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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Disaster risk reduction in the United Nations 2011UNISDR  2011
Save Document Business partnerships: disaster risk reduction is everybody’s businessUNISDR  2011
Save Document The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake: in depth damage report by affected cities and childrenSEEDS Asia  2011
Save Document Le risque en montagne: la prise en compte du risque torrentielMEDDE, France - gov  2011
Save Document Natural disaster risks in Central Asia: a synthesisBCPR-UNDP  2011
Save Document Lessons learned on risk management in planning and investment processes for development / Lecciones aprendidas de la gestión del riesgo en procesos de planificación e inversión para el desarrolloGIZ, Germany - gov; MEF, Peru - gov; UNISDR AM  2011
Save Document The Indian Ocean Tsunami: the global response to a natural disasterPradyumna P. Karan (Editor), Shanmugam P. Subbiah (Editor)  2011
Save Document Sixth development plan 2011-2015NRCS  2011
Save Document Africa adaptation programme experiences gender and climate change: advancing development through an integrated gender perspectiveUNDP  2011
Save Document La réduction des risques de catastrophes (RRC) - Zoom thématiquePIROI  2011
Save Document Extended programme of action for the implementation of the Africa Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (2006-2015)AU; Kenya - gov; UNISDR AF  2011
Save Document World development indicators 2011WB  2011
Save Document Reducing disaster risk in the Arab regionUNISDR ROAS  2011
Save Document State of the Arctic coast 2010IGBP; IHDP  2011
Save Document Promoting and protecting rights in recoveryAIDMI  2011
Save Document Analysis of legislation related to disaster risk reduction in NepalIFRC  2011
Save Document Haiti making culture a motor for reconstructionUNESCO  2011
Save Document Climate change economics on a small island: new approaches for TobagoIIED  2011
Save Document Building urban resilience in East AsiaWB  2011
Save Document 3rd South-South citizenry-based development academy (SS CBDA) - ProceedingsCDP; DRRNetPhils; IDRC; UNDP Asia-Pacific; UNISDR AP  2011
Save Document Adaptation to climate change: from resilience to transformationPelling, Mark  2011
Save Document Joto Afrika: adapting to climate change in Africa, issue 6AfricaAdapt; ALIN; IDS  2011
Save Document Adapting to climate change: UNDP-GEF initiatives financed by the least developed countries fund, special climate change fund and strategic priority on adaptationGEF; UNDP  2011
Save Document Tsunamis: detection, monitoring, and early-warning technologiesJoseph, Antony  2011
Save Document Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action in Europe: advances and challenges 2009-2011EUR-OPA; GFDRR; UNISDR EUR  2011
Save Document Climate information requirements for community-level risk management and adaptationIR  2011
Save Document UNISDR summary annual report and financial statement 2010UNISDR  2011
Save Document A vision for managing natural disaster riskWEF  2011
Save Document Bilan décennal des catastrophes naturelles en FranceUbyrisk Consultants  2011
Save Document UNDP’s transformational role in Turkey’s climate change agendaUNDP Turkey  2011
Save Document The impact of global change on water resource: the response of UNESCO's International Hydrological ProgrammeUNESCO  2011
Save Document Lesson learned and way forward for resilient shelter interventions in rural MyanmarUN-HABITAT; UNISDR  2011
Save Document Green hills, blue cities: An ecosystems approach to water resources management for African citiesUNEP; UN-HABITAT  2011
Save Document Climate change and POPS: predicting the impactsUNEP/DEWA/GRID  2011
Save Document Five feet high and rising: cities and flooding in the 21st centuryWB  2011
Save Document Climate risk and business: portsIFC  2011
Save Document Preparedness: saves time, money and livesIASC; WFP  2011
Save Document European Forum for Disaster Risk ReductionCOE; EFDRR; UNISDR EUR  2011
Save Document Global corruption report: climate changeTI  2011
Save Document Building climate resiliency in the Lower Willamette Region of Western Oregon: A report on stakeholder findings and recommendationsCLI  2011
Save Document An introduction to towards a safer world - practical approaches to advance disaster preparednessUSAID, United States of America - gov; WFP  2011
Save Document Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction (2011)UNISDR  2011
Save Document 'If we do not join hands...': views from the frontline 2011GNDR  2011
Save Document The humanitarian response to the Pakistan floods, 7th report - International Development CommitteeParliament of the UK, United Kingdom - gov  2011
Save Document Disaster risk reduction and educationUNICEF  2011
Save Document Harnessing synergies: mainstreaming climate change adaptation in disaster risk reduction programmes and policiesActionAid; IDS  2011
Save Document Children’s charter: an action plan for disaster risk reduction for children by childrenPlan Intl; SCI; UNICEF; WVI  2011
Save Document Educating for action - GFDRR capacity building and learning strategyGFDRR  2011
Save Document Reducing risks, saving livesSCI  2011
Save Document The benefits of a child-centred approach to climate change adaptationPlan Intl; UNICEF UK  2011

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