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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Geographic information systems and health applicationsKhan, Omar A.; Skinner, Ric  2002
Save Document Geographic information for disaster prevention for creating hazard mapsJapan - gov  2005
Save Document Geo-information for disaster managementOosterom, Peter van; Zlatanova, Siyka; Fendel, Elfriede M.  2005
Save Document Geo-enabled information for disaster risk reductionICIMOD  2014
Save Document Geo Yearbook 2007 : an overview of our changing environmentUNEP  2007
Save Document GEO 2009-2011 workplanGEO  2009
Save Document Geneva UN charter on sustainable housingUNECE  2014
Save Document Generic guidelines for mainstreaming drylands issues into national development frameworksUNDP DDC  2008
Save Document Gendering disaster risk reduction: a working glossaryGDN  2009
Save Document Gender: the missing component of the response to climate changeFAO Headquarters  2006
Save Document Gender, water and sanitation: a policy briefIANWGE; UN-Water  2006
Save Document Gender, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation: a learning companionOxfam GB  2010
Save Document Gender, climate change and health: draft discussion paperWHO  2009
Save Document Gender sensitive disaster management: a toolkit for practitionersPincha, Chaman  2008
Save Document Gender responsive disaster risk reduction: a contribution by the United Nations to the consultation leading to the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR)UN  2014
Save Document Gender relations and women’s vulnerability to climate changeHeinrich Böll Fndn  2012
Save Document Gender perspectives: integrating disaster risk reduction into climate change adaptationUNISDR  2008
Save Document Gender perspectives in community based disaster management (CBDM)UNCRD; UN DESA  2008
Save Document Gender perspective: working together for disaster risk reductionUNISDR  2007
Save Document Gender matters: lessons for disaster risk reduction in South AsiaECHO; ICIMOD  2007
Save Document Gender mainstreaming in emergency management: opportunities for building community resilience in CanadaPHAC, Canada - gov  2008
Save Document Gender inclusion in climate change adaptationADBI  2011
Save Document Gender in practice: a tool-kit for SDC and its partnersSDC, Switzerland - gov  2003
Save Document Gender in crisis response: a guide to the gender-poverty-employment linkILO  2004
Save Document Gender equality in emergencies programme insightsOxfam GB  2012
Save Document Gender dimensions in disaster management: a guide for South AsiaAriyabandu, Madhavi Malalgoda; Wickamasinghe, Maithree  2004
Save Document Gender and qualitative interpretation of dataSDC, Switzerland - gov  2006
Save Document Gender and environmental change in the developing worldIIED  2014
Save Document Gender and disaster sourcebook: a samplerPERI  2005
Save Document Gender and disaster risk reduction: a training packOxfam GB  2011
Save Document Gender and desertification: expanding roles for women to restore drylandsIFAD  2006
Save Document Gender and climate change: regional reportHeinrich Böll Fndn, Regional Office Southern Africa  2010
Save Document Gender and climate change cutting edge pack: supporting resources collectionIDS  2012
Save Document Gender and climate change cutting edge pack: overview reportIDS  2011
Save Document Gender and adaptationGGCA; UNDP  2012
Save Document Gender & climate change: 3 things you should knowWB  2011
Save Document G20/OECD methodological framework on disaster risk assessment and risk financingG20; OECD  2012
Save Document Futures in the balance: a way forward for Haiti's childrenWVI  2010
Save Document Future of monitoring and evaluation in humanitarian sector: possible list for discussionAIDMI  2012
Save Document Future flooding in Wales: flood defences, possible long-term investment scenariosEnvironment Agency, United Kingdom - gov  2010
Save Document Funding disaster risk reductionVOICE  2013
Save Document Fundamental concepts of earthquake engineeringVillaverde, Roberto  2009
Save Document Functional needs of people with disabilities: a guide for emergency managers, planners, and respondersNOD  2009
Save Document Fukushima in review: a complex disaster, a disastrous responseFunabashi, Yoichi; Kitazawa, Kay  2012
Save Document From words to facts: acting on climate change in Central AmericaOxfam Intl  2014
Save Document From vulnerability to resilience: a handbook for programming design based on field experience in NepalPractical Action  2012
Save Document From vulnerability to resilience: a framework for analysis and action to build community resiliencePractical Action  2011
Save Document From social vulnerability to resilience: measuring progress toward disaster risk reduction - SourceMunich Re Fndn; UNU-EHS  2013
Save Document From social vulnerability to resilience: measuring progress toward disaster risk reduction - InterSecTionsMunich Re Fndn; UNU-EHS  2013
Save Document From risk to resilience, working paper 9: understanding the costs and benefits of disaster risk reduction under changing climatic conditionsISET; ProVention Consortium  2008

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