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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Urban vulnerability: perspectives from Southern AfricaOxfam Intl; Periperi U  2002
Save Document Saint Lucia National Emergency Management Organization annual report for 2002/2003NEMO, Saint Lucia - gov  2002
Save Document Integration of earth science research on the Turkish and Greek 1999 earthquakesGörür, Naci; Papadopoulos, Gerassimos A.; Okay, Nilgün (Eds.)  2002
Save Document GESI: Global Earthquake Safety Initiative - Pilot projectGHI; UNCRD  2002
Save Document Guide on improving public understanding of and response to warningsWMO  2002
Save Document Diagnóstico de la gestión de riesgos en HondurasUNDP Honduras  2002
Save Document Regional report of the 2002 world disaster reduction campaign in Latin America and the Caribbean: disaster reduction for sustainable mountain developmentUNISDR AM  2002
Save Document The study on a disaster prevention / mitigation basic plan in istanbul including seismic microzonation in the Republic of TurkeyIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey - gov; JICA, Japan - gov  2002
Save Document Climate into the 21st CenturyWMO  2003
Save Document Malawi and Southern Africa, climatic variability and economic performance: working paper series no. 6WB  2003
Save Document Climate change and human health: risks and responsesWHO  2003
Save Document Post disaster reconstruction experiences in Andhra Pradesh, IndiaJayaraj, Annie; Atma Consultancy Services  2003
Save Document Guidelines for the preparation of cyclone emergency management manual for coast-based industrial installationsNational Safety Council, India  2003
Save Document Community based approaches to disaster mitigationADPC  2003
Save Document Early warning systems for natural disaster reductionZschau, Jochen; Küppers, Andreas N.  2003
Save Document Mangrove management and conservation: present and futureVannucci, Marta  2003
Save Document Protecting new health facilities from natural disasters: guidelines for the promotion of disaster mitigationGarcía Concheso, Tarina  2003
Save Document Building safer cities, the future of disaster riskKreimer, Alcira; Arnold, Margaret; Carlin, Anne  2003
Save Document The challenge of slums: global report on human settlementsEarthscan  2003
Save Document The vulnerability of cities: natural disasters and social resiliencePelling, Marc  2003
Save Document Water and sanitation in the world’s cities : local action for global goalsUN-HABITAT  2003
Save Document At risk: natural hazards, people’s vulnerability and disastersWisner, Ben; Blaikie, Piers; Cannon, Terry; Davis, Ian  2003
Save Document Mapping the impacts of recent natural disasters and technological accidents in EuropeEEA  2003
Save Document Earthquake risk reductionDowrick, David J.  2003
Save Document Earthquakes (5th ed.)Bolt, Bruce A.  2003
Save Document Seismic conceptual design of buildings: basic principles for engineers, architects, building owners, and authoritiesFOEN, Switzerland - gov  2003
Save Document Submarine mass movements and their consequences, first international symposiumLocat, Jacques; Mienert, Jurgen  2003
Save Document Introduction to volcanic seismology: developments in volcanology 6Zobin, V.M.  2003
Save Document Risk reduction in practice: a Philippine case studyIFRC  2003
Save Document Community based disaster management in the Philippines: making a difference in people's lifeLorna, Victoria  2003
Save Document Benefit-cost analysis of disaster mitigation: a reviewUNAM  2003
Save Document Handbook for estimating the socioeconomic and environmental effects of disastersECLAC; WB  2003
Save Document Recommendations to deal with snow avalanches in EuropeJRC  2003
Save Document Indigenous early warning indicators of cyclones: potential application in coastal BangladeshABUHRC  2003
Save Document Lessons learnt from forest fire disastersJRC  2003
Save Document Landslide early warning in Costa RicaIFRC  2003
Save Document Lessons learnt from landslide disasters in EuropeJRC  2003
Save Document Community development in recovery from disasterAEMI, Australia - gov  2003
Save Document Management of natural and technical hazards in Central and Eastern European candidate countries (PECO)JRC  2003
Save Document Aral: the history of dying seaIFAS  2003
Save Document IFAS 10 years: decisions and eventsIFAS  2003
Save Document IFAS: the way to regional cooperationIFAS  2003
Save Document Water for people, water for life: the United Nations world water development report, a joint report by the twenty-three UN agencies concerned with freshwaterUN-Water; UNESCO  2003
Save Document Agency collaboration for UNCCD implementation, current situation and lessons learned: United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, COP 6, 25 August-5 September 2003, Havana, CubaCGIAR; GM; IFAD; UNCCD; UNDP; WB  2003
Save Document Ethiopian droughts: reducing the risk to livelihoods through cash transfersIFRC  2003
Save Document Planning for the next drought: Ethiopia case studyFerris-Morris, Margaret  2003
Save Document Drought in El Salvador: response and mitigationIFRC  2003
Save Document Communicable disease control in complex emergenciesWHO  2003
Save Document Guidelines on best public health practices in emergencies for district health workersMOH, Nepal - gov; WHO  2003
Save Document Guidelines for seismic vulnerability assessment of hospitalsNSET; WHO  2003

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