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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Estimating least-developed countries’ vulnerability to climate-related extreme events over the next 50 yearsNAS  2010
Save Document Establishment of an Advisory Scientific and Technical Group for the ISDRUNISDR  2001
Save Document Establishing links between disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the context of loss and damage: policies and approaches in BangladeshCDKN; Germanwatch; ICCCAD; MCII; UNU-EHS  2013
Save Document Essentials of urban disaster risk reductionKU GSGES  2009
Save Document Essentials of medical geology: impacts of the natural environment on public healthSelinus, Olle; Alloway, Brian J.  2005
Save Document Escaping the hunger cycle: pathways to resilience in the SahelSWG  2011
Save Document ESCAP/WMO typhoon committee, thirty-ninth session, 2006, Manila, PhilippinesESCAP; WMO  2006
Save Document ESCAP guide on disability indicators for the Incheon strategyESCAP  2014
Save Document ERRA newsletter, February 2013ERRA, Pakistan - gov  2013
Save Document ERRA newsletter, december 2012ERRA, Pakistan - gov  2012
Save Document Equity and inclusion in disaster risk reduction: building resilience for allCDKN; ODI  2014
Save Document Equality in aid: addressing caste discrimination in humanitarian responseNDW-NCDHR  2013
Save Document Envisioning resilience: Towards climate compatible developmentAIDMI  2014
Save Document Environmentally friendly Coastal protection: proceedings of the NATO advanced research workshop on environmentally friendly coastal protection structuresVarna, Bulgaria  2004
Save Document Environmental, social and governance factors in country risk management: a new horizonCRO Forum  2013
Save Document Environmental stories: After tsunamiIUCN  2006
Save Document Environmental report 2006GIZ, Germany - gov  2007
Save Document Environmental report 2005GIZ, Germany - gov  2006
Save Document Environmental protection and disaster risk reduction: a school's guideUNISDR AF  2004
Save Document Environmental protection and disaster risk reduction: a community leader's guideUNEP; UNISDR AF  2004
Save Document Environmental management: multiple disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation benefits for vulnerable communitiesGaia Group Oy; Min of Environment, Finland - gov; ProAct; UNISDR  2008
Save Document Environmental management and mitigation of natural disasters: a gender perspectiveUN  2002
Save Document Environmental management and disaster risk reductionUNEP  2005
Save Document Environmental management and disaster preparedness: lessons learnt from the Tokage typhoon (typhoon 23 of 2004) in JapanUNEP  2005
Save Document Environmental Livelihood and Vulnerability Mapping (ELVM) project reportIOM; Japan - gov; ProAct  2010
Save Document Environmental legislation for disaster risk management: module 1GIZ, Germany - gov; NIDM, India - gov  2012
Save Document Environmental health management after natural disasterPAHO  1982
Save Document Environmental hazards and disasters: contexts, perspectives and managementBimal Kanti Paul  2012
Save Document Environmental hazardsSmitth, Keith  2004
Save Document Environmental hazard and disabled people: from vulnerable to expert to interconnectedAbbott, David; Porter, Sue  2013
Save Document Environmental guidance note for disaster risk reductionIUCN  2009
Save Document Environmental extremes: disaster risk management - addressing climate changeNIDM, India - gov  2012
Save Document Environmental emergencies: learning from multilateral response to disastersUNEP; OCHA  2010
Save Document Environmental disasters, natural recovery and human responsesMoral, Roger del; Walker, Lawrence R.  2007
Save Document Environmental degradation, migration, internal displacement and rural vulnerabilities in TajikistanIOM  2012
Save Document Environmental damage and disaster preparedness: building a multi-stakeholder partnershipUNEP  2005
Save Document Environmental assessment - for medium-impact projectsWiggins, Sarah  2009
Save Document Environmental aspects of integrated flood managementWMO  2006
Save Document Environmental and economic benefits of climate change mitigation and adaptation in AntarcticaASOC  2010
Save Document Environment, population and urbanization cluster: report to the 11th session of the Regional Coordination Mechanism (RCM-Africa)UNECA; UNEP  2010
Save Document Environment, climate change and migration: IOM’s approach and activitiesIOM  2011
Save Document Environment program: greening growth in Asia and the PacificADB  2011
Save Document Environment assessment of Nepal: emerging issues and challengesADB; ICIMOD  2006
Save Document Environment as infrastructure: resilience to climate change impacts on water through investments in natureIUCN  2009
Save Document Environment and reconstruction in Aceh: two years after the tsunamiUNEP  2007
Save Document Environment and disaster risk: emerging perspectivesUNEP; UNISDR  2007
Save Document Environment and development decision making in Africa 2006-2008IISD; Kenya - gov; CBD; UNEP  2008
Save Document Environment and climate change policy brief: Mozambique - Generic outlineSida, Sweden - gov; SLU; Univ of Gothenburg  2011
Save Document Ensuring Haitian women’s participation and leadership in all stages of national relief and reconstructionGDN; GROOTS; Huairou Commission  2010
Save Document Ensuring devolution supports adaptation and climate resilient growth in KenyaIIED  2013

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