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Disaster risk reduction related documents from the ISDR partnership and the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community.


  Title Source Publication Date
Save Document Gujarat earthquake recovery program: assessment reportADB; WB  2001
Save Document Guiding principles for adaptation to climate change in EuropeETC/ACM  2010
Save Document Guidelines: risk analysis - a basis for disaster risk managementGIZ, Germany - gov  2004
Save Document Guidelines: National platforms for disaster risk reductionUNISDR  2007
Save Document Guidelines on the improvement of NMSs-media relations and ensuring the use of official consistent informationWMO  2001
Save Document Guidelines on preparedness before, during and after an ashfallCaV; IVHHN; USGS, United States of America - gov   
Save Document Guidelines on non-structural safety in health facilitiesMOH, Nepal - gov; WHO  2004
Save Document Guidelines on municipal wastewater management: a practical guide for decision-makers and professionals on how to plan, design, and finance appropriate and environmentally sound municipal wastewater discharge systemsUNEP; UN-HABITAT; WSSCC; WHO  2004
Save Document Guidelines on measuring losses from disasters: human and economic impact indicatorsIRDR  2015
Save Document Guidelines on international and cross-border collaboration in the warning processWMO  2011
Save Document Guidelines on integrating severe weather warnings into disaster risk managementWMO  2005
Save Document Guidelines on fire management in temperate and Boreal forestsFAO Headquarters  2002
Save Document Guidelines on early warning systems and application of nowcasting and warning operationsWMO  2010
Save Document Guidelines on communicating forecast uncertaintyWMO  2008
Save Document Guidelines on best public health practices in emergencies for district health workersMOH, Nepal - gov; WHO  2003
Save Document Guidelines for vulnerability reduction in the design of new health facilitiesPAHO; WHO  2004
Save Document Guidelines for the use of foreign field hospitals in the aftermath of sudden-impact disastersPAHO; WHO  2003
Save Document Guidelines for the preparation of cyclone emergency management manual for coast-based industrial installationsNational Safety Council, India  2003
Save Document Guidelines for the application of criteria for prioritizing programmatic actions for disaster risk reduction / Guía para la aplicación de criterios para la priorización de acciones programáticas de reducción del riesgo de desastresECHO; CRID; UNISDR AM  2012
Save Document Guidelines for seismic vulnerability assessment of hospitalsNSET; WHO  2003
Save Document Guidelines for reducing flood lossesUNISDR  2002
Save Document Guidelines for reconstruction of houses affected by tsunami in Tamil NaduIndia - gov  2005
Save Document Guidelines for rapid environmental impact assessment in disastersABUHRC; CI; UCL  2005
Save Document Guidelines for prevision against wind in hospitals and health centersCompañy, Carlos  2002
Save Document Guidelines for preparation of the drought management plansGWP  2015
Save Document Guidelines for policy development for emergency management by the health sectorWHO   
Save Document Guidelines for planning in the re-building process: resource packPractical Action  2004
Save Document Guidelines for mainstreaming the needs of older persons in disaster situations in the CaribbeanPAHO  2012
Save Document Guidelines for mainstreaming disaster risk assessment in developmentAfDB; AU; NEPAD; UNISDR AF  2004
Save Document Guidelines for integrating gender-based violence interventions in humanitarian action: reducing risk, promoting resilience and aiding recoveryIASC  2015
Save Document Guidelines for information and communications technology disaster recovery services (ISO/IEC 24762:2008)ISO  2008
Save Document Guidelines for hospital emergency preparedness planningUNDP India  2008
Save Document Guidelines for gender-based violence intervations in humanitarian settingsIASC  2006
Save Document Guidelines for gender sensitive disaster managementAPWLD  2006
Save Document Guidelines for emergency assessmentIFRC  2005
Save Document Guidelines for drinking-water quality - fourth editionWHO  2011
Save Document Guidelines for disaster preparedness in museumsICMS; ICOM  1993
Save Document Guidelines for developing an earthquake scenarioEERI  2006
Save Document Guidelines for cooperation between governments and the private sector for disaster risk reduction: Approaches, achievements and challengesSELA  2011
Save Document Guidelines for assisting people with disabilities during emergencies, crises and disastersCOE; EUR-OPA  2014
Save Document Guideline: State coastal management plan, mitigating the adverse impacts of storm tide indundationQueensland Gov, Australia - gov  2006
Save Document Guideline on inclusive disaster risk reduction: disabilities and disastersADPC; ABU; GAATES; ESCAP  2014
Save Document Guidebook on assessing the risks to natural hazards: case study - Province of Central JavaBGR, Germany - gov; Badan Geologi, Indonesia - gov  2012
Save Document Guidebook for assessing risk exposure to natural hazards in Central AmericaCOPECO, Honduras - gov; BGR, Germany - gov; INETER, Nicaragua - gov; INSIVUMEH, Guatemala - gov; SNET, El Salvador - gov  2010
Save Document Guide to the 2010 HAP standard in accountability and quality managementHAP  2013
Save Document Guide to developing national action plans: a tool for mainstreaming disaster risk management based on experience from selected Pacific Island countriesSPC/SOPAC  2009
Save Document Guide to developing disaster recovery frameworks: World Reconstruction Conference versionGFDRR  2014
Save Document Guide to climate change adaptation in citiesWB  2011
Save Document Guide to assessing integrated research on disaster riskIRDR  2014
Save Document Guide pour la prise en compte du risque innondationINERIS; MEDDE, France - gov  2004

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