Save Document Citizenry-based & development-oriented disaster responseVictoria, Lorna; Heijmans, Annelies  2001
Save Document From relief to recovery: the Gujarat experienceUNDP  2001
Save Document World disaster report 2001, focus on recoveryIFRC  2001
Save Document Use of benefit-cost analysis for evaluation of performance-based earthquake engineering decisionsPEER  2001
Save Document Tsunami warning systems and procedures: guidance for local officialsDOGAMI; Oregon Emergency Mgmnt, United States of America - gov  2001
Save Document Lessons learnt from earthquake disasters that occurred in GreeceJRC  2001
Save Document Designing for tsunamis: seven principles for planning and designing for tsunami hazardsNTHMP, United States of America - gov  2001
Save Document Cyclone and natural hazard vulnerability in remote and indigenous communities of North QueenslandAEMI, Australia - gov; JCU  2001
Save Document Lessons learned from storm disastersJRC  2001
Save Document Landslide hazard mitigation in the Hindu Kush-HimalayasICIMOD  2001
Save Document Report of the High Power Committee on disaster managementNatl Disaster Mgmnt Division, India - gov  2001
Save Document Coping with flash floodsGruntfest, Eve; Handmer, John  2001
Save Document Holistic disaster recovery: ideas for building local sustainability after a natural disasterNatural Hazards Center  2001
Save Document Natural drought or human made water scarcity in Uzbekistan?Wegerich, Kai  2001
Save Document Weather, climate and food securityWMO  2001
Save Document National action programme to combat desertification, in the context of United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD): volume l, status of desertificationMin of Environment and Forests, India - gov  2001
Save Document Drought contingency planning for pastoral livelihoodsBarton, D.; Morton, J.; Hendy, C.  2001
Save Document Drought and humanitarian crisis in Central and Southwest Asia: a climate perspectiveAgrawala, Shardul; Barlow, Mathew; Cullen, Heidi; Lyon, Bradfield  2001
Save Document Unnatural disastersAbramovitz, Janet N.  2001
Save Document Hydrological drought: a study across EuropeStahl, Kerstin  2001
Save Document Lessons learned from the 1997-98 El Niño: once burned twice shy?NCAR; UNEP; UNISDR; WMO  2001
Save Document Inference of a drought mitigation action planBazza, Mohamed  2001
Save Document Humanitarian supply management in logistics in the health sectorPAHO; WHO  2001
Save Document Insights into the concept of stressBryce, Cyralene P.  2001

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