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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Gender in crisis response: a guide to the gender-poverty-employment linkILO  2004
Save Document Promoting gender equality in disaster risk reduction, action recommendations for consideration: Honolulu workshop, August 10-12-2004Enarson, Elaine  2004
Save Document Assessment report on the April 2004 floods : Republic of DjiboutiWHO  2004
Save Document Integrated flood management: concept paperAPFM; GWP; WMO  2004
Save Document Catalogue of contracts, topic: natural hazardsEC  2004
Save Document UNCRD tapestry: defining the past and building the future of community based disaster managementUNCRD  2004
Save Document UNCRD digest: community based disaster management activities abridged 2002-2005UNCRD  2004
Save Document Environmentally friendly Coastal protection: proceedings of the NATO advanced research workshop on environmentally friendly coastal protection structuresVarna, Bulgaria  2004
Save Document Wetlands ecosystems in Asia: function and management (vol. 1)Wong, M. H.  2004
Save Document State of the environment: Maldives 2004Maldives - gov  2004
Save Document Environmental hazardsSmitth, Keith  2004
Save Document Guidelines for vulnerability reduction in the design of new health facilitiesPAHO; WHO  2004
Save Document Keeping schools safe in earthquakesOECD  2004
Save Document Disaster reduction : living in harmony with natureKuroiwa, Julio  2004
Save Document Living with risk: a global review of disaster reduction initiativesUNISDR  2004
Save Document Mapping vulnerability: disasters, development and peopleBankoff, Greg; Frerks, Georg; Hilhorst, Dorothea  2004
Save Document World disaster report. Focus on reducing riskIFRC  2004
Save Document Preserving our common ground: UNCCD ten years onUNCCD  2004
Save Document International perspectives on natural disasters, occurrence, mitigation, and consequencesStoltman, Joseph P.; Lidstone, John; DeChano, Lisa M.  2004
Save Document National Report - Philippines (2004)NDRRMC, Philippines - gov  2004
Save Document Measuring mitigation: methodologies for assessing natural hazard risks and the net benefits of mitigationIFRC; ProVention Consortium  2004
Save Document Disaster preparedness programmes in India: a cost benefit analysisODI  2004
Save Document Disaster risk reduction: a development concern, a scoping study on links between disaster risk reduction, poverty and developmentDFID, United Kingdom - gov; DEV  2004
Save Document Thirty years of natural disasters 1974-2003: the numbersCRED  2004
Save Document Guidelines: risk analysis - a basis for disaster risk managementGIZ, Germany - gov  2004
Save Document In harm's way: how international finance institutions' policies can increase poor people's vulnerability to disasterActionAid; CA  2004
Save Document Integrating disaster reduction into development: recommendations for policy-makersProVention Consortium  2004
Save Document Reducing disaster risk: a challenge for developmentBCPR-UNDP  2004
Save Document Impacts of summer 2003 heat wave in EuropeUNEP/DEWA/GRID  2004
Save Document Wildland fires: a double impact on the planet (2004-06)UNEP/DEWA/GRID  2004
Save Document We all knew that a cyclone was coming: disaster preparedness and the cyclone of 1999 in Orissa, IndiaThomalla, Frank; Schmuch, Hanna  2004
Save Document Costs and benefits of hazard mitigation for building and infrastructure development: a case study in small island developing statesOAS  2004
Save Document Cost-benefit model for the construction of tornado sheltersWhalen, Timothy M.; Gopal, Sajini; Abraham, Dulcy M.  2004
Save Document Gender dimensions in disaster management: a guide for South AsiaAriyabandu, Madhavi Malalgoda; Wickamasinghe, Maithree  2004
Save Document Natural disaster risk management and financing disaster losses in developing countriesMechler, Reinhard  2004
Save Document GIS in public health practiceMaheswaran, Ravi; Craglia, Massimo  2004
Save Document WMO/ESCAP panel on tropical cyclones: annual review 2002ESCAP; WMO  2004
Save Document Medical geology: effects of geological environments on human health, vol. 2Komatina, Miomir M.  2004
Save Document Learning lessons from disaster recovery: the case of HondurasWB  2004
Save Document RecoveryAEMI, Australia - gov  2004
Save Document Analysis of Natech (Natural Hazard Triggering Technological Disasters) disaster managementJRC  2004
Save Document Atlas of water: mapping the world's most critical resourceClarke, Robin; King, Jannet  2004
Save Document A common device for the monitoring of desertification in circum-Saharan Africa: achievements and retrospective overviewOSS  2004
Save Document Satellite remote sensing and GIS applications in agricultural meteorology: proceedings of the training workshop, 7-11 July, 2003, Dehra Dun, IndiaCSSTEAP; IMD, India - gov; IIRS; NRSA, India - gov; SAC, India - gov  2004
Save Document Safer cities 10, case studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the Pacific: creating earthquake preparedness in schools, a case study of mitigation efforts in IndonesiaADPC; AUDMP  2004
Save Document Sustainable cities programme: induction workshop for anchoring capacity building institutes in Asia, 2004IHS; UN-HABITAT  2004
Save Document Asian disaster management news, a newsletter of and for the community of disaster risk management practitioners and development workers, vol. 10 no. 1 October-December 2004: earthquake vulnerability reduction in urban areas of Developing CountriesADPC  2004
Save Document UN-HABITAT twenty first session of the Governing Council, 16-20 April 2007, Nairobi, Kenya: Africa on the move, an urban crisis in the making, a submission to the Commission for AfricaUN-HABITAT  2004
Save Document Northern European FRIEND and AMHY FRIEND Joint Low Flow Meeting: summary reportTallaksen, Lena M.  2004
Save Document Programme of concrete actions on improvement of environmental and socio-economic situation in the Aral Sea Basin for the period of 2003-2010: socio-economic aspectsIFAS  2004

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