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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Guidelines for the use of foreign field hospitals in the aftermath of sudden-impact disastersPAHO; WHO  2003
Save Document Non-structural vulnerability assessment of hospitals in NepalMOH, Nepal - gov; NSET; WHO  2003
Save Document Climate variability and change and their health effects in the Caribbean: information for adaptation planning in the health sectorAron, Joan L.; Corvalán, Carlos F.; Philippeaux, Harry  2003
Save Document Methods of assessing human health vulnerability and public health adaptation to climate changeUNEP; WHO; WMO  2003
Save Document Developing cultural competence in disaster mental health programs: guiding principles and recommendationsAthey, Jean; Moody-Williams, Jean  2003
Save Document Mental health all-hazards disaster planning guidanceSAMHSA, United States of America - gov  2003
Save Document Mental health practitioners guide: guidelines for psychological service practiceAEMI, Australia - gov  2003
Save Document Computer based mass casualty management simulation exercise: MUSTER guidelinesWHO  2003
Save Document Health sector emergency preparedness and response plan Nepal: disaster analysis, management framework and planning guidelinesMOH, Nepal - gov; WHO  2003
Save Document Report on the consultation on health disaster preparedness, mitigation and response in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Syria, 2003WHO  2003
Save Document Integrating early warning into disaster risk reduction policiesFAO Headquarters  2003
Save Document Risk assessment and risk management in implementing the Cartagena Protocol: proceedings of Asia regional workshop, New Delhi, 22-24 May 2002India - gov; IUCN  2003
Save Document Journal of seismology and earthquake engineeringIISEE  2003
Save Document Turkey - poverty and coping after crisis, vol. 1: main reportWB  2003
Save Document Annual report 2003DOST, Philippines - gov; PHIVOLCS, Philippines - gov  2003
Save Document Flood hazard map manual for technology transferIDI, Japan - gov  2003
Save Document Mitigation case studies: hardened first repsonder facilityFEMA, United States of America - gov  2003
Save Document Disaster loss assessment guidelinesAEMI, Australia - gov  2003
Save Document In search of a common methodology on damage estimation: workshop proceedingsVan der Veen, Anne; Vetere Arellano, Ana Lisa; Nordvik, Jean-Pierre  2003
Save Document United Nations documents related to disaster reduction, volume 2, 2000-2002UNISDR  2003
Save Document The second joint survey of the desert locust winter breeding areas on the Egyptian-Sudanese borderFAO Headquarters  2003
Save Document Turning the tide on disasters towards sustainable development: living with riskUNISDR  2003
Save Document Mapping the impacts of recent natural disasters and technological accidents in EuropeEEA  2003
Save Document Methods for microeconometric risk and vulnerability assessmentsWB  2003
Save Document Community-based disaster risk management: experience gained in Central AmericaGIZ, Germany - gov  2003
Save Document Cities on Volcanoes conference 3: Hawaii, 2003UH Press  2003
Save Document Livelihoods and climate change: combining disaster risk reduction, natural resource management and climate change adaptation in a new approach to the reduction of vulnerability and povertyIISD; IUCN; SEI; SDC, Switzerland - gov  2003
Save Document Geology and health: closing the gapSkinner, H. Catherine W.; Berger, Antony R.  2003
Save Document Freshwater futureUN  2003
Save Document Climate change, natural hazards and citiesICLR  2003
Save Document Regional programme for risk management in Central America: ideas and notions relating to concept and practiceCEPREDENAC; UNDP Panama  2003
Save Document Reducing disaster vulnerability through science and technologyNSTC, United States of America - gov; SDR, United States of America - gov  2003
Save Document Safari’s encounter with a landslideICPAC; UNEP; UNISDR AF  2003
Save Document Disaster reduction in Africa: ISDR informs, issue 1, 2003UNISDR AF  2003
Save Document Disaster reduction in Africa: ISDR informs, issue 2, 2003UNISDR AF  2003
Save Document Disaster reduction in Asia: ISDR informs, issue 0, 2003UNISDR AP  2003
Save Document Disaster reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean: ISDR informs, issue 7, 2003UNISDR AM  2003
Save Document Disaster reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean: ISDR informs, issue 8, 2003UNISDR AM  2003
Save Document Including earthquake risk perception in risk reduction modelingCUREE  2003
Save Document Gender in practice: a tool-kit for SDC and its partnersSDC, Switzerland - gov  2003
Save Document Mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in least developed countriesIIED  2003
Save Document Asian conference on disaster reduction 2003: summary reportADRC; Cabinet Office, Japan - gov; DRA; UNISDR  2003
Save Document Change: adaptation of water resources management to climate changeIUCN  2003
Save Document Saint Lucia National Emergency Management Organization annual report for 2003/2004NEMO, Saint Lucia - gov  2003
Save Document From disaster to community development: the Kobe experienceUNCRD  2003
Save Document Armenian country report 2003Armenia - gov  2003
Save Document Myanmar country report, presented at Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction 2003 - Living with risk: towards disaster resilient societies, 15-17 January 2003, Kobe, JapanMyanmar - gov  2003
Save Document La herida y la venda: desastres naturales y mentalidad colectiva en CanariasGobierno de Canarias, Spain - gov  2003
Save Document Earthquake master plan for IstanbulIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey - gov  2003
Save Document Climate change: a natural hazardKininmonth, William  2004

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